Hawaii Five-0 Review: I Hate This Place

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Like an order of sweet-and-sour chicken, "Hana I Wa'la (Scandal)" satisfied all our conflicting urges at once.

Looking for action? We had some serious, seat-of-the-pants action. Looking for tear-jerking moments? We had some classic courtroom tear-jerking. Looking for Wo Fat? Oh, how we had Wo Fat! Looking for bromance? Man, that tie-straightening moment... do not even get me started.

Like a well-mixed handful of trail mix, this episode had all the things we enjoy, in perfect, complementary proportion to each other. Delish! (Can you tell I haven't eaten dinner yet?)

Can Danny Win?

The Sour: A more eagle-eyed viewer than myself would have probably picked up that Wo Fat was in the show's opening moments. But I was along for the whole ride, certain that the congressman had done it. Hell, at one point, I even believed that total red herring professor was the murderer!

The fast pacing swept me along, and the Wo Fat reveal was shocking (to me; if you were clever enough to pick him out in the opening, please reward yourself with one cookie). The episode's post-reveal transformation into a race-against-the-clock scenario was similarly gripping, and I was excited to see Freed run like crazy for his life (I mean, I was happy to see him get out alive, though! I'm not a monster. Just hungry).

The Sweet: Danny's speech in the courtroom about Grace? Uh, excuse me for a sec, I have something in my eye (fine, you win, that something in my eye was a tear). The entire courtroom sequence, in just a few moments, showed off all the emotional nougat at the center of this series: the value of family, and the value of friends who feel like family.

Yes, all this gushy stuff did not slow Danny down from delivering all the sassy Hawaii Five-0 quotes that we know and love, but the reminder of his softer side certainly added an extra level to his dead hooker quips.

Five-0's daring last-second helicopter save of Congressman Freed reminded me of what makes Hawaii Five-0 different from so many other crime shows these days. This isn't a show about cynical crime lab technicians pointing the finger at the villain who has already committed heinous crime upon heinous crime; it's a show where the good guys can still, sometimes, be strong and be right and stop the bad guys. And though I am certainly a fan of cynical lab techs - as some nerd sitting here, blogging away about how hungry I am for trail mix, I'm certainly closer to them than I am to Steve McGarrett - it is so nice to live, even for just an hour, in a universe where the good guys can still sometimes just win. To Hawaii!

What do you think Wo Fat's next move is going to be? Did you notice it was Wo Fat in the beginning (because you're smarter than me)?


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I preferred Sundays episode by far. Steve and Danny were back to being dumb and dumber, or annoying and more annoying. The custody case was just silly. A few minute speech from Danny and he gets shared custody and Rachel is conveniently absent.
Whose going to take care of Grace when he's at work all day. Strangers instead of her mother. I'm sure a judge would be fine with that.
Missed Adam and Catherine.


I really liked the episode as well. I thought it was more believable than Sunday's (I thought the prison riot and all the guards being taken out was a bit over the top). Yeah, the helicopter shooting scene seemed a bit much as well, but seeing Danny in action was fun. Did anyone notice his socks?? I watched again yesterday and froze the frame when he was grabbing for the congressman....bright blue & green polka dotted socks :) Also, my thought is since Grace can't leave the island, that Rachel will not leave either. She will probably continue to live there part-time and be in Vegas part-time.


I really liked this episode. Wish more people would watch H50.


Had to laugh out loud at Steves, honesty is the best policy. That's hilarious considering the amount of secrets the team have themselves.


Didn't enjoy this as much as sundays episode. Plot wasn't bad but I'm having a problem with the leads of this show, neither are all that compelling and out acted by miles by lesser characters. The Governor made Steve look like a petulant child who acts like a bull in a China shop most of the time. Danny just whines his way through each episode and really doesn't seem to have any aptitude for police work at all. Chin is by far the most believable of the team which made Sundays ep so good and DDK is also the best actor on the show.
The cutody case was laughable. Can't have Rachel there or it may look like she actually cares about her daughter. Custody is not about who loves the child the most, its about the childs best interests and who can offer her the best care. How can Danny do that and how can Grace see her mother if she's not allowed to leave the Island. Does anyone even care what Grace wants. I had to laugh out loud at Steve's . That's hilarious considering he and the team have quite the history of keeping secrets and lots of dirty ones as well.


Note to self, don't forget to answer the reviewer's question! Yes, I did recognize WoFat the minute the voice spoke, but I didn't figure out his connection to the case until I realized the campaign manager was lying to the guys. Very interesting WoFat story line! WoFat was sprung from Halawa at the start of S3 to help Frank Delano "get" H5-0. When that didn't go as planned, WoFat become a major fugitive who has lost all his connections (remember, the CIA isn't his "get out of jail" card anymore, they'd just as soon see him "neutralized", too!). So, Wo Fat has to start from scratch in the way he knows, by buying political influence! He's as ruthless as ever, and even more dangerous because everyone wants to kill him! I think his story is getting more interesting rather than tired!


I'm really surprised at how everyone is hung up on Danny being unable to hit WoFat (a moving target) from an unstable platform while trying to pull a wounded man into said rocking helicopter! As one current State Trooper I know said after watching last night: "Not as easy as you would think!" There have certainly been other scenes in this series that were far less believable (remember the "claw?")but just as much fun for me to watch. To each his own, and if reality tv is what you need to have an enjoyable viewing experience, I hope you find it. For me, H5-0 is just fine. I enjoyed this episode just as much, if not more than the Halawa riot the night before. Last night's episode was indeed filmed before the riot episode so no, Chin is not super human. Danny getting flustered in court and Steve attempting to come to his rescue and almost blowing it with the judge was priceless - pure bromance! Gov Denning is on my watch list - I think it's going to work out with him!


Scenery=beautiful....Kono=beautiful....Realism and Story Line.hahahahahaha...


LURRRRRVED Steve ripping the Gov a new one over the surveillance and the lab delay. And for extra grins and giggles, did the folks in the SUV REALLY think that 5-O wouldn't spot 'em?


For those of you get upset when others make negative comments about the show...people are entitled to their OPINIONS, good or bad. That's what these forums are for. Some people are more into the details of a show or the realism, some people like certain characters more than others, everyone likes and dislike different things. If you loved the episode, great! Some people didn't. The point is for everyone to come here and say what they thought about the show, there's no need to judge others' opinions.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Josh the Congressional Aide: And as far as murder goes-
Danny Williams: Let me guess...he's completely against it?

Steve McGarrett: What's the congressman's position on dead hookers found in his bed?
Danny Williams: STRANGLED dead hookers?