The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Catch Me If You Can"

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Kol caused problems. Bonnie set the police station on fire. And Stefan and Rebekah were red hot in their own, very different way.

Yes, The Vampire Diaries aired "Catch Me If You Can" last night and now our Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi are here to breakdown all the action, in and out of the bedroom.

Pull up a virtual chair and chime in now!


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Matt: Stefan revisiting his Ripper days, minus the killing and the pillaging and all. This guy deserves some fun and some unfeeling, no-positions-barred sex with Rebekah. Paul Wesley absolutely killed it as this version of Stefan.

Leigh: Stefan to Elena: "You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you." BUUUUUURN!!!

Miranda: The end! Elena had an actual bad ass idea. If she and Jeremy can pull it off, that is. Killing Kol to complete the mark and get the map? Genius.

Steve: A bitter, slightly vengeful Stefan nonchalantly (maybe even a little cheerfully) explaining to Damon that he bled him out and that he'll be cooling his heels in the dungeon until further notice. Cheers, brother!

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More ridiculous: Bonnie interrogating Shane; Damon warning Jeremy to run while compelled;  or, again, Matt's jacket?
Matt: Give Matt a break! The guy has already earned the Least Valuable Player award from Damon. Can we leave his fashion sense alone? I've gotta go with Bonnie somehow being permitted into the interrogation room. That storyline made the sire bond seem sensical.

Leigh: Well, Matt didn't have any other clothes up at the cabin so he gets a pass... Damon is in love with Elena so he probably did it for her... I guess it would have to go with Bonnie getting some balls lately. Who knew?

Miranda: Oh, Matt. That jacket. Definitely Matt and the jacket.

Steve: Damon telling Jeremy to run while being compelled to murder him. Doesn't compulsion entail blindly doing whatever you're told? Since when can the compelled realize what's going on?

Hotter sex scene: Delena or Strebekah?
Matt: Gonna go with Strebekah because 1. it involved Claire Holt; 2. I didn't see it coming; 3. It wasn't interspersed with Caroline and Stefan having their own conversation.

Leigh: Delena obvs. Strebekah didn't even get a soundtrack. But good for Stefan for getting some and moving on.

Miranda: I really like that Stefan's getting some action, even if it is with Rebekah. But their sex is still way less hot than Delena sex.

Steve: Strebekah. No emotions, strings attached or sire bond nonsense required, just pure insanity and raging libidos. Maybe not the secret to a lasting relationship ... but fun to watch on TV.

Who is behind the mystery team?
Matt: Let's just say she looks VERY similar to another character on the show.

Leigh: Klaus. Isn't Klaus behind everything? Or are the writers switching it up for a change and maybe Shane is behind the mystery team? But can Shane compel? My bets are still on Klaus.

Miranda: Mayor Hopkins. While masquerading as a traveling salesmen, he was really discovering the secret to destroying Silas. He sent Sheriff Forbes and then sent the mystery man because he knew Shane would have to cancel his office hours.

Steve: Who cares, I'm just excited that the race for the cure got even more complicated!

Where were Caroline and Tyler this week?
Matt: Spreading Tyler's mother's ashes in the Pacific Ocean. It's what she always wanted.

Leigh: I'd like to think that Caroline and Tyler were having make up sex. Right? Let one of these couples be happy for a week!

Miranda: Attending classes at Mystic Falls High School like the students they're all supposed to be.

Steve: Agree with Miranda. Those AP chemistry midterms can be a bitch.


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David and sabrina 2014

Now I feel like this show doesn't seem so great with these topsy turvy craziness. I may still read the news of this show but now the show is not feeling the same way it used to be. ;P ;P ;P


2. Bonnie.
3. Both are weird.
4. Elijah


Multiple Choice - Elena's first chance to be alone w/ Damon after her declaration of love and he's just had a brush with death at the hands of an original. She rushes out the door to the man of her dreams and ...
A. Gives him a passionate kiss
B. Soulfully embraces him with her head on his chest
C. Warmly places her hands on his shoulders says what happened and backs away.
Really? I'm just not feeling the epic-ness here. Of course Damon's compelled but Elena's not. Even though they were together several times in the episode that was the only time she even touched him. No hand holding walking in the bar and stopped at a distance rather than grabbing him when she evoked their love to save her brother. I don't know why it was written this way but they must have some reason.


it actually makes sense theey dont belive kol.. i mean hes considered the " stupid "one isnt he ?!


well, i mean the thing is if they idnt use complusion to get what they want, youd be complaining about why they didnt use it :P ! of course theyre going to use compulsion if they have it :P!


Both Bonnie being allowed to interrogate and Damon warning Matt. I though Kol told him he won't remember that he compelled him but yet suddenly Damon can remember. It seems that the rules for compulsion change to fit various story lines. I'm really not sure how none of the cops saw Bonnie set fire to the floor.
I definitely think the Stefan Rebekka sex scene was the best! I barely even remember a sex scene with Elena and Damon.


-Stefan was MVP. "You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you." BOOM! That was wonderful. Love biyter, snarky Stefan.
-Hell it was ridiculous that Sheriff Forbes arrested Shane to begin with. Gonna go with Damon telling Jeremy to run before he kills him. Even the great Ian Smolderhaulder couldn't sell that one. He was reciting it like WTF am I doing right now.
-while crazy sex is the best sex, LOVE you snarky Stefan! Gotta go with Delena. We actually seen some skin even if it was rudely interrupted with Steroline whining. Hell even Damon and Bex had a hotter scene. Her face said it all.
-Please let it be Elijah.
-Don't care.


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I know I've been hard on Elena but I realise Nina is doing an excellent job with d character and material she has been given. I apologise for any snide comment cos to be honest all d actors are greta in their own way. I still thing Damon has been give d best lines thus far (minus d epic verbal smack down Stefan handed to Elena last episode "TV Gold")that quite a number of his fans believe it's his exclusive preserve to be snarky on TVD. I'm just glad others like Jeremy & Bonny are getting great SL's. I was #TeamStebekah but after watching 1*10 I'm back on #TeamStelena train :)

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