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Troian Bellisario is so great! Love this girl!


I agree that it makes no sense for Ali to accuse Toby, but maybe that was a sign of her desperation. Prolly it was just because the writers are using that as a way to get the truth of Toby out of Spencer eventually. She should have told them. Though Spencer was right that if they stopped keeping these major secrets, A would have a lot less ammo. Not that A would stop completely.

I think Ezria will be back together by season's end.

I like dark Spencer. But she needs to live up to her own advice and be honest.


i dont understand why Ali would accuse toby (yes he had motive) but she was getting these notes long before she blinded jenna and toby was sent to juvie, she was getting them on halloween and jenna had only just moved to rosewood so it was well before ' the jenna thing' so back then he would have no motive. As for wilden i dont think he was seeing ali i think hes into older women - hannahs mother -


Seeing as Mona wanted Spencer to either "join the 'A' team" or "be disposed of" back in the season two finale, my only reason for the 'A' team planting all the bombs for Spencer to discover Toby was part of 'A' was to make sure she definitely becomes part of their team. But if that is a possibility, might Spencer take it?
As for the Ezria, I'm glad he broke up with her. Yes, sad for Aria, but keeping a secret that big was beyond high school drama and would have just lead to an obvious break-up. She bit off more than she could chew and it backfired. Tough titties, honey!
However, I will agree that Aria and Emily finally did the right thing by going to the police. But I don't think Ali would have been pregnant as it would have most likely come up on her autopsy, then again, that could be on the missing page. Either way, hopefully the girls go to the cops more often. It's the only logical thing at this point.


i have to agree with the toby in a do-rag comment. caused me to giggle and squirm at the same time. i for one am happy that ezria is possibly over and done with. wwatching aria and ezra week afetr week was uncomfortable. not really surprised that spencer didn't tell her friends that toby was oart of the a team


This episode reminded me a lot of the books. It was like they'd mismatched timelines but mainlined random bits that were in the books into the show.. Amazing how well the characters in the books match up to the show..

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