Archer Review: Always be Berating and Belittling

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I may have never been an Anthony Bourdain fan before, but after this week's "Live and Let Dine," I am now! And, like Archer, I might have to check out that world traveling show!

The Chef's Mission

Bourdain, who most recently has been on ABC's The Taste, brought his signature attitude as Lance Casteau. Even if Malory never got her wine pairing, Reed's writing and Bourdain made a great duo.

Honestly, I could ramble for this entire review how Bourdain has easily been my favorite bit guest voice on Archer.

Aas, I must briefly discuss our adventures to stop the Albanian assassination at the uber exclusive Seize. Unfortunately, because I know no Kennedys and am unwilling to give out any gun librarians handys, I'll have to get my opinions like the other 2.8 million fans. From our found footage/reality TV show episode.

The story was eerily like one my personal favorite Archer episodes, "Skytantic." Sure, there was no Trudy Beekman to upstage, but there was an excellent meal for Malory to have.

Speaking of Malory, between her showdown with Jermain the fish and the flashback to her and Ron being throw out of Midnight Ron's Carmen, my favorite newlyweds had me in stitches this week.

Archer, and his latest guy crush, Lance, were, of course, the focal point of the episode. Sterling was great as he bossed around Cyril and demand he be called "chef" by everyone. The mini Bourdain may be no better than Lance's morning poos, but I still think the poor guy missed his true calling.

Oh, and poor Lana and her competent self trying to stay on target during their fake, yet, again, real mission. All the French in the world couldn't get her out of phone duty.

Overall, even if it was a slightly recycled plot bit, it was another strong effort and continuing on a great season. You know where to find our favorite Archer quotes from the episode.  

But enough from me, I have to head off to Red Hook to go dumpster diving. There's a bumper! Leave me your thoughts in the comments.

Live and Let Dine Review

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Archer Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Lana: Why is there a camera?
Lance: I assume because this restaurant can't hold 3 million viewers

Ray: Should you be smoking in here?
Lance: Should you be flaming in here? Boom, bumper.