The Mentalist Review: The Hunt for Volker

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The hunt for Volker intensified on The Mentalist this week... and who knew that a "Little Red Corvette" would take him down?

The murder of Horatio was all the more brutal with Volker standing there watching. The man enjoyed seeing someone die. It didn't even have to be by his hand. It just had to be on his order. That kind of power really seemed to get him off. This guy's a serious sociopath.

Jane & Lisbon On The Run

This was a man who took out entire indigenous tribes when they got in his way. So he had no qualms about killing a little boy. I found it interesting that even Volker's paid enforcers knew that murdering a child was a whole different level of evil. One in which Volker had no problem descending.

I spent the entire episode silently hoping that Marvin was really still alive. Having Jane visit his mother was heartbreaking. Not only does he relate to kids, but he has such intimate knowledge of what this distraught parent was going through that it almost hurt to watch.

The chess game between Lisbon and Volker was only made more intriguing by Jane's involvement. Volker was use to scaring people. Poor Anabelle was shaking as she backed away from him and he loved every tentative step.

But Volker couldn't scare Jane. Another psychopath already took everything he'd ever loved. What's left to be afraid of?

And Jane's one of the few people who could shake up Volker's calm exterior as he called him on his bluff. 

This entire episode had some stellar moments. Lisbon has never been so accepting of bending the rules. She actually used intimidation tactics against a deputy district attorney and out and out lied to a judge to get a warrant. The Teresa Lisbon from a year or two ago never would have done that. 

When Clyde took that phone call from Volker, I knew what he was about to do and it still made me jump when that bus hit him. Even hired killers are scared of somebody.

And what did Volker have on Brenda?!? Not only was she selling out her team at the CBI, but she handed over a little boy to be murdered. Who was he threatening to make her grovel at his feet like that? Will we ever find out?

A couple of side notes…

  • How funny was Rigsby stealing Cho's old soda from his car? That man has no self control around food, or drink.
  • Please let Amanda Righetti have a healthy, happy baby soon. I miss Grace and I'm tired of seeing her behind that desk.
  • Shouldn't Lisbon have had that toy car bagged for evidence? I know Jane isn't very good with those things but I expect more from Teresa.
  • You had to love Volker running through the zoo smacking kids on the back of the head as he searched for Marvin. Too funny.

I loved that Jane got to return Martin to his mother although witnessing such things must still be bittersweet for him.

I'm a little sorry Volker's story came to a close so soon. It was fun seeing Jane and Lisbon team up against someone other than Red John and Volker was equally creepy. Then again, with Volker's connections and influence, perhaps his rein of terror isn't over quite yet.


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@rationalgal: Mashburn is a popular one. It was interesting Jane had him in his book. The thing is, he's too charming, too bubbly, outgoing, eloquent, talkative, you name the adjective, for me. Plus that would be SO EASY AND OBVIOUS. Really, the first person who has a real liveliness and enjoys being a murder suspect, that's who your gonna make Red John? For something more specific, remember what Masburn told Jane back in season 2 "if I did murder someone, I would make the body vanish, just like that. I wouldn't leave it out there". He's not the type who would take pleasure out of cutting people, the process of death, and leaving them out there. He's far too clean, far too much of a pretty boy for that style. Also, he hasn't been on the show since 2010, the show is asking readers to connect the lines from along time ago if they want him in the plot. But he is quite interesting isnt he?


Mashburn also has a past that includes a very deep betrayal and heartbreak over a woman and since then has treated them as throwaways, possibly triggering a latent serial killer tendency. But he doesn't treat Lisbon like that he really seems genuinely fond of her, even in love perhaps. Jane saw their mutual attraction and encouraged it. Why? Perhaps because he too saw the similarities and knowing his own future was bleak (most likely death or prison) wanted to set Lisbon up to be happy with the next best thing.


