Archer Review: Ron Cadillac Makes the Rules!

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After literally asking for more Ron Cadillac last week, Archer brought him back in his own adventure with Sterling for "Midnight Ron!" When the most boringest man on this entire planet of Earth gets his backstory told, what can you expect?

Archer & His Step-father

Well, outside of his minor Sherman tank-stealing flashback, you get a pretty decent buddy adventure. The unlikely pairing of Ron and Sterling did more than just piss off Malory. It somehow involved tranny bikers in distrubingly sexy high heels.

Who the heck could have seen that one coming from a Ron Cadillac episode? Okay, fine, Cheryl's old gypsy woman. Even if she got the making it rain part wrong, I have got to get that woman's info.

While the adventure from Montreal to make it back to the city in time for the premiere of Carmen at the Met was pretty light, it's not the action we come to Archer for. We obviously come for education. Bi-annual and semi-annual versus biennial? Parachute landing falls, briefly learning to speak hobo and Master P references so obscure they confused Ron.  

The lightness I did miss? The chlamydiots back at ISIS. At least we learned Archer's order of begging over there. Obviously, Malory and Woodhouse would come first. He basically owns the later and the former clearly owns him. For the rest? Carol, Pam, Krieger, Gillette, Cyril... and then Lana.

So which were your favorites from the many Archer quotes? Before some giant alligators come rampaging up into my toilet, my favorite obscure references:

  • C.H.U.D.'s live in New York City
  • The Ballad of the Flim-Flam Man by Guy Owen.
  • Master P and his Sherman Tank and releasing diss tracks.
  • Kicking it old school Bedrock style doesn't count as obscure does it?
  • "Pac-Man" Jones "making it rain."
  • It also may not count as obscure, but Archer and Ron humming the same part of Carmen was a great ending.

Midnight Ron Review

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