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This was a terrible "review"; I stopped reading after I realized that you were literally just describing the episode!


Boom? Really.
Was that a review or a synopsis? No more boom, please.


The episode was OK...just glad it's back, but the "review" (actually a poor recap) was not! And I honestly had to go back and see if Jim was confused and didn't realize that Cora actually 'killed' Archie and not the real Regina! Loved the part of Emma and Henry walking in on Charming and Snow in bed!! And Emma was embarrassed! Too funny, but to actually stay in the 1-room apartment with Henry to make Tacos with them still in bed...priceless!! Does anyone else think Snow should let her hair grow longer? She's beautiful in Storyland, but that short doo does nothing for me in Storybrook! I, too, expected Rumple's son to be in the ship's hold at the end...glad Archie is still alive! Looking forward to next week!


That was the best episode that I have seen on Once Upon a Time. However, I did get a bit confused regarding Jimmity Cricket and Pongo owner. Are they the same person? Wasn't it Mulan that got killed?


I take it Christine Orlando is on vacation? LOL...I'm not usually one to be negative, but this doesn't quite meet the requirements of a "review".

Anyway - I like Regina more and more every episode. I think Lana Parilla has been knocking it out of the park every week, she's a pleasure to watch. She's almost on par with Robert Carlyle.

The episode: meh, it was okay. It didn't really grab me, but I did feel really bad for Regina. She's so unaware that her every move in life has been manipulated into being. Cora is a ridiculously evil human being - my gosh.


Loved the ep. Hated the review lol. Regina is seriously starting to become a favorite character of mine. Love how broken she is. And the longer hair rocks for sb regina


Good episode. Can't wait till the next episode. I don't think Regina killed Archie I really believe it was Cora especially after she had the real Archie in the ship.


Seriously this does sound like a recap I stopped reading and jumped to the comments,
I did enjoy this episode a lot. I don’t know why people must always complain but that life so let move on.


Wow. This dude should NEVER write reviews, it was just a recap of the entire episode.


Worst... review... ever.

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