Hart of Dixie Review: 50 Shades of the Flu

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The flu hit Bluebell in "Lovesick Blues," which brought old couples closer and new couples together.

For the most part I enjoyed tonight's episode, with the exception of Lavon and Annabeth. The greatest aspect, much to my own consternation? Zoe and Wade. For once their storyline was the most adorable and intriguing.

Zoe's Flu Emergency

Finally, after many episodes absent, Rose returned! Her young character brings so much humor and lightness to the show that no one else can.

Rose is so unique, I really wish she were featured more often. She revealed that she didn't want to get sick because she had Black Keys concert tickets. Rose was mad because she couldn't go to the event due to the Bluebell lockdown, but let me tell you something: if it were me and I had tickets to see The Black Keys, I'd break any law to go to that concert. Girl, channel your inner rebel! Wouldn't that be a fun episode?

Rose also had forced bonding time with Magnolia and I feel like I've been waiting for these two to have this time for so long! Unfortunately, we didn't get to really see any dialogue between them other than Magnolia forcing her to stay. What we did have was Rose and Tonya (McKayla Maroney) convincing Magnolia to invite them to her party. Those two "nerds" were cracking me up. I love that Rose isn't the popular one and she has a friend who stays by her side. 

Zoe and Wade taking care of each other had to be the some of most adorable Zoe and Wade moments of the series. As each episode passes, these two gain more chemistry and become a stronger dynamic. I really am behind them in the long haul, their differences make them so great together. The fact that she wasn't worried about him cheating, she simply missed him... it had me saying, "awww." Don't act like you didn't. Wade has finally grown up and is this guy that Zoe shouldn't let go of. He's definitely a keeper.

I can't say the same thing about Lavon and Annabeth. 

I'm not behind this pairing because it's going to end badly for Annabeth. She is one of my favorite characters and putting her with Lavon will put a huge strain on her relationship with Lemon. I don't care how happy Dr. Dentist makes Lemon, she wanted Lavon first and we can all agree that Lemon will want Lavon again. On the other hand, I am happy that this is giving more for Annabeth because Kaitlyn Black is a great actress and deserves more screen time. I don't see this going so well.

Maybe I need to give them some time, but right now I don't like it. 

You know what I want to see more of? Wanda and Tom, specifically Wanda. She had some pretty funny Hart of Dixie quotes while she was lying sick in the bed. So give me more Rose, Wanda/Tom and Zoe/Wade adorableness and I'll be content. Also, how cute was that little boy eating all of the pies? He should be given more screen time too. 

The best part of the night: Lemon reading highlighted parts via Annabeth in the 50 Shades of Grey novel, which was followed by Lemon asking Annabeth how to seduce her boyfriend. I was dying of laughter. Hands down my favorite Annabeth/Lemon scene.


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AB and lavon should be together at the end they break up and they find each other back to each other make the story diffence don't let people know let they be surprise cause the is a great couple


I love this show...Zoe and Wade taking care of each other was so sweet. I'm glad she didn'tleave him to his own devices ("I can take care of myself")..but told him that they are there for each other now. Wade never had anyone care for him like this so it's new ground. I really love the way the writers are letting these two grow and fall in love despite all their differences. I have to say George is more fun and interesting with Tansy, and I love Brick and Shelby. Can we find someone for Lavon (not Lemon or AB). I want this show to be on forever.


i looooove Annabeth and Lavon together!!! They have so much more chemistry than Lemon/Lavon.


This was a cute filler episode that seems to be setting up future storylines. I like AB/Lavon, but I don't want to get too invested in it because I don't think it will last. It is a shame because I prefer AB for Lavon over Lemon. I also don't want the AB/Lemon friendship ruined. The highlight of the episode for me was Lemon/AB. They had me cracking up. I like Lemon/Walt. He is a sweet guy. I like funny George. Wade is really grumpy when he is sick. I like that Zoe didn't turn away and instead pushed him. I think we are getting great insight into Wade and the way he is. I also love how the relationship between ZW is developing as they grow closer. In this episode I felt for the first time that Zoe has deeper feelings for him. The ending was absolutely sweet when Wade was taking care of her.


This was a nice episode, despite nothing truly memorable or eventful. I personally would love to see Lavon and Annabeth have a real chance. I think they'd be cute. Right now, it's not working 100% for me, though, because it's basically come out of nowhere on Lavon's side. AB's made many comments over the seasons about liking Lavon, but Lavon is pretty much on the rebound. But of course I know this is just an obstacle to the writers' preferred couple of L/L so there's no point in worrying or hoping otherwise. I liked Z/W taking care of each other, liked seeing Rose again. Perhaps my only complaint was George's sudden arteestic director nonsense was a little OOC.


Nice catch @anonymous! That Bon Jovi thing is ridiculously cute. Ridiculous & cute is really the reason I watch the show - Makes Tuesday night my "silly yet fun TV" night (Heart of Dixie and fruity cocktails are on the menu). I also loved seeing more Annabeth, but hate the idea of her getting the short end of the stick. Maybe she'll end things with Lavon for a good reason (?) we can hope.


@ Anonymous: You are so right! I thought that the Bon Jovi sounded famiar besides the obvious reasons! I love all Zade scenes, but them taking care of each other went beyond sweet. Wade's line " i've been taking care of myself since I was 10" just made me sad, and judging by the look on Zoe's face, she was too. I like the AB and Lavon pairing..and it was great to see Rose again too! Just wish we would find out where Shelley and Addie went I'm a 30-something women and not ashamed to say I love this show...I sincerly hope this show gets pick up for a 3rd season. It's fun and light-hearted..and in this day in age we need


Ok, so remember in the previous season, Zoe told George that she used to write "Zoe Bon Jovi" all over her notebook? lol in this episode she addressed Wade as such.... "what's up Bon Jovi?" awwww!!


Loved this episode, like I do all the other ones. Wade and Zoe taking care of each other was my favorite part. I love these two and hope they're end game. Hart of Dixie is such an amazing show! I really hope that there will be a season 3. Ratings weren't very high this time, hoping next weeks will fix this! I don't know what I'd do without this show in my life! There's seriously no show out there like it.


I'm a guy and I'm not afraid to admit that I truly like this show - Each episodes since the beginning has put a smile on my face, and this episode wasn't a exception. But what's scares me every time is when I see the "executive producers" Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage names, the later (Savage) with her clearly lacking a narrated mind and with her untalented writers (thanks to Savage I suppose) really f***ed up S6 in Gossip girl. But clearly Savage just must be window dressing because the writing and the narration in this show is actually good and their are not any plot holes the size of North America in it like it was in that dreadful Gossip Girl and especially in S6. That being said, I really like watching Zoe and Wade - I mean who would not?
Are I'm the only one that like Annabeth and Lavon? - Annabeth is a hoot and loving and Lavon really deserves that.

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Rose: Oh my God, we're going to a Breeland party.
Magnolia: Just don't invite any of your loser friends.

Lemon: He wants to make me dinner, that's code for he hates my cookin' right?
Annabeth: Sweetie, he wants to have sex.