How I Met Your Mother Review: And The Band Played On

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With Robin having agreed to marry Barney, it was time to start planning the wedding this week on How I Met Your Mother.

Lily - already on edge thanks to Marvin's stubborn bowels - did not respond well to having her thunder stolen by Ted and so the battle to book a "Band or DJ" began. 

While the momentum of the episode was a slow build, culminating with a great Mother teaser at the end, the main cast took awhile to hit its stride. Lucky for us, Robin's father is now fun! Ray Wise had some of my favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes of the episode, displaying a surprising new side to Robin's usually hard-nosed father. 

Ray Wise on HIMYM

Barney did his best to keep things light by dying his hair and saving Fluffernutter's life, but tonight's episode blindsided us with some somber subject matter. 

As Lily got Ted to admit that he still was not okay with Robin marrying Barney, I think I could hear a collective sigh ring out from Mother fans everywhere. While Ted's inability to move on was tiresome and nothing we haven't seen before, Lily's admission about sometimes not wanting to be a mother blindsided me. Fans may be critical of this left field statement, but it did give Alyson Hannigan the opportunity to show off just how good an actress she can be. 

Thankfully, in the end Ted, seemed to come to his senses and was able to just be happy for his two friends - but not before we were treated to a great montage of the times he was most hurt in his life. My favorite of which was the spilled matzos ball soup incident. 

Robin got to show off her serious side, too, as she reprimanded her father and pleaded with him for some sort of normalcy. I also liked how she was so moved by Barney's ability to get her father to apologize to her for the first time. 

Marvin finally got some relief at Marshall's expense. I'm sure the smile of satisfaction on his little face mirrored that of fans as we were treated to another glimpse at Ted's future wife when he watched her play bass at Robin and Barney's future wedding. 

Initially suspect, after looking at the episode as a whole, I was rather pleased with the show's first night back in the new year. What did you think? 


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This wasn't just "Ted is in love with Robin", Ted was clearly very hurt and betrayed that the fact Robin didn't want to get married was what broke them up and here she is engaged to his (one of his) best friend(s). This episode was a real return to form, the Departed reference was the first moment to make me laugh out loud all season and harked back to the carefree first two seasons. The Facebook/Mafia Wars/Farmville references were also pure gold for any young person with parents just discovering social media.

Drea xoxo

hello people we finally have the mother in our grasp!! can't they just fast forward to the wedding now because this is becoming ridiculous now! too many years this ted n robin bs has been dragging i can't take it anymore!!! i really can't!!!! lets meet her, cut this series and end the show on a high note and the children being born and done!!! only gave it a 5 because finally we are going to meet the mother, finally they wrap something up, finally the wedding happened!!! finally ted gets over robin


Did we seriously have to live through another episode of "Ted-is-still-in-love-with-Robin-she-is-the-love-of-his-life". I mean, after 7 seasons and half of the 8th, he should have figured it out by now - he should move on. I am guessin, that the producers have another 8 seasons planned before Ted acctually moves on, and another 8 before he finally meets the Mother. I was honestly disappointed when I learned that there will be another season - I thought that the show will end before it becomes completely ridiculous. It just doesn't make any sense any more - they are recycling the old stories because there is nothing more left to be said.


didnt like the episode very much besides getting the glimpse into the future wedding...Ted still having feelings for Robin or being bitter about her choosing Barney instead of him makes sense to me and even though we all felt like "omg not again" but meeting Robin was his first step to meeting his Wife THE MOTHER, Lily getting overwhelmed by the baby is sad but likely for her because we've seen her with cold feet before.Funniest part of episode was Marshall and Ted goofing around with "The Departed" line!


Struggled to get into tonight's episode. Colbie caught a cold at possibly he worst time for her character when she was the most important! It was a hard to get through the episode listening to her raspy voice and try and plan the wedding.


I definitely sighed when Ted admitted that he wasn't okay with Robin marrying Barney. This is getting borderline stupidity. Other than that, Lily's confession was pretty heartbreaking and Ray Wise was funny!

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