Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Things We Said Today"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Last week's Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Things We Said Today" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Sean McKenna, Christina Tran and Courtney Morrison, along with special guest Lisa and Liv from Grey's Gabble, have assembled for a Q&A discussion of many of the episode's events.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from this episode?

Courtney: I loved the exchange between Ben and Bailey, but my favorite was Meredith with Webber. She was able to tell by his face and it was so emotional. Kudos to James Pickens Jr. You ruled this episode.

Lisa and Liv: When Arizona tells Callie not to run - the emotion and the fear solidifies their commitment to each other! Arizona is realistic in her process! Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez keep growing and making us love Calzona more if that's possible!

Christina: So, I've been in super wedding planning mode so my favorite scenes actually were all during the wedding. I was completely focused on the centerpieces, amazing lights everywhere and the flowers that surrounded our favorite doctors.

Sean: Bailey and Ben coming to an understanding with each other. It's great that everything worked out and wasn't blown out of proportion for them. They're in it to win it, and I see them going the distance after all of this.

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2. Ben and Bailey got married. Good or bad move?

Courtney: Great move! Bailey deserves to be happy and Ben really seems to understand her. Although, I do think that Ben will only take so many things before he stands up and makes it an issue.

Lisa and Liv: It's great; when Bailey and Ben jump over the broom! They are in it to win it! All the faith!

Christina: It's definitely the right move. He gets her. She needs him. They're just right for each other.

Sean: I think it was a good move. There's been some misunderstandings sure, but through it all, these two work well together. Hopefully, it's smooth sailing for them both.

3. Jo and Alex looked pretty comfortable together. Should the writers go there with these two?

Courtney: Absolutely. They have been building it up as friends and co-workers first. It feels natural and Alex needs a real relationship, it is about time.

Lisa and Liv: We are on the fence with Jo and Alex. He has, in the past, thrived with crazy ... but it appears as Jo is a bit darker a tad bit more broken! Not sure how we feel very protective of the A in MAGIC!

Christina: Yes, I am definitely on board with getting these two together. They are fun to watch, and it's about time Alex change his relationship status.

Sean: Sorry, but their relationship, as much as they seem to be getting closer together has felt all too forced for me. I think Alex deserves to find someone, but not with Jo. Maybe with 666 Park Avenue done, Rachael Taylor might reprise her role as Dr. Lucy Fields? I found their relationship far more interesting, but that's just me.

4. Owen and Cristina are no longer married. What’s next for them?

Courtney: The two will continue to hook up, it’s in their nature. Being married added an extra pressure to them, now they can just have fun.

Lisa and Liv: Owen and Cris are one entity! We have held on through this process! There is no other alternative except for them to be together! They have gone through it back and forth. It's beyond hooking up ... they are one! Maybe Mer-Der will let them have a post it note! Because there isn't any other way then Cris and Owen to make it work! Besides the chemistry that those two have couldn't be replicated! Crowen forever!!

Christina: Hopefully, they're over for good. I'm tired of the back and forth with these two.

Sean: They are going to hook up. A lot. No strings attached. Which will work for the time being, but their track record will probably send them back into trouble. We can hope it works out, right?

5. Adele Webber passed away. Say your goodbyes to the most beloved non-doctor character this series has seen.

Courtney: Adele - You brought drama, emotion, and heartbreak over the past nine seasons. Whether you were fighting with Richard or being his support system, you were always fierce. You will seriously be missed and never forgotten. 

Lisa and Liv: Adele: Our funny valentine. You taught us unconditional love - no one can handle Chief Webber like you have! The loss can never be recovered from but may you rest! Enjoy George, Mark and Lexie! Godspeed sweet amazing Adele and to Loretta, thank you for telling us Adele's story you beautiful soul!!

Christina: Adele, you will always be Richard's "funny valentine" and won't soon be forgotten.

Sean: Adele, you were Richard's one true love. As sad as it is to see you go, like many of the Grey's Anatomy cast that has come and gone, you'll always be remembered.

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments!


1. -Meredith and Richard dialogues between. I love that Meredith knew right away and Richard wasn't completely alone at the end there. Heartbreaking, is the highlight of the show. 2. -It was nice to see Bailey find a relationship with someone who can accept her and support each other. 3. -Alex and Jo: I am glad that nothing happened yet between them, good sign I guess/hope. 4. -Wrecked the Owen character and this couple came to an end. This really a toxic relationship based on sex and trauma. Their response to any problem between them is to rip each other's clothes off. 5. -RIP Adele. I never liked Adele, but I was sorry for the chief.


