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You need to open your eyes and see the reason NCIS has not been getting 20 million view is because of Ziva so maybe its not us that the issue but you and Ziva


@charli@michael you should both realize that without ziva ncis just wouldnt be as good as it is and it wouldnt get 20 million or so viewers a week you wont be missed if you stop watching.


I wonder which one will sign back up first they will most likely wait till the season over to tell us anyways I have a feeling we might get a Stabler type thing on NCIS


Cote's and Mark's contracts are up this year, May or June.


Deb, you posted your question under:
NCIS Exclusive: Gary Glasberg on Vance's Loss, Ziva's Revenge & Beyond

I can't remember what happened to CIRay but someone said he got arrested in an episode but as or Trent Kort I'd say it goes without saying that he'll be involved in this before the season is over. I also a question the other day but can't find it; does anyone know if Cote is signed beyond this year?


Ack, the end of my comment was cut off.

Well, I thought Tony was wonderful and very caring. I didn't find it romantic (and am not in favor of "Tiva); better that they be very good friends even if they move on to romance later.


I thought this was an excellent episode, and the small humorous bit relieved the tension.

It was a bit predictable that it was the Mossad Deputy, possibly because Ziva had such a strong reaction to it. Granted, I get her line about her being "blood" and not someone who has wormed his way in. It was so touching that she was the only one her father had left of his family, and now, with his death, she's alone (I know, I know, she's got the Gibbs-team/family).

Jewish wedding ceremonies are not held like that. For one, you need at least 10 people to say the Mourners' Kaddish (mourners' prayer. But perhaps because Eli's death was still a secret, she had to conduct it this way. (I don't think she was just planting an olive tree because the dirt was only on one side). She wouldn't put up a gravestone at this time because in Judasim, we wait about a year. The knife was clearly revenge. (I read that pieces of this story will play out over the season, so that will probably come up.)

Tony was great. He was really there for Ziva, respecting her wishes when he could (e.g. leaving the bedroom though she said she was fine). I didn't find it romantic at all, though it was deeply loving. I am not pushing for "Tiva," but this brings them closer together as people. I was a touch surprised that Gibbs kept so much distance from her (not even a hug?), but I know he was a touch preoccupied with both Eli's and Jackie's deaths. (That Jackie had been shot in the temple likely would have changed the Vance family in, perhaps, a worse way).

And, okay, I know Abby has to keep her lab clean because samples could get contaminated, but baking cookies in there?!


I thought it was an excellent episode. These past two ones have been freaken awesome. I thought the interactions between Gibbs and Vance were interesting though.

And I'm really hoping that Cote doesn't leave the show. There was a lot of speculation last year that Dempsey was going to leave Greys Anatomy last year and they just signed him to another contract just in time. Might be the same way for Cote.


I loved this episode and give it 5 stars. Just everything about it was done so well. I specifically liked the Tiva, that, for once, wasn't just romance but friendship with a small touch of romance. I, like a lot of Tiva shippers, want to see them bond a lot more/

Wasn't CI-Ray arrested in "A Desperate Man"?
Not sure what happened to Trent Kort, though.


I posted a brief comment yesterday which seems to have disappeared: do we know what happened to Trent Kort and CIA Ray in Tel Aviv? I'm thinking they're involved somehow.

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