90210 Review: Welcome to 90210, What's Your Dream?

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You know an episode of 90210 is just not getting it right when Navid is the only one I don't feel like slapping by the end. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But "Strange Brew" was a real Tease with a capital T.

All that Lannie Lovefest in the promos? Just for a steamy dream?!? BOO.

Dixon v. Naomi

I suppose I really should've known better and I'm sure a lot of you commenters will feel the same way. My mother, who has never watched this show before, caught the beginning and asked me on the phone "that was a sexy scene, was that a dream?" Sure was mom, it sure was. With dialogue like this, what did we expect?

Annie: Oops this one's still a little dirty hunnie.
Liam: Maybe I like it dirty. | permalink

However, you know this isn't the end of that Lannie fantasy. 

First, Let's not forget that Silver's camera recorded Annie discussing her feelings. Even if Annie closed the sidescreen, it doesn't mean it stopped recording. Second, there's the fact that Annie named the characters in her anonymous book "Annabelle and Leo." She also wrote a book where Annabelle and Leo are back and forth, he rides a motorcycle, and she takes a bullet for him. I mean...c'mon.

Third, one of their friends could also likely spill the beans. I'm guessing Naomi.

Elsewhere, everyone was trying to figure out what their dreams were. The characters are supposed to be 21, so this is the proper time for that first existential crisis to hit. They'll learn in another year or two that being in your 20s means you have no idea what you're supposed to be doing for the rest of your life and you should just be experimenting. Liam actually has it right. He's trying all of his options. Whether it's making crappy beer or being a movie star, he's out there doing stuff. 

A lot of these characters are go-getters. I'm starting to get pissed off at Silver because she thinks that her dream is more important than everyone else's. Dixon is busting his ass for his record label, yet he's still paranoid about making sure he gets Silver's approval before Michaela sings at the opening. Of course Silver threw a fit and ran off before hearing what he has to say. That isn't exactly adult behavior coming from someone who is desperate to have a baby.

Don't get me wrong: I respect Silver wanting to have a child, but if she didn't want to worry about these road bumps she should have insisted that she and Teddy go with a completely impartial third party as a surrogate. That said, Michaela did agree to be the surrogate and should've spoken to Silver first and not just assumed Dixon would take care of it.

Naomi and her brother were cute once she stopped trying so hard to bond with him. Turns out something as small as argan oil did the trick! Thank goodness for that epi-pen!

In the end, I guess I jumped the gun saying Navid was the only one not annoying me. I just felt led on by the epic Liam and Annie tease and subsequently letdown. I also need for Silver to just chill the Hell out for an episode. Just look at Naomi, things go better when you aren't trying so hard! 

What did you all think of this week's episode of 90210? Were you let down or relieved by the Lannie letdown? Is Silver getting on your nerves? Do you think Dixon and Michaela's music video will workout?


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That show is starting to get on my nerves. Everyone are spoiled rich kids, who try to be so good and do the right thing. Liam will not take the movie star lifestyle, because he wants to be free. Adriana is a jealous bi.ch. Silver is so hard pissing me off with that Baby, my child, my baby, Michaela is having my child and its the only thing I care about. She cannot breath, because she is pregnant with her baby, she cannot travel because the car is swerving and jumping sometimes, she cannot sing , because the baby may die on the stage in her stomach. Soo obsessed that this is starting to llok American washed brain kind of thinking about this baby. Why did she had to go through such a dramma with Teddy, and ahve someone else carrying her baby with her eggs. Someone please give the girl some sperm finally, Teddi is not the only male on the planet! You carry the cancer genes, so get pregnant, carry your own baby, give birth and then have the surgery to remove the risky organs. So USA washed soap opera, that the older series of that kind were much better- One tree hill, Orange County.


This episode was definitely a tease. The writers will drag out this storyline until the season finale. It is still up in the air whether or not 90210 is going to be renewed. I hope the season finale brings some sort of closure in case it isn't renewed. Too many shows end with loose ends. Personally, I think Lannie should definitely be endgame.


Wow Annie got over her dead boyfriend in like two weeks.


I really hate Dixon and his stupid record label. Of course, Silver's problems are way bigger! Adrianna, Dixon, Navid piss me off this season, i want them out of the show. And i am sick and tired of all this music and events and concerts on the show.


Annie's sorority sis paved way for Annie's illegal doings. Now, Navid's Cronus head is a lying, cheating douche, who's looking to work "a lot of late nights" as an exec.
Silver and Ade. Wow, Michaela DOES look like their adult baby! (Someone's opinion on twitter) Again, good episode. Next weeks...eh. But the promos are always just that. The show is usually better.


First of all, ratings barely improved...still not good though :(
I really liked this episode! I didn't mind at all that steamy Lannie was just a day dream. Foreshadow of the reality to come. lol. Annie's book is so obvious, so many give always. Aww, and that lady that was interviewed! I seriously hope Liam and Annie find their way to one another sooner than this lady did. @Jarrod Mitchell, I agree about the "at least another 3 episodes" part.
Naomi and Mark finally found something in common, maybe 2 other things as well. 1) they are both adjacently family. Thanks to Argan oil. 2) they 'use things because 'its the best' (even if they're allergic...) 3) sibling bonding at its finest, yelling the exact same words at Annie. Dixon/Michaela/Silver, I'm just glad that there was not more people involved in this for this episode.
Navid and Campbell. Hmmm, I don't think the writers are fond of secret societies and soroties. Naomi had a fall out with a sorority in season 4. Annie's sorority sis paved way for Annie's illegal doings. Now, Navid's Cronus head is a lying, cheating douche, who's looking to work "a lot of late nights" as an exec.
Silver and Ade. Wow, Michaela DOES look like their adult baby! (Someone's opinion on twitter)

Sarah silva

Of course they are going to drag out the Annie and Liam getting back together story line, it will happen at the end of the season once Liam sees Annies confession or Naomi tells him.
I do think Silver is being a little over the top but I can also see why, this is the last chance she has for a biological child and I am sure the thought of that is super intense for Silver and scary. Yes she should be more understanding of her friends feelings but she is going through alot.
I think a surf shop is a great idea for Liam.


Naomi can focus on her dreams and her brother at the same time… getting to know her brother and getting closer with him IS a dream of hers


I thought Naomi wants to focus on herself and her "dreams" in the last few episodes, why now suddenly she's busy with her "half brother"? ;-/


I was definitely relieved it was a dream, but I'm sure soon enough it will be real. That's probably why their viewers are going down every single week, because no one wants to see something we've already seen enough of again. I'm actually liking Naomi's storyline with her brother. I'd like to see them hook him up with someone, probably silver. Michaela is just annoying, please no more focus on her. There's nothing appealing about her. I'm still crossing my fingers hoping that in the end silver gets to carry her own baby. It would be a much better storyline. All in all, a pretty boring episode.

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Annie: Oops this one's still a little dirty hunnie.
Liam: Maybe I like it dirty.

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