The Ellen show had an interesting clip of the next episode. Jane is squeezing carefully out of his attic room, barely opening it. Lisbon is there. Jane squeezes back in, then out and we see the door now has a new large lock. Jane padlocks it, careful not to let Lisbon see what's in his room, and walks away with Lisbon looking mystified. So what's Jane up to? Who or what is he hiding and why?


Oh my! The plot thickens to where we can hardly stir it any more. The tie-in with Jane's father is interesting, but he cannot be Red John. RJ has a huge enterprise going, with minions who will kill and die for him. No one will kill and die for Jane's father. And he doesn't have the smarts to build the RJ enterprise. He could, however, be allied with Visualize as a way to mess with Jane, working as a link between Stiles and RJ, with Stiles not knowing exactly who RJ is, but able to communicate with him indirectly. So who among the suspects is most like Jane? In the Mashburn episodes, his and Jane's similarity was commented on and was probably why Lisbon was attracted to him enough to for a one night stand. He has all the charisma, smarts, wealth, power and influence needed. And think of the drama in Mashburn being RJ and Lisbon realizing with horror that she had sex with him! How would she react?


Cute face but we'd need something really substantial to have reason to believe he's an RJ type(although that could easily come in an episode it doesn't take much to create suspicion). I will say this though, Ardiles is quite the talker, he sure can manipulate, in theory, if something came out that gave us suspicion that maybe he was on RJs side I could see perhaps reason to believe there's a slight chance he's one of his friends. Lisbon got dirt on him in the last episode, that's probably just a coincidence picking him, but who knows....although we're reaching here. Ardiles really looked concerned about the dirt she could get on him, he gave up those sealed documents so easily which was kind of surprising. But again, this is just coming up with theories for fantasy sake.


@KM: I remember thinking about Ardiles a little bit. The way he acts just gives you that vibe you got with O'Laughlin, he has that aura about him that he's a bad boy, someone with an ego. There are alot of things about him that remind me of O'Laughlin. It's very intriguing and remember he was on the list of 5 in the season finale that was on the Todd Johnson murder case and suspect of being an RJ friend. But really, there's no reason to believe he's Red John. First off, Red John doesn't want Jane in prison, what good would that do for him, it would ruin all his fun, so why would he be the one DAing the case against Jane? Also remember what he told Jane in an episode last year, "this person won't get away with murder like you". There's no way RJ would go out of his way to remind Jane about his murder, that's not what RJ is about he wouldn't see that as murder and reason for prison. Also, it was RJ who set up the situation, he made Carter the bait. Cute face but we'd need something really substantial to have reason to believe he's an RJ type(although that could easily come in an episode it doesn't take much to create suspicion).


Huisclothes I thought about his mother, we could have seen her and not know who she was. Now, she could be a puppet master? Or like someone else suggested that Red John may not be Just one person. The smiley face could be a sign for Red John inc. Remember what Jane said about the red glass bead. Why not a tat.


So my question is . . . where do those dang white shoes fit in??? lol


huisclothes and anitraward1, you are blowing my itty bitty mind. Mother or father could provide the dynamic. The thing is, we know absolutely nothing about Patrick's mother. I have a hard time believing that if it's a problem to drag up a villain from three or four seasons ago and cram the remaining episodes with the logic for the plot, unless they have a whole 'nother year to work with :-D, Mom as Red John would be an even further reach. There is zero background on her, right? This is just an argument about mechanics and likelihood. As an explanation for the passion and interest, either mom or dad would be a plum! Still, I'm betting against it. What fun!


re: the theory about visualize and red john and patrick's father and patrick. if my brain, had an ass, this theory would be kicking it. red john would then be someone we know very well since the attributes we've observed in patrick would exist in him. so though unseen, we'd understand him. lorelei said you and he are very much alike. patrick said we're nothing alike.
here's my problem. entwife mentioned it. i don't see mr. jane as having the intellectual firepower or strength of purpose to pull this off. i've never been a big fan of the rj is a woman thing but what if it's his mother! if we toss the homoerotic thing into the mix, the mind reels. in an earlier post, i talked about patrick as the victim of child abuse. that starts to get even more twisted.

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