The Mentalist Review: Taking It Personally

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"Days of Wine and Roses" was more about Lisbon's hunt for Tommy Volker than the murder of the week, but let's start at the aptly named Oasis Rehabilitation Center.

The place was certainly an oasis, on par with many vacation resorts, offering ample opportunity for Patrick Jane to make mischief.

Jane Sneaks Around

Charlotte (aka Charlie's mother) was blinded to her daughter's addiction. She refused to believe Charlie would steal her ruby necklace. What she failed to realize was that an addict is capable of almost anything. I couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Maria, a character we never even saw on screen, who took the fall for the crime.

Jane playing the klepto was great fun, but it was even better when I realized that Cho and Lisbon were in on the scam. 

In the end, I couldn't help but mourn Charlotte. Her death really was a tragedy. She was young and could have turned her life around. But the one person whose job it was to help her was the one who took it all away. 

Joanne whined that her disease made her do it. Hopefully she can wallow in that self pity for the rest of her life in a prison cell.

But back to Tommy Volker...

Lisbon personally financed a second autopsy on Amanda Shaw. How much do one of those cost? The guilt over not being able to protect the girl was driving Teresa on a crusade that's as much personal as it is professional. 

And Jane noticed.

He knew that the gleam in her eye was either a break in the Volker case or a new lover in her life. I thought it was sweet that he hoped it was love as he said she deserved to find happiness. Jane deserves that too.

But Lisbon would be thrilled with catching Volker and with Grace's help she tracked down his enforcer.

Speaking of Van Pelt, I loved how they hid the actress' pregnancy this week. The rolling cart with file boxes on it was new and kind of ingenious. At least it let her get up from her desk. 

Just in case we forgot how creepy Volker was, he decided to visit Lisbon. In addition to his version of charming intimidation techniques he also told Lisbon, "You look good. You've been working out." The way his eyes roamed her body made me want to take a shower.

He was pushing Lisbon's buttons, hoping for a reaction and it was starting to worry Jane as he told her in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: I'm just a little worried he's inside your head and believe me that's not a good road to go down. Bad neighborhood. | permalink

And if anyone should know, it's Patrick Jane.

When it all falls apart, when Lisbon's only connection to Volker is gunned down in the street along with two innocent bystanders, Teresa plays her last card.

She ask Jane for help. Jane vs. Volker. Now this should be fun.


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@watcher. re: could patrick choose an aggressive good girl? i think once the red john thing is resolved, patrick will choose a good girl, aggressive or not. frankly, why women don't fall down in a faint the moment he enters a room strikes me as the least realistic thing about the show. to have someone that good-looking walking around and have no one in five years acknowledge it - except for adrian jonavich in ladies in red and the producer of the news in if it bleeds it leads (and that included lisbon) - is thoroughly nuts.


hi watcher. as i think about it, there's a thread running through patrick's responses to bad girls. kristina made patrick cry when she claimed to have contact with his dead wife. he was vulnerable to her and when hightower tried to matchmake, he made a foray into love. boy, would he have gotten a wrong number. erica got him to confess his yearning for love. once again, he was vulnerable. she'd hit a nerve, and we saw his first kiss. purely sexual and almost taking her up on a dare. lorelei caught him at a low ebb - beaten, broke, and lonely. he was vulnerable and took the comfort she offered. it turned out to be a terrible violation. as dr. linus wagner said in the pilot, you protect your core self ferociously. when someone gets through patrick's defenses, usually by causing him pain, he gives in. i guess, it takes a bad girl to purposely inflict pain on a hurting man.


Lorelei came to his motel uninvited and made the first move. Based on what he has said about his wife (she wanted out of the carnie life because she didn't like how they viewed people as marks, she wanted him to quit the pyschic business)she seems like a "nice girl". Maybe Jane just has always preferred women who pursue him, or maybe it is just since his wife's death (due to grief, guilt, fear, whatever.) Maybe if a "nice girl" aggressively pursued him, he would choose that over a "bad girl"? What do you think?


