90210 Review: Fight Club

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Everyone on 90210 is fighting for or about something. In "Here Comes Honey Bye Bye," we saw almost none of those conflicts get resolved. Instead, a whole new set of problems arose!

And then there's Liam, who wants to start an actual fight club to channel his rage from being kidnapped by the psycho skank.

Max's Marriage

Liam has the perfect temperament to play nurse to Annie, but aside from that he's ready to kick some major ass. As long as Liam can be in the ring or with punching his bag, everything would be alright. 

He's pretty chipper for a guy who was almost shipped to Mexico in a crate. | permalink

OMG, I had no idea Teddy could make a funny joke! Love it. The fact that Teddy's humor is so rare made it 10 times better. Well... Liam's good mood only lasted for so long until he punched the lights out of some guy at the gym and was banned from training there. Nothing stops Liam Court, though, so he turned Navid's lame sausage fest of a party into a Fight Club.

Now he and Navid have somehow won their way into a secret society! This is great for Navid's future business school endeavors, but doesn't help Liam with his rage issues at all.

Meanwhile, Annie was fighting for her relationship with Riley. We haven't heard much about Riley since the 90210 holiday episode but Dixon finally filled Annie in on his experimental spine surgery. Annie and Dixon bicker so much - but why would she be mad Dixon didn't tell her about the surgery? She was kind of in her own surgery at the time healing from a gunshot wound so it's not like Dixon did it on purpose! In the end, although Riley seemed okay at first, he ended up passing away. This is what we were afraid of when Street wanted to get experimental spine surgery on Friday Night Lights Season 2!

This is obviously a devastating turn but we also haven't heard about Riley in months so it's hard to know where he and Annie even stood. It felt like it was kind of thrown into the episode. As far as Annie's brother, they both have the tendency to help people (usually each other) against the other person's wishes. Now Dixon went and set up a secret scholarship for Megan after she specifically told him she didn't want his financial help.

We all knew this wasn't going to work out. Well, Adrianna just expedited the process by finding out what Dixon was up to and blowing his cover. Why should she be working her ass off for his label when the money is going to his girlfriend?

At the end of last week, Naomi found out that Max was not really in Iceland and was really just hiding at his parents' house. These two were desperately in need of some couples therapy so I'm glad they went. However, even though they found some conclusions, things didn't really end well. Max still took off in the middle of the night and left a small gift. He couldn't have had the balls to say goodbye like a man? I'm off of Team Max. 

I've been on my own since I was 16. I've been pretending to be an adult for so long, I'm not, I'm not an adult. And I was mad at you for acting like a child because I never got to be one. | permalink

Last but certainly not least is Teddy and Silver. We found out the real reason Silver couldn't just use a random sperm donor was because it was too risky for her to try IVF again. Now we know why these specific embryos were so important and thanks to Navid (I know Navid... did a good deed!) Teddy now knows too. So Silver can have the embryos...but she can't carry the baby herself, Teddy demands a surrogate. The battle continues.

Whose side are you on? Will Max and Naomi come back to each other? Will Liam find a healthy outlet for his anger? It was an intense and fight filled 90210, wasn't it?


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What if Dixon offered to give Silver his sperm. Or tell her she need to do it the right way...then THEY have a baby together OMG it would be so perfect!! They would get back together!!


I'm with you joana! I want the two original bad asses back together! Liam was WAY better with Naomi than anyone else. And vice versa. Much better than him and boring Annie. Her and Liam weren't even together that long and it was nothing special. I don't get why everyone ships them. Especially since Naomi is the main reason to watch the show.


I am so unbelievably happy that Max and Naomi are over, and I really hope they never get back together! I don't know why, but there are no Liomi shippers! Liam and Naomi were the best thing on CW! It am still hoping for a Liomi reunion! Even Liam is back to being the bad boy from season one!


I hate how they got rid of Riley. That storyline had such potential....and then it was just dropped. Killing him off with a pulmonary edema just does not make sense. It was the easy way out. Guess they wanted to make way for Liam and Annie AGAIN. The poor girl just cannot get a break.


The secret-society storyline is so damn boring duhh..
So now Riley is gone, I wonder what happened to Alec and Taylor.


It was nice to see Adrianna and Megan work together -they made a pretty good team. On the Naomi front, I was glad to see her finally confront Max -she has given up SO much to be with him, and she really was the only adult, trying to keep everything together. Max's last action just proved that: leaving har with a tiara and not a proper goodbye (actually run away again)was such a wuss thing to do, and our girl deserves better! So an episode with a lot of partings, but it was cool that they brougt such a serious episode after the lighter one last week ;) Uh! I'm SO looking forward to Adrianna blowing it all up next week -should be fun! ^w^


I liked that the boys got to be boys and do their own thing. The fight club and secret society thing -lead by the awesome guy from Glee :D - was a nice change of pace, and I'm glad that Liam and Navid focus on their friendship and NOT Silver... gag! I was surprised, that I actually liked to see Riley again, but I guess that he had to die, so that Liam and Annie can get together... Lannie!


I was actually suprised that I felt bad for Silver in the end. I've been annoyed with her baby storyline for a long time, but finally the whole baby thing made sense, and I get why she got so desperate that she would forge Teddy's signature. The entire proces with having a baby is a very special experience (especially if you can never have that again) BUT on the other hand, I get Teddy's need for someone else to carry the child -it's far safer, so I haven't really chosen sides in this battle, but I'm looking forward to see how it'll play out!


Teddy is making me so angry. How could he be this Selfish?? He agreed to being a sperm donor before hand and then he changed his mind and was willing to destroy the embryos, just because Silver was sticking with the plan before, that she wanted to be a single mother...he had no problem before. Now that it's too late and that's the only chance she has to get pregnant he's changing his mind. At least now Teddy knows that that's Silver's only chance of having her own child, yet instead of letting her carry her own child, he's making her get a surrogate?? it's not fair that Silver's in a position where Teddy is changing the rules and making her do what he wants.... so annoying. Also i feel bad for Annie. She's had an incredibly hard time lately. Hopefully Lannie will come back :)


@Jarrod Mitchell's suggestion to "have twins and give one to each Silver and Teddy" - it is not that easy! What if only one embryo ends up viable? Then what? And if there are two, you're ready to separate twins for this? To the person who suggested that "Teddy is a father now" - Puh-leeze. He is at this point a sperm donor. Every sperm donor is not a father; it takes actual contact and "fathering" to actually be a "father". Silver only ever wanted a sperm donor, but then decided - since she was best friends with Teddy - that it would be nice to know where here baby came from. Teddy changed the rules, not her. Many single mothers raise their children without a father in the picture. The problem is that she didn't have Teddy sign a contract BEFORE making the embryos that he would be just a sperm donor. I suppose she thought that with their "close" friendship, she didn't have to. Boy, what a decision to regret!

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90210 Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

He's pretty chipper for a guy who was almost shipped to Mexico in a crate.

Teddy [about Liam]

Don't worry about Ade. She'll come around She's actually a nice girl when she's not cheating on me, or trying to kill Silver, or pregnant and on drugs.


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