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I thought the "Duel of Two Women" would be about Bay and Natalie, but the real duel took place between Regina and Melody - and that was extremely disappointing.

And while Bay and Natalie came to a truce, did the other two women do the same? Let's see what a weekend at a tolerance retreat brought about...

Shouldn't Melody have planned the required student tolerance retreat on school time? They were already discontinuing programs left and right and grating on both the deaf and hearing students last nerves. Was cutting into their private time really the ideal way to go about bringing them together? Including all of the hearing kids and only some of the deaf kids clearly set the former even farther apart from their deaf counterparts. It could have been done much better.

Bay's Retreat

The first group formed for an exercise was comprised of Daphne, Natalie, Bay, Emmett and Noah. Really, Melody? Targeting students much?

The school's guidance counselor took her unease with the pilot program on the tolerance retreat. Sitting them all in a room and telling them to grow up might have been just as effective. Neither group understood the other, and someone like Noah, who was transitioning between the two, had the best chance to grasp the consequences of not fitting into both worlds. She should have known about his condition.

That there was a breakthrough with Bay and Natalie made it worthwhile, and I'm guessing they will eventually end up friends. The thing we've lost in our world is the ability to yell at each other and call each other names without repercussion. It's that lack of outpouring of grief and tension that leads to things like schools shootings, so the underlying idea behind the retreat was wall thought out, even if it seemed a bit heavy handed and targeted. After two people do what Bay and Natalie did - get their anger out and begrudgingly admit their positive attributes - friendships often blossom.

It was a shame that Melody couldn't do that in her own life. What's going on with her? Regina was fighting what every doctor was telling her about signing, and she lost her career as well as her ability to indulge her artist's creativity - but Melody immediately decided she must be faking it for attention because she'd never known anyone who was broken enough not to sign before.

It was a stunning development between those two friends, highlighting exactly what was happening with the pilot program at the school and why she was against it.

Kathryn's interview about her family to promote John's Senatorial run was horrid. The way she jumped into a political speech on immigrants and being inclusive felt so false, especially when John has said so many negative things about Angelo, as well as expressing his displeasure about the immigrant population and the poor in general by his over-concern about Daphne taking the food truck to her old neighborhood in "The Awakening Conscience." John took Kathryn to task about her discussion and they were out of sorts again.

In an odd little outlying story, Toby somehow got tied up in Lana's baby drama. He was getting his car fixed and since hers wasn't done, he offered a ride. Paying attention not being his strong point, he smashed his car and at a trip to the hospital he learned she was planning on giving the baby up for adoption. That's not great news for Lana, of course, but at least it means she wasn't after Angelo for money. She was honestly giving him the opportunity to be involved in her baby's life if he wanted to be involved.

Since out of family adoptions rarely happen on television and are only slightly less prevalent than abortions, she will most likely end up either sticking around and adding to the already extended and interesting brood or giving the baby to them directly.

Do you think it's really the end for Bay and Emmett? It was easy to work out that he thought she went to Carlton to be with him, but there was much more to her decision than that. The retreat was very stressful, and Bay's first week at school has done everybody in, so I'm not going to hold him to cutting off his friendship with Bay just yet. What they have runs so deep that he'll realize as difficult as it was to be with her without being with her, it will be even more so to be near her without being her friend.

I'm sticking with that. What about you?


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Also Toby extending an invitation as a teenager knowing how his parents are and their feelings about Angelo was too much. I just don't think its the business of this extremely judgmental group of people to be so involved in Angelo's life without his consent. He's entitled to his own privacy. He shouldn't be required to have all his personal business out on displsy when no one else does. What goes on between him and this woman should not be decided by the entire kennish and Vasquez family. This continues to floor me.
I'm not fully understanding regina and her hand thing. I think it could have been explained better. So no signing, hair, or painting but driving, writing, typing etc is ok? Why exactly can't she continue signing and is that somehow more rigorous than everyday activities with her hands?


Oh these people. That Natalie girl, I understand her position but bullying is still bullying. No one gets a free pass. The irony of her being so snotty is that she's treating hearing people the way she hates them treating her. Why take it out on the people who are making a conscious effort to communicate with you the same way you get pissed at the people who don't and expect you to adapt? Not even knowing these kids and why they are doing this, like wonderful Noah who was most compelling. I adored his character and his story, reminded me of a relative. Melody has always been a grown up mean girl. Her reaction didn't surprise me. How is it Angelo wasn't even IN the episode and they still found time to berate him? Still not getting the Angelo hate fest, imo it reflects poorly on the other characters and is overdone. I don't trust or get the pregnant girl.Still makes little sense that she's around just because.


(Continued) He's my favorite character, and he loves her so much. I like Bay now, she's finally found herself. It's not fair, everyone has been taking Natalie's side, she's the aggressor! Melody's a bit lax with these comments the deaf students are making, if it was the other way around she would've been a lot more animated. I like how they paralleled Daphne and Noah's situations.


I liked this show, but I'm upset that Natalie can say whatever she wants and Bay isn't allowed to say anything in return. Talking for a deaf person and being a new signer are both difficult things to learn. I think Bay did a good job defending herself. "Crappy signers" wasn't necessary, hearing people can say that Natalie is a "crappy talker", and it would be wrong, as she is to judge these new signers. Both of these skills have a long learning process, and patience is needed. I think Melody took that stance because she's going to miss signing with her best friend, maybe she hoped she was faking. Wow! I didn't see the Meniere's disease coming, I thought he was making a joke about the contraband, not having severe vertigo. He should get a medical alert bracelet, if he had been on stairs he could have gotten hurt. Not that the bracelet would have helped him with those stairs. Lol. Now we get a glimpse into what Katie Leclerc is dealing with. Poor Emmett, I'm both mad and sad at/for him. He's my favorite character, and he loves her so much. I like Bay now, she's finally found herself. It's not fair, everyone has been taking Natalie's side, she's the aggressor! Melody's a bit lax with these comments the deaf students are making, if it was the other way around she would've been a lot more animated. I like how they paralleled Daphne and Noah's situations.


I'm not an Emmett fan so I hope Bay sticks to her decision. Noah is sweet and I think he would be great for Bay


I felt bad for Regina and Melody was out off line saying that Regina didn't what to sign. I liked Noah but am a Bay and Emmett fan hopefully Bay and Emmett will get back together I don't see Emmett stop being friends with Bay all together I think he will still help her but will try not to but it won't work. Toby was sweet with Lana I think the baby will end up with Kathryn or Lana will keep the baby and she will be part of the family also. I can't wait to next week episode


I liked this epsiode. I'm really like Noah and Bay but it really hard for me beause i want Bay and Emmett back together. Noah story that he might go def i'm going to like how that turn out. I can't wait for next week

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Noah: Where's a volleyball when you need one, huh?
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