Parks and Recreation Review: Babe Lincoln's Gettysburgs Undress

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Well, that was definitely the best bachelor party I've ever been to.

On television. I mean, as Andy got to play with the Colts! And Tom got to watch Ron Swanson have scotch squirted into his hands and rubbed in! The self-explanatory "Two Parties" was a fun welcome back into the world of the Parks and Recreation crew. It was a nice idea to split the men and women up and makes perfect sense Ann's party would flop.

I must admit I did wish for a little more fun in the girl's camp, but it was logical that Leslie would end up putting her concern for a park above the fun of her bachelorette party. And that she'd enlist her friends to help her dig up some ancient artifacts. Leslie's work is such a huge part of her life, it's impossible for her to escape it even for an evening with her girlfriends. Or for a lap dance from a clarinet playing Babe Lincoln.

But the bachelor party was really where the action was. I love how each character got their ultimate party in the same night. And even more that Ben's ultimate bachelor party included the game Settlers of Catan. Tom's bizarre mixology bar looked like the same space that was used for Entertainment Seven Twenty. And if I knew who all the athletes were, tonight's episode would be even more exciting, but I'm sure that a number of people were quite excited to see such famous sports stars grace NBC with their presence.

Leslie's Bachelorette Party

And not just athletes, but tonight's guest star roster also included Newt Gingrich, slipped seamlessly into this episode when Gerry thought his name was being called for a reservation when it was really Gingrich's. Nice of him to make a cameo, although Biden seemed more natural in his. But they don't pay these politicians the big bucks to act.

As for Leslie's continual crusade and Jamm's consistent vendetta? I'm not in love. Councilman Jamm isn't that funny of a character to me so I am always skeptical when he's on screen. Leslie, however, can do no wrong. Well, she can and did in this episode, but her sincere apology to Ken charmed the pants off of him, just like we know Leslie is capable of. 

Which version of the bachelor party was your favorite? I'm partial to the insane mixology bar where a camera flash actually means you've digested a shot of vodka. But really, who could beat NFL football stadium time with real players?

Leave your answers in the comments and let's all give a hearty Leslie Knope welcome back to Parks and Recreation!

Two Parties Review

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