New Girl Review: Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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After "White Anglo Saxon Winter Privilege Night" vacation - known to the rest of us as holiday break - Jess and the roommates are back! 

Jess and sexy doctor Sam picked up on a good note with a trip planned to a "Cabin". Not quite ready for a weekend trip and doubting her skill to be enough fun, she invites Nick and Angie along. As always with couples vacations that include gray areas, things got interesting...

... which, by the way, is a good thing because the B storyline was so dumb this week I was actually bored of Schmidt and that NEVER happens. I want to be in a sandwich with Schmidt and Chris Messina (Danny from The Mindy Project), so basically if I'm crapping on anything Schmidt, that really says something.

Jess' Weekend Away

All I have to say about the B plot is that act like a fool and you deserve a prank like that. I get it, it's a sitcom and Schmidt's intentions were pure, but we're just lucky Winston has a sense of humor because a less funny show could have an offended character. Then again, Schmidt is Schmidt, he's a bumbling idiot most of the time. He's lovable but he can be an idiot. Plus, Winston is wise and creative enough to know exactly how to get back at him.

I kinda wish they all went to the cabin together. Throw Cece in there and things could've gotten wild! Especially with the absinthe in the mix. As it was, it was enough to have four people who were kinda awkward and pretending they were more comfortable in their relationships than they really were. 

Even though it took a dangerous amount of The Green Fairy, I'm glad Nick finally admitted his feelings for Angie. He was trying for too hard to be cool and laid back. I get it dude, Olivia Munn is hot, but that level of faking your personality isn't good for anyone. I dod, however, love how wasted he got because Nick on absinthe is hilarious. 

If you were a hat, you'd be a top hat. But like a really big monopoly one. And I say that with the deepest compliments. | permalink

Also hilarious was how Angie knew exactly what it would take to get Jess mad at the can. Tell her it doesn't respect her arts and crafts section of the apartment and boom! Mission accomplished. 

What did you think of this week's New Girl? Did you love both stories or did you find Winston and Schmidt's to be kinda eh? Are you sad to see Angie go?

Cabin Review

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