Archer Review: Valentine's Day in Opposite World

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With Pam and Cheryl going on warehouse fire dates, Krieger having a Mushi night, Malory married and Cyril and Lana together again, Sterling was in danger of facing what every single person fears on Valentine's Day.  

A solo happy hour.

Archer Hopes For More

It also led to one seriously vulnerable Sterling, one so desperate he nearly begged for Lana. But the second that phone call rang I knew it wasn't Woodhouse stuck in the sideways dumb waiter again. It was time for mechanical vaginas and Russian accents.

Katya is generally one of my least favorite characters on the show. So watching her spend a half hour tricking our depressed man into bringing back Cyborg Barry from space definitely led to my least favorite episode of Archer Season 4.

Even tentacle porn, mystery fires and Krieger's erection over a robot fight couldn't save this episode for me. Maybe only in Cheryl's Opposite World.  

At least we got Barry back (I knew it was the "Vicious Coupling!") and can expect a nice epic one and half robot fight with cop car crashes and shit. Sorry, Gilette, but my money is on Barry.

Did anyone else notice references to both Malory getting drinks at the Tuntmore and hitting up Cheryl Carol for money? Will her fortune be making another appearance soon?

Even a mediocre episode of Archer is still loaded with some great moments and Archer quotes:

  • Buddy, you just sold a timeshare!
  • Trapped in space like General freaking Zod.
  • Cyril Figus strikes again!
  • Thank you Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Vicious Coupling Review

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Archer Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Sterling: If you don't want to see two robots smashing each other with cop cars and shit as they fight each other through the streets of Manhattan...
Krieger: Stop. My penis can only get so erect.

Sorry, that's just a sympathy boner.