Justified Review: You Can't Handle the Truths

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One of the great things about Justified is how often so many things are going on... yet it never feels like too much is going on. 

In "Where's Waldo?" our two conflicting protagonists were being pulled in a number of directions, both of which put Raylan and Boyd in some difficult situations early on in the season, but allowed the viewers to watch their struggles with joy.

Raylan, who was noticeably tired all episode long, seemed to have been working a couple more side jobs to make extra cash for the baby, all while dealing with the woes of his full-time gig, trying to figure what the heck was going on with his dad and the Truths and eventually getting blown away by the fact that his new lady friend was actually married.

Raylan, Art and Tim

All of these issues didn't stop Raylan from being Raylan, as we saw at very start when his girlfriend's husband walked into the bar looking for trouble. There aren't many things more enjoyable to watch than Raylan's are you serious? look when the husband asked if he could make him leave. That whole confrontation just got "Where's Waldo?" out to a fantastic start.

Apparently on his way toward retirement, Art decided to make the trip to the Truths' place in order to not miss out on the best barbecue he ever had. The adventure eventually progressed the plot quickly, as they found out that the real Waldo was the man in the parachute from the first scene of the season, and that Drew Thompson was the next fugitive they would have to chase down.

It was the hillbilly good times with the Truths, and the Marshals' reactions to them, that held my interest until the answers were revealed. My favorite moment had to be when Judd started counting down until he was going to shoot Raylan and Tim remarked to the cowboy, "Hey, he's stealing your bit."

That's exactly why shows have the opportunity to get better as they go on. You can now make jokes about Raylan's shtick, because he's been the one to make comments like that in the face of danger time and time again.

Finally, Justified took me by surprise a bit in revealing that the fighter was the bartender's husband. We obviously knew something was going to arise, but I of course assumed it was going to tie into the single episode arc rather than a longer running relationship tie in. If they wanted me to dislike this antagonist, however, they didn't do a good job. Like most Justified bad guys, Robert Baker was tremendous at being an awesome badass, especially when he took those two dudes out in less than a minute.

Our good friend Boyd Crowder, meanwhile, also had his dirty hands quite full. Between Preacher Billy causing his prostitutes and drug dealers to quit their jobs, and one of Wynn Duffy's men slinging heroin in his territory, Boyd's having a rough go of it.

Although his fiery speech in the makeshift church was as impassioned as ever, Boyd realized - along with the audience - that Billy's intentions may in fact be pure. It seems to be the sister that is the one behind the con and I can't wait to see Boyd attempt to fix that problem.

Speaking of Billy, and his ability to help people find God, how great was Abby Miller in that emotional conversation with the preacher?!? As the insecure Ellen May, Miller was just fantastic in showing her sadness and then her pure glee once she was convinced to jump in to religion with both feet.

Although he tried to gain some trust with Wynn, I think Boyd will continue to have problems with the Dixie Mafia throughout the season. As long as he doesn't get his brains blown out like that poor wayward dealer, it should be a fun ride to watch.

As we wait to find out more about Drew Thompson, and what his relationship to Arlo is, the excitement is only increasing as Justified Season 4 continues. I can't wait until next week.

What was your favorite moment from "Where's Waldo?" Who has it worse right now; Raylan or Boyd? And when a car was driving behind you on a bike when you were a kid, was your immediate thought, "PERVERTS?!?!”


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The parents of that family should not have even been allowed to have offspring. They were the most uncivilized, unlawful bunch of hillbillies I ever saw. I just knew there was going to be a lot of bloodshed when Raylan and company arrived and Mom saves the day.
Boyd is deep knee in troubles – Dixie mob, prostitutes and drug addicts getting religion. I also see a conflict coming between Johnny and Boyd’s army buddy.
It’s difficult to choose my favorite moment in this week’s Justified. As usual, there were so many memorable scenes. But, if I must – I loved the end when Raylan was trying to make out with the girlfriend and he finds out that she’s married. The look on his face – priceless.
Justified is off to a great new season of intrigue, tension and drama.

Beverly brooks

You could see just how persuasive Boyd can be at the church service. I had miss this since his church in the woods. This Dixie Mafia will continue on being a irritant for Boyd.


Best paraphrase/quote: when Art comments on Raylan's unkempt, tired, and haggard presence recently and adds "and the baby ain't even arrived yet." Spoken like a man who's been a sleepless new daddy before. Still waiting for some intense standoffs or creative gunplay. I know the writers like to build towards a season climax, but we need a little more action in my opinion to keep these numerous subplot kickstarts relevant and exciting. Personally, have always been unimpressed with Duffy and Dixie Mafia roles in the narrative (the acting is fine, but Boyd and Arlo are the real antagonists). The interplay of humor and violence in the gunfight scenes --basically Raylan shooting off his mouth and his gun-- are the series highlights.


I disagree that the show lacks great female characters: Ava, Rachel, and even Winona have been integral to the show from its beginning. Season 4 promises to highlight Rachel more (as intimated by Art) and the addition of the preacher's sister into Boyd's circle of conflict is bound to shine. On the other hand, Season 4 so far seems to be trying to introduce too many plot elements and subplots too early, instead of highlighting our protagonist and letting things develop gradually and cumulatively as they usually do. Raylan is looking ragged and tired and showing the stress of his impending fatherhood, but we expect him to be strong and focussed regardless. Thus far, he isn't.


★★★☆☆TV Not to impressive but still Justified. I don't really like the brother sister act, as they don't pose a threat. Duffy and Dixie Mafia now that is interesting. Wynn and Boyd need I say more. Raylan , Tim , and Art were fantastic in that car scene. Tim" Smart money in the office pool is on exotic dancing." ..


As a kid, riding my bike down the street, I never shouted "PERVERTS"!! LOL Ellie Mae still gets on my last nerve, but doesn't rub so hard. So, maybe I am coming around to liking her. I also loved and laughed when Tim told Raylan "Hey, he;s stealing your bit." Good times. I love Boyd, I love his speeches. He can just walk in, start talking and everyone listens. The sister definitely didn't like where he pushed Billy and that is gold. Next week looks promising!


another great episode! love how things are comig into place! was happy to see Tim get some airtime, he is one of my favorite, hope to see more of him this season!


Can't wait till next week . i enjoyed every bit of it. Great writing and acting by all.


I love the showdown scene with the Truths, it had everything, sadness, anger, humor and pathos. Fantastic. I'm savouring every episode.


One criticism I've always had with this show is the lack of great female characters. Up until now, the only one I ever really liked was Mags Bennett. I never thought I'd like Ellen May as much as I have in these past two episodes. Abby Miller is doing a great job making me feel for her character. The poor girl is a prostitute because she has no other way of making ends meet. As much as I love Boyd, I can't say I blame Ellen May for wanting to get as far away from the Crowders as possible.

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