Revenge Review: Two May Keep a Secret If One Of Them Is Dead

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Has there been an episode of Revenge so far where giant secrets aren't revealed to the sounds of heavy violin music? Tonight was certainly no exception to this formula.

"Collusion" put Emily and Aiden's missions - and therefore Emily and Aiden - at odds, while revealing key information regarding the Initiative.

Aiden Listens In

Stonehaven's role was made clear tonight, as was that of Carrion. Stonehaven is a disaster relief firm. Carrion is a program that creates disasters. Both are necessary for whatever it is The Initiative has planned.

Yes, the plot has thickened. Again. But in true Revenge fashion, let's rewind about an hour to the beginning of "Collusion."

Daniel, ever eager, asks Emily to lunch. For oysters. Which are an aphrodisiac. Way to take it slow, Daniel. The oysters are in L.A. so instead of flying in the oysters, he takes Emily to them. But lunch isn't the only reason for the trip. Because he is nowhere near the businessman his father is, and no matter how ruthless and cutthroat Conrad may be, he's still a businessman: Daniel needs Emily's help to land Stonehaven. He believes her to be a lucky talisman, knowing nothing about her involvement in each of the three deals he's brought to Grayson Global.

Victoria, in an attempt to save Daniel from the Initiative's grasp, also flies to L.A. to offer herself to Jason Prosser. In exchange, she asks that Prosser outbid Daniel in the Stonehaven transaction. He agrees, but Emily and Nolan and their super computer look-up mojo thwarts her.

Aiden, after seeing a video of whom he is told is his sister, is tasked with killing Victoria Grayson. The Initiative sees her attempts to prevent Daniel from being successful as a threat which needs to be neutralize. But Victoria's a cat with at least 7 lives left. Emily prevents him from carrying out his mission, providing him with an alternative plan. An alternative plan which backfires, potentially costing her their relationship and gaining him as her enemy.

Thus, the major players in tonight's key events end up in the same locale. Instead of, you know, the Hamptons where all but Stonehaven were to begin with.

Unlike Leigh in her review after "Sabotage," I don't like Daniel and Emily together anymore. There was something charming about them in Revenge season 1. There was something more charming about him. But he's different now. Something about him changed once he ascended to the Grayson throne. Relationships have to be built on trust and Emily will never trust Daniel simply because he's a Grayson.

Even though she developed feelings for him and some of them still linger, she'll never be able to be herself - her true self - with him. So he'll never really know her. They were doomed from the start.

Emily and Aiden, however, have promise. Or they did. Maybe they still do. Theirs is a relationship built on both a shared purpose - revenge - and also honesty. When these two work together, they work well. They know each other. I'm hopeful that the girl in the video turns out not to be Aiden's sister or that she's not dead and Emily is able to find a way to help him find her. Emily is okay with collateral damage, but Colleen is definitely more than that. If Emily would abandon her own mission for anyone else's, it would be for Aiden's. Colleen, after all, brought the two of them together. 

Takeda knew about Colleen before he took Aiden on as a student, so Colleen is important to the story. There's something bigger going on than just that she's Aiden's sister who was taken by the Russians for sex trafficking. I'm interested to see how she fits into the Initiative's plan and whether it has anything to do with Padma. Does Padma also have a sister or other relative who has been taken in a similar manner?

I want to believe that Padma isn't evil and that she's just an Initiative pawn without the resources that Emily, Aiden, and Nolan have. It wouldn't shock me if she were some sort of evil genius, but I get the feeling there's more than that going on with her, that she's a victim somehow, which I suppose bodes well for Nolan's love life should she survive the season.

Other notable events from tonight:

  • Charlotte turned 18. Her first adult act is to change her last name from Grayson to Clarke. (This little nugget can be found on the Revenge quotes page.)
  • Conrad got Jack's drug charges dropped.
  • Jack got Matt Duncan to confess to murdering Joe Ryan.
  • Conrad swooped in and threw some money at the Ryan brothers problem to make it go away because that's what Conrad does.
  • Conrad made a deal with one of the Ryan brothers to help them get the Stowaway behind Jack's back because that's also what Conrad does.

What did you think of "Collusion"? Is this the end for Aiden and Emily? Do you think that was really Aiden's sister on the video?


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I want Daniel and Emily to work out somehow. Its Revenge, anything is possible.


Even though at the beginning of this season i was still rooting for Daniel and Emily, their relationship felt odd during this episode. I am slowly changing my mind about them. Or, rather than that, it's just that i don't know what to think anymore.
As for Aiden, i never really liked him. The way they introduced him and his love story with Emily was a little forced (in my opinion). I still can't see any chemistry between the two actors which isn't helpfull at all...


There are times that I like Aiden but for me he is too much of a loose cannon and I am not sure that Emily can reign him in when she needs to. I have said from the beginning that Padma seemed swarmy and for all her little hesitations at times I am not sure that I am buying it. Well Conrad is Conrad and I am not sure he knows how to be anyone else.
I am not going to even guess who is floating in the Ocean as I am not sure if they will go the expected route or the other side of the coin entirely.

Miranda wicker

I definitely think Daniel still has shades of his season 1 self inside. (Uh, it's only been what, a year?) That's why he's so uncomfortable and awkward in business transactions. That's not who he is. But seeing him choose Team Grayson in the interview proved to Emily that she can't trust him. She'll probably never be able to trust him. And there will always be what Tyler told him lingering in the back of his mind. So even though she has feelings for him/dreams about him, and even though the kind, poetic part of him is in there somewhere, it's not a risk she can take.


I'm also still rooting for Emily and Daniel. He is a pawn in everyone's game and still has goodness in him. There is time for redemption for everyone so why not Daniel? Aiden should hurry up and leave the show please.


I think they're going to do away with Aiden in the next episode. Emily's options are being whittled down.

Miranda wicker

I think the question of whether or not that was Colleen on the video comes from Emily asking Aiden if he's sure it's her and if he's sure she's alive. He says he's sure but also that he can "subsist on hope." So the writers are leaving some room for that girl to be someone else. And with this show, stranger things have happened.


I don't like Emily and Daniel anymore but I never liked Emily and Aiden. Why is yall assuming that it might not be Aiden sister because I am pretty sure he will know how she looks like. I am glad that Aiden and Emily is done because they always had different Revengdas that led them to different paths. I also love Emily and Nolan today teaming up and I miss them so bad. ABC, get it together because everybody wants Emily/Nolan back.


I liked the episode. Still don't want Emily with Daniel. It's just doesn't seem right. And Miranda, i agree with your reasons. Aiden and Emily, definitely need to get back together. Was it his sister in the video: I don't think so. I hope he finds her, more alive than dead (real and fake)
Nolan, I feel for you. As much as the truth hurt I'm glad he found out. That Padma...I think The initiative has something on her... Maybe a family member. I don't want to think that she's totally evil... But at least now, Nolan knows.
Charlotte, good job ! I knew it ! What a slap in her parents' face ! I most def enjoyed it ! But Jack, your brother's warned you. and he was right. Man, Conrad he's despicable ! Not that I'm shocked or anything !


I'm still rooting for Emily and Daniel, I think they still have great chemistry!

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