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Why this show has never been nominated for an Emmy as Best Dramatic Series or Mark Harmon Best Actor is beyond me. This show over 9 years has continued to put out solid episodes year after year. This one is a prime example of what great television is all about. I commend everyone on the series for a fantastic episode!


I have always loved NCIS, but "Shabbat Shalom" was incredible. I figured Eli was either going to be shot or die, but I did not expect Jackie Vance to die! The entire show was great. The emotions that involved each and every member was great, yet so very moving. I cried when Ziva shouted for her father! It was so touching. And the look of compassion and outrage were far greater than words.
I can hardly wait til next week. Please - Please do not allow any member of this show to leave, it would not be whole otherwise. I am just shocked over this episode. Bravo!!


While I have no complaints about Cote de Pablo's acting, I didn't think her very vocal response to her father's death was in character or in keeping with their history. Tears and sorrow, certainly, but not running and shouting.

I also agree with those who found Jackie's death gratuitous.

To me, however, the low point of the episode was Eli's casual murder confession. That Eli would kill a man for taking his photo and then pass it off as a trivial act, and think that Ziva would not mind ... it's simply not credible. Eli may be a psychopath, and he may be used to passing off the murders of Palestinians as necessary for Israeli security, but he's not that clueless.

It also bothers me that Israelis are being portrayed in increasingly dark and cynical terms on NCIS and elsewhere (e.g., Covert Affairs). I don't support Israeli policy at all, but that doesn't make Israelis ruthless, duplicitous killing machines.


@Mike NCIS is the #1 show it is because of the expertise of all the characters. Each one is special in their own way. I watch all the marathons.


@tiva loved your comment very well written and i agree with everything you said.think we will have to wait a bit more for tiva.


Writers-producers definetely do have talent to create and administrate emotions.Their planning and their perception about series is important.
Technically, however i suggest that they "burned" some very good future scenarios, some of the best ratings on tv and two good actors.
Eli (M Nouri)for instance in series even as a retired would offer some very amusing episodes with Tony-Ziva-Tony senior relationship and probably the best ratings so far.
On the case, Eli two times try protect Ziva even by made her furious.Also gave her a wish.There was a proeconomia to his words from writers. As his identity was exposed it was a matter of time something to happen.Its like to provoke it or to have reach to an end.
I assume personal differences with people-used by others- might presented as the cause.
Maybe also writers present Eli trying to protect Lion or Jackie Vance.
From the best-most dramatic episodes in this sequence but with closing a circle.


1. Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three, or four) Heartbreaking and Shocking.
2. Best episode of NCIS Season 10 so far?
yes it is so far this is why NCIS is still going strong in season 10.
3. Favorite quotes or scenes from "Shabbat Shalom"
Ziva realizing her father is dead and when she called for him and sat by him hugging him.
4. The twice-fatal conclusion: Did you see it coming?
not about Eli but not so much with Jackie I read a couple weeks a ago a follow fan said Jackie was going to die but I thought it was wrong but I was wrong it was her.
5. Does NCIS rely too heavily on character deaths?
no NCIS had worst Characters death with Kate, Jenny and Franks and this makes it more realistic.
6. Best acting performance of the night?
I say both Rocky Carroll and Cote de Pablo

7. Who do you think was behind the shooting?
am thinking to get Eli out like they say out with the old and in with the new.

Hi Janet I wish we would of had Tony and Ziva TLC too


This is where they will introduce the deputy director of NCIS to take over the investigation as Leon is too close to the case. New character with multi directions they can head into.



They needed to kill someone off to make the show believable again and since all of the main star are staying it had to be Ziva father and Vance wife


I agree completely with what Kris R said about Ziva. I just don't understand why they had to kill Jackie. At least there was one married- and happily- couple. I guess you can't have a life and work at NCIS.

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