The Vampire Diaries Clip: Go Team Strebekah!

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It will be every team for itself this Thursday on The Vampire Diaries, as "Catch Me If You Can" focuses on the hunt for the Cure.

In one corner, Team Shonnie, representing Black Magic and shady mentor/protege relationships. In another corner, Team Klamon, representing the show's two most devious and hilarious characters. Might chemistry issues do them in, however, as we theorized in our Vampire Diaries Round Table?

Finally, in the third corner, we have Team Strebekah, underdogs without any swords or insight into Silas... but with a plan! Listen to Rebekah explain it in this fun clip:

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It would have been better for Klaus and Stefan to be on the same team but he gotta work with what he got Rebekah lol , stefan defo should get back with the effa elena be their done that got the tshirt, and he his so much better of without Damon he and ass


@Jesss, yes I am " Team Elena and Death" biggest fangirl. Not sorry to admit to that. But don't worry, as soon as the spin-off starts you and five more viewers can enjoy the Delena diaries and won't have to hear from normal people anymore.




@Amie seriously you fangirls are lame, its just a freakin tv show


I don't care how or if this works out, apparently next week when they all go on a trip Elena and Becks will be at each other's throats again, so can't wait to see Becks giving that dumb selfish slut a piece of her mind... @Red yeah Stefan should move to New Orleans with Klaus and take Caroline with him - then all the best characters would have left Mystic Falls and we can stop watching these Delena Diaries and leave it to all the crazy Delena fans to fap about.


@Nina Dobrev Love
NOOOOOO way!!! Stefan needs to have some self respect and leave the bitch to her choice. Even if she gets the cure and wants to get back in his pants he should say sorry but no access. Bros over hoes. Like Damon should have done. For that matter I don't even want him to get back all "family bonds" with Damon. Its becoming clear that both brothers are better off without each other. Stef needs to move to New Orleans with Klaus. Then everybody wins.


I want Stelena back!!! Really hope that Stefan won't do anything dumb with that bitch Rebecca


Dumb and dumber are at it again...this plan is the stupidest thing I have ever heard...plans based solely on revenge has always backfired on these two but they don't seem to learn...Stefan, take the blindfold off and face reality...Rebekah, just go away...


Me likey that plan! What a shock it would be to all the Damon stans if he loses out on a plan to his little "pussy" brother. LOL. Its been proven time and time again on this show...magic rules! The bitch with the witch wins out more times than not, especially when that witch would rather help Stefan than Damon/Klaus on even her worst day and her powers are limitless.


Like this will ever happen.
How I ship these two.. Why why torture me?! Stefan is WAY too much of a pussy to go there with Rebekah..

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