1.the best scene is Owen and Cristina signed these paper, two amazing actors make me cry, fantastic acting. I never thought CrOwen will get divoice one day! 2.really I don't know why Ben love Baily? look at they're kissing and dancing , like a cartoon show! 3.I don't like Jo, how about let Alex hook up other 3 female character?? 4.Shonda is a crazy woman, no couple in shondaland can have a normal life ?? so Owen and Cristina should enjoy their single life now! 5. Adele no need to died! she should be taking Richard out of hospital and having a Happy Retirement


Leave Crowen alone Shonda! We agree with Lisa and Liv they are one.


1. The last scene with Meredith and Richard. It was so emotional!
2.Totally good move. I would love to see more of them.
3. The writers should follow the Jolex direction- I can't even imagine a person who would like that Lucy Fields (B*TCH) back on the show. She broke Alex's heart. Sorry Lucy but no more Alex for you.
4. They'll continue be a happy (just not married) couple! :)
5. Adele, you was (and you will always be) my favorite Grey's Anatomy guest. You'll be missed deeply. :'(


Part II - great pairing. When he could keep an entire hospital & interns running, she was the one that kept him running. Good bye Adele.


1. Richard IS the father Meredith never had & the last scene of the night & the scene where she breaks up what could have been an ugly brawl between Richard & the head of the nursing facility. GREAT scenes!! 2. I hope THIS marriage lasts - we didn't see much of a courtship. I love each of their characters - pulling for them. 3. I am not seeing ANY chemistry between Alex & Jo - now there was plenty of that with Lucy Fields - now that the show she was on was cancelled, bring her back! She was the one for Alex! Won't happen now. 4. In life, there are times when certain words should remain behind ones' lips - being told that "two people should have never married" should not have emerged, imo. O/C are my very favorite couple on this show - I hope they last, not counting on it ... hope I am totally wrong. 5. The character of Adele was not on a whole lot - but Loretta Devine WAS divine when she appeared. I will miss her - she & James Pickens were a great pairing. When he could keep an entire hospital & interns running, she was the one that kept him running. Good bye Adele.


1. i liked all the callie and arizona scenes of course, but balled like a baby when richard arrived to the wedding and even more when meredith saw him and their conversation. beautifully acted by them both.
2. it's'll keep dr. bailey where she needs to be, being a doctor. ben won't be around often, but she'll be married and they won't have to make her like the night stands and etc.
3. i hate jo. actrees/character. she needs to go. the storyline is whatever. sure she should fit perfect with alex...i just don't like her. he needs a mature woman...lizzie. have her move. he'll have family then and an adult lover.
4. owen and cristina are...whatever shonda decides i'll live with. love them both, alone or together.
5. there are no words but, thank you, you inspire adele/loretta. thank you.


1.The very brief MerDer scene, and Mer&Webber at the end2
2.Long distance marriage,two ambitious docs.I hope they don't follow the Webber marriage template of not spending enough time together.
3.The sneakpeak for 9.11 shows the writers were always going to go down the road of pairing Alex with this intern.
4.The sneak peak seems to show despite the divorce,it doesn't deter Hunt seeking out Cris.
5.I really wish they hadn't killed off Adele,I always felt this character was under utilised. Webber is now truely single and I don't particularly like Avery's mom as his 'love interest'


1. The scene with three attendings at the dinner table and three interns at the bar was funny. Shane's comment: "interns are like sexual catnip in this hospital" was spot-on. 2. This is a good thing. Honestly, at first I wanted Ben to just go away, because I thought Bailey was getting soft. It was great to see Bailey focusing on surgery, and Ben loving her unconditionally. He "gets" her. 3. No, please, no! I don't think he should land with Jo, and I really hope this season will delve into his background. As far as romance for Alex, there has to be someone better than Jo, their friendship is cute though! 4. Owen and Christina's love runs deep, they are sexually charged, and will continue to hook-up and support each other. They are soul mates, even if it's conflicted and painful at times. 5. Dear Adele, your strength, love and beauty will never be forgotten. They say that behind every successful man is a great woman.
That was you!


Adele dying was so sad I kind of liked her at least she reminded Richard before she passed. Ben & Bailey are my favorite couple I like how he repects her Bailey! My favorite scene was when Alex and Jo were pretending to be rude hotel guests. I noticed Alex's fake crying it looked so real.

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