The Vampire Diaries Clip: Go Team Strebekah!

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It will be every team for itself this Thursday on The Vampire Diaries, as "Catch Me If You Can" focuses on the hunt for the Cure.

In one corner, Team Shonnie, representing Black Magic and shady mentor/protege relationships. In another corner, Team Klamon, representing the show's two most devious and hilarious characters. Might chemistry issues do them in, however, as we theorized in our Vampire Diaries Round Table?

Finally, in the third corner, we have Team Strebekah, underdogs without any swords or insight into Silas... but with a plan! Listen to Rebekah explain it in this fun clip:

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Now that it looks like Stefan and Rebekah are teaming up,I hope that they can end this crazy topsy turvy madness but they better not mess things up. I wonder what Caroline will do to help out and see if the show will get better by the end of the season. ;P


I think Stefan is the only good character left on this show. He compromised his love Elena to save his brother. but what did his brother and Elena do?
Damon slept with his girlfriend the same day they broke up. Thats back stabbing and Elena betrayed his trust. Now It's time, Stefan move on and become a bad ass.. Enough of Damon being a bad ass. Tired of this Delena stuff. Give us something better than those morons.


Finally watched the episode and al I can say is Damon and Elena better be endgame and stick it out together till the end. I don't know what grudge the writers have with Stefan. Isn't he beautiful enough to make tweeny bopper get their knickers in a knot while mooning over his eyes? Oh, that is Damon who gets the best lines and whose quotes flood the VD quotes section...anyway I digress. On behalf of Paul Wesley I apologise for whatever he has done to the writers and ask that he be given better material and not made out to be a pussy by still longing after Elena cos last I checked she isn't crack or heroin thus anyone can get over her within a short while, I mean she got over her 'epic love' quite easily and moved on to his brother so please take him to the Originals and get him a girl who hasn't slept with his brother. Yours sincerely, V.


@ Jen - you want to talk about wrong?...calling a woman "used goods" is wrong and incredibly offensive! Stefan is only interesting when he stops his pity party and has a plan. It's obvious he is going to play rebekah to make sure she doesn't ruin their " cure Elena" campaign.


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I am going to have to agree with the spin off. LOL. I find Stefan, Caroline and Klaus to be the most interesting characters on the show. I also wonder if they'll keep Elena with Damon now that they are dating in real life.


just because ian and nina are real couple, damon and elena are now couple???


I also think Stefan and caroline should go with klaus.The three of them are awesome and have great chemistry together.Then leave damon and elena to the Delena diaries.Cant wait for the spin off!So excited and really hoping stefan and the others cant get away from that boring mess of delena.


Selena was the only thing worth watching. Dumb to think anyone would think it okay for a brother to sleep with his brother's girl. Dumb to think any brother would pick a girl over his own brother. Dumb to think we'd keep watching once he did. This show made Elena used goods, Damon incomprehensible and is about to make Stefan a pathetic waste of a man. What a shame.


hmmm.. i so love the flow of the movie, though i hate elena for being biatch, but atleast she's being true to herself... to stefan, i hope you'll move on, Elena's not good for yah! i hate the DELENA tandeem here (but love their loveteam in real life though ^^ LOL)... for team Strebekah? ... i can get along with that, let's see what will happen next..

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