The Carrie Diaries Review: Curious Carrie

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Despite Tom Bradshaw's plea that Carrie stay away from Sebastian Kydd, her curiosity got the best of her in "Read Before Use," as Carrie crossed a line that changed the trust between her and several of the people in her life.

So what was the big secret about Sebastian?

Sebastian and Carrie

Sebastian had intimate relations with a teacher at his old school. Tom Bradshaw is not interested in having his daughter involved in any of that.

Obviously, as we saw from the whole tampon shopping debacle, Tom isn't exactly having the easiest time raising two teenage girls. I don't think anyone, let alone two alive and well-equipped parents, are going to have an easy time raising two teenage girls. Teenagers are hard in general. Hormones everywhere!

But one thing Tom should learn quickly is that the more you tell your daughter she can't see a boy, the more she will want to know why and will want to see him anyway. Even if we didn't all know that Carrie loves a bad boy - hello Mr. Big! - the curiosity was just too much. Carrie is a thinker, a writer and a pro at analyzing. One thing she is definitely not, is a good liar.

The most exciting men are the ones we can't have. The forbidden fruit. So delish. | permalink

I'm not saying it's right to lie to your parents, nor is it right to go through their stuff. But her dad gave her a really easy out when he assumed that Sebastian came clean about it. Now he's furious and it's damaged the trust in their relationship. Then there's Carrie and Sebastian. She was open and he assumed she told her friends because that's what girls do. Sebastian feels like Carrie violated his trust and is a gossip. 

Truthfully, there's no way Carrie wouldn't have told Maggie and Mouse. To find out your crush slept with his teacher at 16 years old is major; who else was she gonna sort that through with? She should've just made sure Maggie and Mouse were going to keep it to themselves. I forget, but how did Pacey on Dawson's Creek handle this whole controversy when everyone found out he was sleeping with his English teacher? Besides, we're not even sure Sebastian definitely slept with her. 

Well, what are friends for besides to vent to and cry to when you rip up your memento from your ex? They are definitely there to go to underground art exhibits starring a retired porn star. The whole Monica Penny thing felt a little less Vagina Monologues than a reminder of when Carrie meets Petrovsky at the art exhibit in Sex and the City season 6. All I can say is that I'm really proud that Carrie didn't "take the throne."

It's hard not to make these comparisons to the original Sex and the City but in a way it feels authentic that there are similarities. After all, they share the same creator and some of the same writers and producers, not to mention the same title character. It's only fitting to know that Carrie went to weird and hard to appreciate art exhibits at 16 and at 36. 

What did you think of the third installment of The Carrie Diaries? Did you miss Walt? Did you totally see how Dorrit used reverse psychology on her father? Hit the comments! 


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i just remembered this scene where Carrie said something like "tell that to Adele" from the last episode. Should that have been? It was the 80s right?


Great episode. The cast still manages to blow me away, it's also probably the effort put into the writing. The development is quite good.
Anyway, mouse and Seth are really something.... Carrie and Sebastian are just sooo hmmm, I don't want to say epic, but they are cute together. Love that carries still posing as an older woman for her other love, the life of Manhattan. loved the voice-overs.


I'm a little put off by the actor playing Sebastian - he's certainly very attractive, but the knowing smirk is just too much. He's got the world-weary certainty of a man twice his age and comes off as a bit sleazy.


Love this show but did'nt like the ex porn star showing off her vigina to everybody. Gross. The girl who plays Carrie is so cute.


Over-narrated. It would have been much better if Carrie had blurted: "I'm only 16!" at the exhibit.


Can someone tell me what was the song Dorrit was listening to? I was quite sure its by The Smiths but there was no mentioned of The Smiths in the music section.


Good character progression in a short amount (3 episodes) for majority of characters. With only 10 episodes to go, I wonder how this show will go...


Ahhhh, and the music... what a soundtrack! Just perfect... it's like being 16 again, I love it!


This show is very sweet, and it's different but kind of the same. It's like watching my favorite show, deconstructing it and re-watching it from a different angle. It really feels like this could be the back story of Carrie in her younger years but it also is a totally new and different show, there's something wholesome and nostalgic about it, it doesn't feel like these unrealistic tv shows with overtly dramatic 16 years old girls with 26 years old problems (cough... Gossip Girl) yes it has problems, I want to think Dorrit is bipolar and cut the writers some slack, but in general I'm really liking it... I totally see the drama, dating the boy you were forbid to, sneaking out of the house to go to the party you were told not to, pretending to be older and juggling to keep appearances... What girl didn't do that at 16?! I'm really enjoing it...


Oh. Thanks to TV Fanatic for updating the music every week. My contribution for this week. Drive by THE CARS - oh I really missed THE CARS. I was not really into The Smiths though I heard some of their music so I am not sure of the song that Dorritt was listening to.

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The most exciting men are the ones we can't have. The forbidden fruit. So delish.


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