The Vampire Diaries Review: A Lump of Kol

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So THAT's where the saying Kol in your stocking comes from!

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, "Catch Me If You Can," this Original blood sucker made his random presence felt, urging Jeremy not to go after the cure; nearly killing Rebekah; and compelling Damon to take out the hunter who could awaken Silas and apparently bring an end to the entire world.

If you believe in scary stories, that is.

Jeremy v. Elena

My overall reaction to the episode? Blah. It wasn't terrible, but it was certainly a letdown after a fast-paced opening few minutes. I don't feel like we ended someplace especially different from where we started.

Let's start with the same complaint I had a week ago: compulsion, schmul-pulsion. This storyline crutch has got to go. It's far too easy to have Originals just compelling their inferior vampires left and right. In this case, granted, it led to a very cool save of Damon by Stefan (you might say he arrived at breakneck speed, eh? Eh?!?), and Damon being locked in the dungeon is at least a twist in the storyline... but can one actually recognize when one is being compelled?

Damon actually warning Jeremy to run while chasing after him was incredibly lame. I'm not sure of the rules of compulsion and I'm not sure if the show is either. The writers just seem to use this whenever it's convenient.

Elsewhere, let me get this straight: Sheriff Forbes went out of her jurisdiction to take Shane in for questioning... then simply let a town citizen interrogate him... because the temporary Mayor (who had never been seen in Mystic Falls before) said it was okay?!?

Yes, we suspend our disbelief when it comes to the overarching idea of supernatural beings on TVD, but is it too much to ask for a realistic, competent police force? My eyes still hurt from rolling so often at the notion of Bonnie playing any role in the questioning of Shane.

Still, like so much on this show, the end result was intriguing: Bonnie Bennett, witch prodigy. Will she use her powers for good or grow into a ticking time bomb of pure evil?

One more complaint before I move on to the positives: Where was Caroline Forbes? Where, Julie Plec?!? What have you done with her and when will we see here again?!?!?!?

A Shady Shane?

As for what I did like about "Catch Me If You Can?"

  • Sarcastic, uncaring Stefan. Correction: I LOVED this. It's a logical step for the character, it's a dynamite portrayal by Paul Wesley and this is one of the best Vampire Diaries quotes of the series: You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you.
  • Red. Hot. Strebekah. Sex.
  • The mystery of a new team in the race. As I've written about before, the general through-line of multiple teams competing for the cure is fascinating and enjoyable. It's been bogged down by sire bond nonsense and now an over-reliance on compulsion. But I'm all in on new alliances being built and new relationships being spawned as a result. So... who do you think that suicidal chap in the professor's office was working with?
  • Poor Matt, Least Valuable Player. It's the jacket, dude. You've gotta ditch that jacket.
  • An Elijah mention!

We're left with Bonnie once again flirting with dark magic; Elena actually coming up with a decent plan to off Kol and therefore his bloodline; Damon locked up; and Stefan and Rebekah getting down.

What was your favorite development from the episode? And should we really be trusting Rebekah with that headstone?


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Good episode. The parts with Bonnie and shane were pretty boring. I love Elena's plan it seems like something she wouldn't usually come up with if seems like some Damon or klause or maybe even Stefan would come up with but not her. Can't wait till the next episode.


You don't know what I look like when I am not in love with you Stefan deserves a standing O and a Barney Stinson High Five from me! Finally! Yes, that is what that bitch deserved to hear! Bring on Stebekah! Paul was flawless this episode! Kol was awesome! Loved it!


Julie Plec please don't steal Damon storyline and give it to Stefan. I want to see a bad ass Stefan but I still want Damon as Damon. And please, please give us some Damon and Elena happy momments.


I am no Delena fan I am a fan of TVD as a whole but I hope if ever Elena becomes human he stays with Damon. I think Stefan is way to immature for his age(100+). I just think Damon and Elena went through a lot together and established a great friendship(Damon was friendzoned for 3 seasons) before they were together. Stelena on the other hand fell in love a few days after Elena met him it was kinda like twilight. I hope Delena is end game It would be hard for the writers to revive Stelena after all that has been said then maybe Stefan can have Katherine?


What a boring and stupid episode. We know they won't kill Kol because he's already confirmed for The Originals spin off. So next week will be pretty pointless to I suppose. Stefan just really needs to get over himself. Damon needs to stop being a lil bitch. And Elena should get some more emotions and smile a little bit.


I know Stefan is putting on a front and still very much cares for Elena, but with the way he's been acting I hope if she becomes human again she will stay with Damon. The best way to see someone's true character are when things aren't going their way. We now know that Stefan behaves like a pissy little boy and takes the whole world down with him when he can't get his way. He sleeps with rebekah (which is okay) but yet he still feels the need to keep Damon and Elena apart. What a jerk!


@madz - I agree...who the heck cares about Stef and his latest means of self destruction. Damon is always the best part of TVD but the second best part was Stefan's line to Elena which is absolutely true. Elena doesn know the real Stefan and its about time she finds out the truth.


Stop with the Damon torture man. Deremy rocks!!! Damon really cares for Jeremy and if people can't see that then they are blind or simply wants to avoid it... I don't care about Stef anymore...whether he lives or dies...I dont give a damn...and same goes with Kol...And I knew it.. Elena being Elena..she would confront Stef...lady..let him go...its for good...


Stefan was easily the best part of the episode.
His scene with Elena was epic. The look on Elena's face after Stefan says he's not in love with her is absolutely priceless. Why would she wish for Stefan to still be in love with her despite her wanting to be with his brother? How selfish and immature.
Damon was lame. He did have one good line after Jeremy shot him in the head but otherwise the whole chase scene between him and Jeremy was boring.
Kol was exciting and I found it amusing when Rebekah called him crazy. Kol is the one trying to stop everyone from raising Silas (an evil dude who wants to destroy the world or something?). I think he's the only SANE person on the show.
Again, Bonnie needs to be killed off. She's a waste of space. Writers, feel free to take Shane with her.
Jeremy would be so much better if he was working with Klaus, it would be fun and interesting.
Another episode of no real story developments but at least it was more fun to watch. I hope Elijah is the other team!


Damon didn fight compulsion?...really?..I think some people were watching a different show last night. Damon was compelled to kill Jeremy, if he didn fight that compulsion, Jer would have been dead in less than a second. Instead Damon kept warning Jer and then stopped infront of him BOTH TIMES to beg Jer to kill him.
The best part of that episode was Jer being a Hunter still chose not to kill Damon. I think we are going to see some Deremy bromance soon.

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