NCIS Photo Preview: Young Abby on the Case!

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NCIS returns January 29 with "Hit and Run," an episode that focuses on Abby Sciuto.

Both in the present day and a long time ago, when she solved her first "case."

The NCIS team investigates a Marine’s car accident that really "strikes a chord" with Abby, according to show-runner Gary Glasberg, and triggers flashbacks to when she was a young girl.

The case of the week “gets her thinking about a situation from her past and gets Abby questioning some things about who she is, why she’s there and what she does,” Glasberg tells EW.

“We’ve done origin stories before, as you know, and it’s always been fun to look back."

Young Abby on NCIS

The role is played by Brighton Sharpino, who was clearly well cast.

"With Abby specifically, I started to wonder if it might be more interesting to look back - not so much as when she joined NCIS - but when she became interested in forensics and solving puzzles."

"In my mind, that goes back to her as a child and the idea of seeing Abby as a child intrigued everybody."

"[We wanted to do] it in this almost To Kill a Mockingbird manner and [figure] out how we could flash back to see when those seeds were planted of who Abby would become.”

“I’m always interested in getting to know these people and getting to know where they come from and what made them who they are. After 10 seasons, to still have the opportunity to scratch away at that is a gift."

One fans seem to appreciate as much, if not more than ever. This week's episode, "Shiva," was the second-highest rated in NCIS history, so Glasberg and Co. must be doing something right.

Click to enlarge more photos from the episode below!

Gibbs and Tiva
It's Tiva
Abby and Young Friend
Abby and Tim Image
Abby Speaking
Abbs in the Old Days
Abby's First Case
Young Abby

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I missed the last 10 minutes of this episode. Who killed the Marine & his girlfriend?


@ boonies- I agree with you about all of it her clothes are kind of weird for someone in their 40's but also that voice. Just the other night I saw the ep "My Other Left Foot" (had to look that up)from season 1 & she had a beautiful voice! She wasn't as over the top as nowadays. I still can't help but love her though!


@gatorgal Check your NCIS TV Listings. USA has 2 Season 9 episodes on tonight:
Episode 17 NEED TO KNOW and Episode 18 THE TELL. The time is different in all locations.


Everyone should go over to TVline Tiva are so piss that NCIS is doing a abby storyline


I hear ya, FP. I just saw the collar as a part of the whole goth ethos more than a symbol of bondage. I do respect your opinion on it, though. I just think the whole kiddy look has a weird vibe when you think of all the whackos who get off on that kind of thing with paid companions. It's just weird to me. I like the character as a whole...just not sure of what image they're trying to project??


@boonies: Thanks for the props. However, I disagree about the dog collar. I find placing a dog collar on a woman highly objectionable. I don't think it's cute; I think it's obscenely demeaning. If Abby's character were a Black man (or even a Black woman, for that matter), there is no way such a thing would be permitted on this network. I don't give a sh*t about Goth fashion statements. I do give a sh*t about the message this particular "fashion accessory" is sending. I would think that, what with having the highest "Q-Rating" on television, Pauley Perrette, who is a well-known human rights activist, would have some influence on her character's wardrobe choices. So it begs the question: why does she continue to endorse a subliminal philosophy of human inequity? Okay, I'm climbing off my soap box, now.


Sorry, but I think Abby's fashion choices are really getting stupid. She looked great the first couple of years with the black pants, shirts, collars, etc, but this whole "little girl/8 year old vibe" is just creepy for a 40+ woman. Let her keep the goth, but get rid of the weird little skirts, dresses, and knee highs.
I liked her deep, throaty voice earlier too instead of the squeaky chattering she does now.


@ gatorgal- Ok thanks, maybe a few more months they'll start showing more of season 9 then.


Will someone tell me why the show ALPHAS won't be on any more? I found this show very entertaining!!


@mikeyk - The 200th ep has been shown again on CBS, but not on USA. I don't think I seen a season nine ep on USA beyond "A Desparate Man".

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