The Vampire Diaries Review: A Lump of Kol

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So THAT's where the saying Kol in your stocking comes from!

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, "Catch Me If You Can," this Original blood sucker made his random presence felt, urging Jeremy not to go after the cure; nearly killing Rebekah; and compelling Damon to take out the hunter who could awaken Silas and apparently bring an end to the entire world.

If you believe in scary stories, that is.

Jeremy v. Elena

My overall reaction to the episode? Blah. It wasn't terrible, but it was certainly a letdown after a fast-paced opening few minutes. I don't feel like we ended someplace especially different from where we started.

Let's start with the same complaint I had a week ago: compulsion, schmul-pulsion. This storyline crutch has got to go. It's far too easy to have Originals just compelling their inferior vampires left and right. In this case, granted, it led to a very cool save of Damon by Stefan (you might say he arrived at breakneck speed, eh? Eh?!?), and Damon being locked in the dungeon is at least a twist in the storyline... but can one actually recognize when one is being compelled?

Damon actually warning Jeremy to run while chasing after him was incredibly lame. I'm not sure of the rules of compulsion and I'm not sure if the show is either. The writers just seem to use this whenever it's convenient.

Elsewhere, let me get this straight: Sheriff Forbes went out of her jurisdiction to take Shane in for questioning... then simply let a town citizen interrogate him... because the temporary Mayor (who had never been seen in Mystic Falls before) said it was okay?!?

Yes, we suspend our disbelief when it comes to the overarching idea of supernatural beings on TVD, but is it too much to ask for a realistic, competent police force? My eyes still hurt from rolling so often at the notion of Bonnie playing any role in the questioning of Shane.

Still, like so much on this show, the end result was intriguing: Bonnie Bennett, witch prodigy. Will she use her powers for good or grow into a ticking time bomb of pure evil?

One more complaint before I move on to the positives: Where was Caroline Forbes? Where, Julie Plec?!? What have you done with her and when will we see here again?!?!?!?

A Shady Shane?

As for what I did like about "Catch Me If You Can?"

  • Sarcastic, uncaring Stefan. Correction: I LOVED this. It's a logical step for the character, it's a dynamite portrayal by Paul Wesley and this is one of the best Vampire Diaries quotes of the series: You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you.
  • Red. Hot. Strebekah. Sex.
  • The mystery of a new team in the race. As I've written about before, the general through-line of multiple teams competing for the cure is fascinating and enjoyable. It's been bogged down by sire bond nonsense and now an over-reliance on compulsion. But I'm all in on new alliances being built and new relationships being spawned as a result. So... who do you think that suicidal chap in the professor's office was working with?
  • Poor Matt, Least Valuable Player. It's the jacket, dude. You've gotta ditch that jacket.
  • An Elijah mention!

We're left with Bonnie once again flirting with dark magic; Elena actually coming up with a decent plan to off Kol and therefore his bloodline; Damon locked up; and Stefan and Rebekah getting down.

What was your favorite development from the episode? And should we really be trusting Rebekah with that headstone?


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cause of stefan's cruelness?? LMFAO. You are such a great example of a irrational, dumb Delena fans. Seriously you guys give TVD SUCH a bad rep. Stefan did THE most logical thing, even if it came off as cruel. HOW MANY times has Damon done that yet YOU Delena fans will then say Damon was thinking, he was going with the most logical conclusion. SO hyprotical. Please, Stefan isn't cruel he's just doing the smartest thing. Did you WATCH the episode?


@silvia36 (part 4):plus like Plec said in response to DE fan on twitter: "It’s a marathon; not a sprint" and she said about the sire bond: "Serialized storytelling is about complications that prevent happy endings. Key word being "end". So we have to wait and enjoy the ride till the end of the show to get the happy ending hopefully Damon and Elena as endgame.


@silvia36 (part 3):(PS the earlier was part 2)and I think that if that happened then it will make everyone know how wrong they were about him. 5/ I don't see Julie Plec and the co writers or the CW having any reason to finish a successful and popular TV show like TVD, I see TVD's spinoff (The originals) as a new area for them to explore more about the originals when they can't do that in TVD 'cause it's more intrested about Damon/Elena/Stefan story individually and together and can't give the same attention to the originals in it. 6/ Finally I wish that you keep watching TV 'cause I find it it's a great TV show. I agree that it's painful but I find it worth it when you see how far things has come to be knowing how Damon/Elena/Stefan started and what they became


@silvia36 (part 1)2/ Stefan is delusional and he will remain that way till he got a slap on his face when this sire bond get solved and see that Elena loves Damon for real 'cause he deserve her love. 3/ I believe that Jeremy has always admired and looked up to Damon as someone that he want to be like (he seeks his approval, he tells him that he can be a bad ass, he want to be part of his plans and lissten to him) even that he never say it out loud and after 4x11 there's no way to say that Jeremy hate him specially that he (a vampire hunter) shot him in the head when he had to shoot him in the heart when he was in a kill or be killed situation against him. 4/ I don't know what would happen with the cure but yes there is a huge chance that Damon will die as you said by kill or suicide for Elena`s life or for Jeremy's by the end of the season 4 (if it's not Jeremy)


@silvia36 (part 1):I get get that you feel sad about how things are getting more complicated between Damon and Elena but I don't want you to be so pessimistic about the plot line of the show. 1/ I agree with you that many people don't show much gratitude toward Damon's good acts and that they don't tell Elena about them but look at it from the other way around how despite of that Elena still fall in love with him and no matter how long it will take she and everyone else will learn one way or another everything about Damon as well as about Stefan including the good and the bad. Plus whether they agree with Damon or not you can see that he's the one that he get informed whenever they have any suspicious or there is a problem 'cause they trust his judgements and his plans as the best plans under all the circumstances surrounding them.


Yeah, Where was Caroline!!!


.......we waited a whole week for this¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Come on the after school episode was so great and Elena finally realising shes in love with Damon and then nothing? Are they not going to let Elena and Damon be together ever? Are the originals that important to the story that everything has to be about them? Even Stefan moved on¡ can everybody else move on too and let us enjoy Delena for more than 2 seconds? please¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


Delena bores me so I was so happy when they weren't really in the episode together. They were much better as friends, they ruin each other. Elena becomes awful and Damon becomes well less likeable.I really liked the relationship between the brothers but he killed it for me this season. Seems like Stefan is always there for Damon but Damon just doesn't care. I really loved season 1,2 and 3 was okay but not really into season 4. Love Stefan but really miss him and Elena together or him and Damon together.


I think that the sire bond is being overused and this episode really let me down. The whole cure thing is lame. If the originals knew about it all this time why didn't they have it way before? Everything seems like tvd is loosing steam! Please don't let this show end ! I like it way to much to be ruined by bad story plots!


The episode wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. I have to admit, I love Stefan and Rebekah together. Sizzling chemistry, none of the boring blah he had with Elena. The whole Silas/cure plot is BORING. Couldn't the writers come up with a better storyline? I really really hate all the charaters bashing on Damon. They have NO problem asking for help when they need it. He's always their go to guy every single time they're in deep shit because he's the only one that can do something and after all that, they still think of him as a bad guy? Seriously, how many times has he saved their asses? LAY OFF. All I'm saying is he's not the bad guy here. He helps, he tries to save them but no one ever thanks him. They take him for granted. None of the characters are perfect, are saints so stop making Damon out to be Satan. And I'm starting to hate the sire bond thing ugh and I feel like the writers don't know what to do with Elena now, she's just there. Stop making her so annoying for god's sake.

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