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@Miranda Wicker: You are partially right. My comment was too sweeping an accusation. I did not mean all the comments, but rather some of them like Deann's and Blu's declaring how they adore Olivia and how criticizing her is sexist. That said, in an earlier comment I did criticize your review for not pointing out how the portrayal of Olivia, which was of a flawed human but still of an ultimately moral person over the past one and a half seasons and therefore of a likable heroine, has now been transformed into an irredeemable villain.
Finally, I do disagree with you concerning the moral compass: It is a common practice in moral philosophy to propose fictional moral scenarios and to assess our moral compass by our judgement of the situation.


I have to disagree it was quite clear he got dumped in the episode prior to this one and him just letting himself into her house should raise alarms. I also think their is a reason their engagement ended before and I also think Edison is not upstanding as he trying to make himself out to be and I wouldn't be surprise if he using Livvie and has thrown his lot in with Hollis.
And no what he was doing was out of line. The man lacks tact.


@biophill--no one is condoning her actions simply because they aren't part of this discussion. Calling our moral compasses into question over a fictional TV show is a reach.


Well said, peaceful.


People have to remember that Edison did not/does not know anything about Fitz and Olivia. He's a man who was in a relationship with her and who wants her back. He is not doing anything differently that another man would not do. And because he knows Olivia, he knows when she is lying. That she stood her ground and ignored his accusations of lying was something to watch. Loved her speech. I feel sorry for him because he was right on the money but she wasn't backing down, and he does seem like an honest and nice guy, but she can't help herself. She's too in love with Fitz, and the heart wants what the heart wants, in both their cases. Sad.


Regarding the infidelity, yes it is awful--especially after she be-friended Mellie on the trail, but is this totally Olivia's fault? Fitz was an open wound that Mellie chose to ignore. A partnership is great, but that's not love. Mellie, with all of the planning and machinations, took her eyes off the prize and now has to deal with that. Fitz suffers plenty for his indiscretion.

Question now is how will Fitz react once he finds out about the election rigging and the subsequent crimes that Oliva committed on his behalf? Will he love her enough to forgive her this huge error in judgement? Will he rescue her and put her pieces back together now that she is unraveling?


More and more I ask myself "Who is Olivia Pople?" This episode clarifies Fitz, but not Olivia. I understand totally why he fell so hard for her. He was living an incomplete life and Olivia, allowed him to be the man the he was to be. She spoke life to him and offered him a love that he never knew. He was wise to love her. I wonder why Shonda chose to reverse on Fitz' mother--making her dead after having Mellie ask Tom and Hal if she was the cause of Fitz' foul mood in Hunting Season. Mom lived with Jerry's infidelities and over-bearing ways. Why didn't she save her son? Was she Mellie or Olivia?

As for Olivia, what made her give over her entire being, her freedom, her self-respect to Fitz? Why did she need to fix Fitz? It is obvious that she loves him beyond measure and this is no ordinary love story--so I get it AFTER the fact, but why choose Fitz? By saving him, she must be saving herself in some way. Who is Olivia Pope?

Regarding the infidelity, yes, it's awful--especially after be-friending Mellie on the campaign trail, but must we blame the entire affair on her always? Fitz was an open wound that Mellie chose to ignore. Fitz and Oliva belong together--messy, but true. How do they choose any other love now, once they have experienced the depths of this love? Edison, Mellie or whomever, no other love will do. Question now is can Fitz save her back? Can he forgive her this horrific crime and subsequent cover-ups on his behalf? Would he risk as much for her?


I simply can't believe what I am reading here. How can you adore Olivia? The love affair with Fitz is really not a big deal. This I could count as a "flaw", or not even. Love trumps all. But how can your moral compass be that far off to condone all her other actions, like treason, covering up murders, destroying other people's lives and helping other corrupt individuals into the highest positions in the country. I'm appalled.


"How dare you accuse me of things I am actually doing." Eddison needs to call ahead though.


@fudgefase - I have watched the episode several times on OnDemand cable today and I agree with you.... When Fitz finds out what Liv has done to rig the election they are getting to have a serious love crisis. It may not separate them forever, but it could be a while.

I just hope she is not foolish enough to seek solace with Edison....that would be a huge mistake. Besides, I do not trust him at all.

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