The Mentalist Review: The Hunt for Volker

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The hunt for Volker intensified on The Mentalist this week... and who knew that a "Little Red Corvette" would take him down?

The murder of Horatio was all the more brutal with Volker standing there watching. The man enjoyed seeing someone die. It didn't even have to be by his hand. It just had to be on his order. That kind of power really seemed to get him off. This guy's a serious sociopath.

Jane & Lisbon On The Run

This was a man who took out entire indigenous tribes when they got in his way. So he had no qualms about killing a little boy. I found it interesting that even Volker's paid enforcers knew that murdering a child was a whole different level of evil. One in which Volker had no problem descending.

I spent the entire episode silently hoping that Marvin was really still alive. Having Jane visit his mother was heartbreaking. Not only does he relate to kids, but he has such intimate knowledge of what this distraught parent was going through that it almost hurt to watch.

The chess game between Lisbon and Volker was only made more intriguing by Jane's involvement. Volker was use to scaring people. Poor Anabelle was shaking as she backed away from him and he loved every tentative step.

But Volker couldn't scare Jane. Another psychopath already took everything he'd ever loved. What's left to be afraid of?

And Jane's one of the few people who could shake up Volker's calm exterior as he called him on his bluff. 

This entire episode had some stellar moments. Lisbon has never been so accepting of bending the rules. She actually used intimidation tactics against a deputy district attorney and out and out lied to a judge to get a warrant. The Teresa Lisbon from a year or two ago never would have done that. 

When Clyde took that phone call from Volker, I knew what he was about to do and it still made me jump when that bus hit him. Even hired killers are scared of somebody.

And what did Volker have on Brenda?!? Not only was she selling out her team at the CBI, but she handed over a little boy to be murdered. Who was he threatening to make her grovel at his feet like that? Will we ever find out?

A couple of side notes…

  • How funny was Rigsby stealing Cho's old soda from his car? That man has no self control around food, or drink.
  • Please let Amanda Righetti have a healthy, happy baby soon. I miss Grace and I'm tired of seeing her behind that desk.
  • Shouldn't Lisbon have had that toy car bagged for evidence? I know Jane isn't very good with those things but I expect more from Teresa.
  • You had to love Volker running through the zoo smacking kids on the back of the head as he searched for Marvin. Too funny.

I loved that Jane got to return Martin to his mother although witnessing such things must still be bittersweet for him.

I'm a little sorry Volker's story came to a close so soon. It was fun seeing Jane and Lisbon team up against someone other than Red John and Volker was equally creepy. Then again, with Volker's connections and influence, perhaps his rein of terror isn't over quite yet.


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The information about Red John knowing Jane before the television is a game changer! It means Red John has a Bigger motive than originally thought! That, with the fact that he knows the guy will make me think differently from now on. LET'S GET IT STARTED IN HERE! LET'S GET IT STARTED! LET'S GET IT STARTED IN HERE! LET'S GET IT STARTED! WOW!


I believe Red John is a man because he started of as a serial killer/rapist.
Also Red John has been shown as a man and he has the voice of a man. His female lover's refer to Red John as he when referring to him. Even some of his male minions have referred to Red John as "he". I think we can safely say Red John is a man. Red John is also some one we have all seen. Bruno Heller said we have seen him already, somewhere in the series. So the whole four years have to be brought forward when deducing all the new clues. Anyone of the people who disappeared could potentially reappear if they were not killed! AND I'M STARTING TO WONDER ABOUT THAT! The graves w/ no dates keep popping to mind!


@euterpe re: your comment about rj seeing jane on tv. he could subscribe to one of those services - lots of celebs and companies do - that alerts him when his name is mentioned in any context in the media. kind of a real time clipping service. much easier to do now than it would have been ten years ago.
but the idea that he was tuned in because he was interested in what jane would say is intriguing. rj had to know jane was helping the cops. maybe jane had helped the police solve some case before. rj would probably be interested in seeing how the guy's mind worked. maybe he tuned in relishing the publicity. then he gets talked about like he's a pisher. if he was a sad, lonely ugly guy, jane would have hit a nerve. if he was actually a happy, gregarious, good-looking guy, he would feel slandered. i hope he's the latter. much more fun.


