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oh and btw, the part where Schmidt faints when Nick is on the outside of the building....

L.M.F.A.O!!!! So freakin funny!!!!!


Quite honestly, the best episode of the series thus far. Okay maybe I'm stretching but definitely of the season!!! EEEK!! They kissed!!!! That was the sexiest I've ever seen Nick Miller look. I'm in love! *swoons*


Total fangirl squealing over here!! I adore Nick & Jess. I loved that kiss & how he wouldn't kiss her in the game. I think Nick & Jess are good for each other, in that he can kind of bring her down to earth a little (not too much!) and she can break him out of his shell.

I usually watch this show on the DVR then erase it, but this is a total keeper!


Brenda Song was in it too...


This episode was hysterical! Laughed out loud so many times. And that kiss was just amazingly hot...I liked that there was no music or anything during that moment, it was just very raw!


Okay - the kiss was awesome, I've already talked about that. I forgot to mention how hilarious EVERYONE in that episode was. Every time I think of "Ey girl, what yo' name is?" it makes me laugh out - man, Winston killed it. And fainting Schmidt was SOOOOO FUNNY.

Honestly one of the best episodes ever.


The kiss was lovely timed and passionate.... But I really prefer Sam and Jess as a couple. He balances her. I feel like her and Nick together, even though its good in theory, just don't quite work. She needs someone more relaxed and level headed to deal to balance out how terribly neurotic she is. The cooler theory is awesome - my male friends and I inadvertantly do that to each other so often to!


5 stars!! i loved this episode.
Schmidt was funny as usual. i also lost it when he fainted..
That kiss between Jess and Nick was simply perfect. I was so glad they didnt have their first kiss in the game. The way they showed it was just beautiful..
Brenda Song was good too. Winston was hilarious today "Ey girl, what yo name is?... what that thang do?" lmfao!!!

im loving this season of new girl. much much better than season 1!


Even thought I saw it coming it was still an awesome moment for this show.


5 stars. Obsessed. Probably my favorite episode of New Girl. Seriously they do need to market True American or at least release the rules! I'm not going to lie, I choked from laughing so hard when Schmidt fainted. I don't know why but I lost it.

And then that kiss. That was like hall of fame- Ross and Rachel's first kiss in the doorway at Central Perk while it was raining type of kiss.

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