Huisclothes (and Rationalgal)- you raise an interesting point. I had also noticed Jane seems to be attracted to "bad girls". But then I wondered if their bad morals /criminal ways are not the real reason he is attracted to them. What if, instead, it is that they are very sexually aggressive and willing to be the one to chase him? Jane seems rather passive when it comes to sex (I have no idea how he was with his wife - I am only talking of what we have seen on the show). Other when he was in his fugue state (and we can't rely on that), every woman that he has shown any interest at all in has very clearly and strongly come on to him first. Kristina made obvious sexual references (even Hightower noticed she was attracted to Jane), and even then he didn't ask her out until Hightower pushed him. Erica came on very, very strong and tried her best to convince him that he was attracted to her(and it still took her 2 episodes just to get a kiss). Lorelei came to his motel uninvited after bailing him out of jail (after a 5 minute conversation at a bar),and clearly making the first move. Based on what he has said about his wife, my best guess (albeit based on very limited info.) is that she was a "good girl". In one episode he mentions how she wanted out of the carnie life because they viewed outsiders as marks, and she didn't like that. She really wanted him to quit the psychic business - seems really like a good person. So perhaps Jane is either naturally the passive partner when it comes to dating, or perhaps it is a result of his family's deaths (out of guilt, grief, fear of Red John, whatever) Maybe Jane would be very very into a "nice girl" who made a move on him. Sadly, most of the women who hit on him are criminals. What do you think, am I way off base?


to build on the idea that jane is excited by morally tarnished women, maybe jane's wife was a bit of a no-goodnik? the assumption is she was saintly - someone better than jane - but what if the marriage was on the rocks, or she was having an affair - or jane was? that would be a kick in the head.
as i mentioned before, i hated jane hoping lisbon was in love. what a creepy thing to say to anyone, let alone lisbon. i also found it dismaying that she had no response. considering the feelings for jane that she's been telegraphing since the end of last season, that was just plain weird. but as i've said, i don't think this writer was the swiftest. jane at least was consistent. he's been warning her all season that she may not have him around. also, i agree that his compliments about good police work were annoying. i hope that's a set-up for something that's worth the ickiness.


@rationalgal. i love your thinking about jane being attracted to morally flawed women. he does seem to have been turned on by them. though they've all come after him with ulterior motives. he meets not-nice women in his job. to that list, i'd add the con woman in miss red. also, to pile more opprobrium on the pompous, self-aggrandizing kristina - she admitted she slept with her dead client's sleazebag of an ex-boyfriend saying "he was a good time." what a low life. i could deal with anyone coming back but her.
i do think a reformed lorelei could be a good match for jane. she's smart. she's sexy. her mind is a lot more flexible than lisbon's. but if only for my mental health, lisbon must get him. i can't imagine re-watching the series knowing that they never at least sleep together. hope bruno won't condemn me to such a malevolent universe.


When Jane is patronizing, Lisbon usually knocks him down a peg or two, but not in this episode. She had no reaction, positive or negative. I like it when she takes a chunk out of him for his inflated antics. I didn't like the "hope you're in love" statement either. Even more dismay that Lisbon had NO reaction, no smile, no irritation or hurt, nothing. It makes me wonder not only about Jane's feelings for her, but hers for him, too. And then they throw in the extended bigfoot shot. Is that some kind of quiet signal to the viewer of untapped sexuality, the threshold of an awakening? Sometimes this show drives me crazy! :-)


The writers have no respect for anyone other then Jane. He makes the others come off as keystone cops....not able to solve even the simpliest cases without Jane. Yes, I know the series is about Jane and he is the star, but they should find a way to give the COPS some intelligence and ablity to bring in the bad guys. Didn't like Janes "good police" work to Lisbon either. It came off as if he was mocking least to me. Also hated.....hope you were in love..statement too. Sometimes, I have no idea how he feels about her. I know he likes her as a friend (maybe more) but would he if she was not in charge of the Red John case?


Watched this episode again last night. It's really kind of all over the place. I am so suspicious of Jane praising Lisbon on her police work, seemed to go out of his way to make it obvious and big, three times I think, he's never done that before. She doesn't need it and really didn't react to it. It was almost like someone praising a toddler. Just felt off and that always makes me look for something deeper going on. And speaking of big, what was that close up of Jane's feet walking into the dorm room. Why did the camera linger so long as he took a couple of steps and stood in the room? Just to show us how big his feet are? Or are we supposed to notice something about his shoes? What?


Jane wanted to help Lisbon and he did not want her to think he thought she was incapable of catching volker. So he laid back and waited for her to ask him. Jane knew already that Lisbon would not get Volker walking that straight law line. Also he could not have such a intimate conversation with her about it because she is still his boss. Jane would also not run the risk of insulting her intelligence. But now that Lisbon has asked, Jane will not get off this guy until Lisbon is satisfied. The only possible thing I see happening is the FBI or Homeland Security will step in and take him from them. Volker has lots of people in his pocket. Last resort for Jane would be to use stiles or Red John to get Volker. This is going to be good, I'm gonna go get my popcorn and m&m's right now!

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