Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Walking on a Dream"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Last week's Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Walking on a Dream" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Sean McKenna, Christina Tran and Steve Marsi are back for a Q&A discussion of many of the episode's events. Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Courtney: I loved all of Meredith's scenes where she kept crying. She was hilarious and so relatable!

Sean: Cristina fighting for the Africa program was funny. Her giving her little rant while everyone looked on as if they had no idea what she was doing was perfect. Granted, I had a feeling it wouldn't get cut, but Cristina finds a way to crack me up with her spitfire personality.

Steve: I'm always a sucker for Calzona so I'll go with their beach trip at the end.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. If you had Alana's job, which part of the hospital are you cutting?

Courtney: She might be right with the ER. We don't see too many scenes down there anymore, so I wouldn't miss it too much.

Sean: I'm surprised she doesn't start cutting doctors yet. A lot of them must be making bank, and that's aside from the survivors getting their boatload of money, so taking out a few doctors might save the place a fair amount. Then again, who to cut? I guess I'm glad I'm not in her position because either way, Alana's gonna get to be the villain.

Steve: Sadly, the #1 way to get the red ink off the books is by cutting senior staff and overworking younger, lesser-paid staff. I hope this doesn't mean some of the senior-most surgeons are vulnerable on Grey's but there's no way someone in Alana's position wouldn't consider it. Other than that, she may want to pursue alternative treatments that involve less actual cutting. That sound you hear is Cristina bawling.

3. Ross is starting to get more screen time along with Jo. Who’s your favorite intern?

Courtney: Smash Williams... I mean Dr. Ross! Love him! Jo is a close second.

Sean: Still Ross for sure. They've made him a little more stumbling and bumbling than I might have liked, but he's got a positive personality I can get behind. And maybe because he was on Friday Night Lights gives him a little edge in the competition for best intern.

Steve: Not to make this a total FNL love fest, because all of them are growing on me, but I love seeing Gaius Charles back on my screen. I also heart Kate Middleton, er, Camilla Luddington.

4. Was Bailey out of line with her money comment?

Courtney: Ehhh... not sure. I get where she's coming from but these are also her friends who have been through enough.

Sean: No, because really with $15 million, those doctors don't even have to work. I understand the circumstance behind the money given and it's not one that the survivors wanted, but if they were the first to lose their jobs it would be far less of a big deal. The real question will be whether or not that comment extends further and causes a rift between the doctors.

Steve: A little? Look, the settlement and its impact on the long-term situation of the hospital and the survivors is the farthest thing from clear cut. There's obviously going to be blowback, and some of it warranted. The real question, as Sean points out, is how deep that comment runs and whether this will issue will really fracture staff relations.

5. Should April go out with the cute paramedic or wait around for Jackson?

Courtney: Cute paramedic! Girlfriend can't sit around waiting for Jackson and his dreamy eyes.

Sean: Go with the cute paramedic. Jackson's not waiting around. I just hope she doesn't fall into the same trap with the new guy that she did with Jackson. Having sex then giving a frowny face followed by a "Jesus is mad at me. We can never do that again," probably won't keep them together. If anything, April needs to figure out exactly what she wants and stick to it.

Steve: Much as I like(d) April and Jackson together, you gotta go with cute paramedic here.

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments!


@rebecca, totally bitch! you... meh !!


@rebecca, totally agree with u !! arizona ... meh !!


While Bailey's comment was snarky, it's an issue that needs to be addressed. Fifteen million dollars (before taxes) is an enormous amount of money—and of course Meredith and Derek have 30 million. But these budget issues came up because of the insurance loophole; we didn't hear about them before. In any case, while the crash survivors have been through a lot, so have the others; Bailey faced the shooter and saved her patient and tried to save the intern. Her terror clearly had long-term impact on her, and (as far as we know), there was no monetary compensation. As for cutting things, the ER does seem like an odd place to start. Whatever happened to the clinic that Izzy put together with her inheritance from Denny? It wasn't meant to be an ER, though GA appears to have blended the two. The clinic would bleed money, but that was sort of its intention, and it had (has?) its own money source, at least to start it.


1.Mer's pregnancy hormone scenes were vintage GA.LOL. Love it :)
2.I've been wondering about the clinic too. Isn't that where the lesser emergencies should go,and those who don't have insurance.The writers seem to have forgotten the clinic. They're closing down Accident and Emergency (same as ERs) units in the UK.Not enough money to run them :((
3.None of them
4.Bailey is voicing the future resentment if people loose their jobs over the compensation.Won't the hospital appeal the amount of compensation? Won't Crowen's post divorce good realtionship make it look like they're after the money fraudulently?


@ rebbeca You may not like her/them but we are all fans here and we all have the same rights. This episode deserved clearly at least one question about Arizona. And it is SO obvious that they have ignore her/them that I repeat again: It is infuriating. By the way, I am straight.


has anyone here ever thought that its possible people simply dont like the arizona-callie pairing. not because they are homo phobic..but simply because its the weakest chemistry. im gay. and i still dont like arizonas character!! but yes...this episode was mainly about phantom limb pain.and that was overlooked by the critics here.


I cannot believe there wasn't a single question involving Arizona and her phantom limb. What is going on? And I also think that it's starting to get a bit homophobic, since it is very very rare to get a discussion here about Calzona. Stupid, ignorant and very insulting!!


1. I have no real favorite scenes but I enjoyed the last Calzona scene and definitely Yang's scenes who made me laugh a lot in this episode ! 2. Question, is the clinic still in place ? Can anyone tell me ? I'd cut that first if it still exists. I hope she's not gonna fire anybody, she seems to be on Richard's back already. 3. I like Jo but I wanna know more about Heather actually. 4. Bailey was right to say it cause there is no miracle solution to this money issue, but I didn't expect that line all of a sudden, it was really awkward ! 5. The paramedic, she can't treat Jackson right anyway and i'm sick of seeing their pathetic love relationship.


I also...don't understand how there was no discussion of Arizona's phantom pain..and her working with Owen to help her...I think Round Table should re-do this story...with a discussion of the actual episode not whatever they deem to be thought provoking which did not seem to be the same episode that I watched.


I find insulting that the phantom limb issue has no questions or comments and yes @ Cleo I do think it is a little homophobic. Come on!! It is always the same!! This guys are crazy about Merder and Owenstina and I understand that but it is SO obvious that this people ignore Callie and Arizona that it is disgusting and infuriating

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