The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Hunter in Training

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Jeremy Gilbert does more than just wear a wifebeater this Thursday on The Vampire Diaries.

He makes those newfound muscles go to work!

In the first clip from "After School Special," we watch as Jeremy takes Matt down with ease, only for his trainer to show disappointment in his pupil. Watch now as Damon shows the hunter-in-training just how it's done, and warns him that he has a very long way to go:

This Vampire Diaries Season 4 installment will also feature the return of Rebekah, as she seeks revenge against all who have wronged her; as well as the debut of Bonnie's father.

Look for him to assert himself quickly and take on a position of power in Mystic Falls.

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Hey just good to Damon didn't kill either of them AGAIN! Jeremy's brave to train with the guy who broke his neck because he was upset with his sister!!


1st I'd say that I'm really happy that TVD is back finally, 2nd I'm so excited about Damon/Jeremy/Matt shared moments and I loved them in this webclip how they were helping Jeremy and how Jeremy was desperate for Damon’s (his elder brother) approval (Damon react to him was awesome), 3rd this is the first time I see Damon this way as if he was empty he was there but not there at the same time and that makes me so sad for him.


Damon thinks he is just the cat's MEOW.......ya he is!!!!!!!!

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