@huisclothes - Oh I totally agree with you about Kristina. I never liked her at all. I just do not consider her a viable suspect because she has been absent for so long (as b&w&r pointed out with several characters) and because when last we saw her she was in a semi-catatonic stupor. If she could still run things in that state from an institution, then maybe she does have supernatural powers.


@euterpe agree about wishing rj was an unknown. i always wanted red john be an evil never before seen. right now, i feel like i'm waiting for some character i already know to show up and hold a flashlight under his chin. and like you, i enjoy everyone on the list (even bertram but not kristina, please god, anything but kristina.)
i like your point about if red john is a lot of people, then jane would have to have a confrontation with multiple red johns. jane needs a showdown with whoever killed his wife and child. but if that person was sent by the real red john or the under assistant west coast promotion red john, where does that leave us?


But bottom line, look at contract situations, when was the last time a person was on the show(this show can't ask you to link things back 2-3 yrs with no real current things going on). Its one thing to have fun hypothesizing about who RJ is and coming up with the most abstract theories you can(I actually encourage that). But if your REALLY trying to find out who RJ is, if your one of those type of fanatics, you gotta consider the things not shown in the show.I do really find @euterpe's theory intriguing though: Stiles the founding father and creator of RJ? Highly unlikely, but out of all the RJ theories I've been bombarded with, thats not one and its not unfeasible(which means its a really good theory). That would be a great twist on things, and the more I think about it, the more feasible it might actually be(which means its about a 3% chance of coming to fruition, thats just how the show is).


Susan Darcy: @rationalgal did a really good job laying out the evidence as to why she could be linked with Red John. But here's the deal, her contract was up after season 4 and they went out of there way to mention she was out of work and recuperating from the trauma in the opener. In contract terms, that mean's she's done and they couldn't get her back. She's not going to play into the RJ plot in otherwords because the show just cant/doesn't want to bring her back. You cant just cut someone off the storyline all yr then bring them back in the finale and be like "oh hey RJ how you been this whole time?". We could do this same exercise for alot of characters--Mashburn: hasn't been back since 2010, you ain't bringing him back on a 3 yr hiatus with no plot development and making him RJ. The list goes on and I'll spare you the hassel of reading anymore about it.


@rationalgal: it is very possible that someone we've seen before is Red John, its just based on the evidence we have now, it's frivolous to attribute any one character to be the lead RJ theory(my main man for a stretch was CBI Ron even though there was beyond zero evidence for him---Ive since moved past him and havent found a replacement). Also, imagine in the hypothetical situation in which Stiles is RJ(he isnt), to quote Wainwright "do you have any motion of how bad that looks?". That would really discredit the show, the first person to have suspicious past in regards to RJ being RJ? Really? Yikes, as much as I love the show, that would really dampen its legacy to put it politely. The other thing if you really want to determine who might have a legtimate chance in this endless RJ game is to look at TV contracts and status. You have to consider things beyond the evidence the show has shown. I'll give you an example after I get cut off by this 1000 char limit.


Thanks anitaward1… One(of many)question that has plagued me from the beginning is how did RJ know what Jane said about him on TV? Jane was just a guest on that talk show. What were the odds that RJ would be watching that very show on the day Jane appears and cold reads him? Or was he watching specifically because he knew Jane was going to appear; which would imply RJ was already interested in Jane before he murdered Jane’s family. Or did one of RJ’s minions see the interview and report back to RJ? Which scenario is correct would totally change the dynamic of the story.


Cont…I think Stiles has recently begun interfering and giving Jane little bread crumbs because he is intrigued by Jane and finds this game between Jane and RJ entertaining. He may not care which way it turns out, and might even be playing both sides against the other. Whoever wins the game, it can only benefit Stiles. If Jane loses, he is no longer a thorn in Stiles’ side; if RJ loses, he is no longer a potential rival.

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