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Oh Belle :( Just when I was really really invested in Rumple and Belle's relationship, this happens! Makes me so pissed at Hook.
Why is it in all my favorite shows, someone loses their memory? (Referencing the show Chuck)


@Marisa1983 - No, the stranger isn't related to the Doctor. Remember how the curse worked - it only affected the Enchanted Forest & its residents. It doesn't cross over into other lands like Neverland or Wonderland. The reason the Doctor was shown is he'll be trying to revive the Stranger, and as the show often does, there will be flashbacks to when he tried to revive his brother in his land.

@TiffanyO - Actually, I thought Cora kidnapped Archie so she could find out more about Regina. Hook knew about Bae when Mila was alive. And, he was spying on Rumple & Belle with his telescope, which is how he discovered the location of the cloak. Hook didn't need Archie for any of that.


I was wondering who was the stranger when the promo for next week gave it all away. It has to be Dr. Whale's brother since we're revisiting Dr. Frankenstein next week. They've got to stop giving away everything in the promos! Thanfully the end wasn't in any promos, it really surprised me that Belle lost her memory. I agree with the reviewer, it was so heartbreaking. She doesn't even have a Storybrooke memory to hold on to. Can't wait to see how this will play out. Also I really missed Regina. I kept wondering was was missing the whole episode when I realised we didn't get to see her.


so i take it im in minority in finding hook a useless plotfiller to the ouat story? he bores me n needs to move on now about rumple GET OVER IT! the woman was married and had a child hook please. cora why didnt u appear to save the day for useless hook. shooting belle no need it was stupid n wished he just returned back on the ship. belle needs to either kiss or fall in love with rumple again to help break curse because with true love's kiss.......(breaks into song)

anyways when is bae gonna turn up, its tedious now why bother show us if he isn't coming. prefer phillip with mulan. want him to appear n her but not poss i kno *sigh* just don't want the show to loose it's spark n direction. august come back we miss u


For me...this episode is by far the best of season 2 till now. But again... every Rumbelle episode is an awesome episode! I loved Belle's backstory in Fairytale Land and that we got to see how Philip and Mulan got to meet each other. And ofc...the ending...i gasped in horror when Belle was shot in the back. To tell you the truth i was kind of expecting for Hook to appear out of the blue and push her over the line, but then i heard the shot and i was like ''You Motherf@@@@!!!!"
When he got hit by the car i just felt justice had been served! I really hope Neil is the one driving the car. And i hope he is Bael so that Rumpel won't have to leave Belle's side to find his son.


The whole point of kidnapping Archie was so that he could reveal what Rump's weakness was. Bae, Belle. He can't exactly do that dead.


This episode was quite a wild ride, I thought, and wonderfully acted by all the parties involved. I was glad to see some of Mulan's backstory, and I really enjoyed Belle's use of books, my favorite things, to solve the mystery of the flaming lion who was Philip. I loved seeing the Storybrooke Library (I think their elevator is pretty Steampunkish and totally cool) and I was enjoying the Charming family's debate on whether or not to go back to the enchanted forest.
I can hardly wait until the next episode, to see how RC will manage to get Belle back...I wonder if he will go find his son first?


The stranger isn't anyone important, I don't think--the fact that someone who isn't from the Enchanted lands shows up in Storybrooke, is what's important, and brings a host of questions, as evidenced by the previews.

Hook--is HOT. Colin O'Donoghue sizzles with every female he's on screen with, even Belle :)


I thought this episode was really good, and that ending wow! What will happen to Belle now - will Rumple be able to find a spell that gives her back her memories, and also who was in the car - too many questions!


I loved this episode, and I actually liked the way Hook's vengeance was resolved in the end. I was worried that Belle would be killed, but having her lose her memory was a more interesting turn of events. At least, if she falls for Rumple again, it won't be because of some residual Stockholm syndrome. Rumple was terrific in this episode (especially the scene where he kept insisting to Belle that Hook needed to die!), but I still don't feel too sorry for him, given everything he's done.

Unlike others, I thought it was nice to see the Charming family being sort of boring and normal for once! And I also liked the Enchanted Forest part and the background story with made me feel more invested in her character. I'm surprised this show doesn't get more awards.

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