Grey's Anatomy Review: Phantoms and Flying

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Grey’s Anatomy aired "Walking on a Dream this week, an episode that brought a new face to the hospital, while also offering a setback for Arizona - along with a big step forward for Mer. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Phantom Limbs. Arizona has been dealing with Phantom Limb Syndrome, something that makes you feel pain in an amputated limb. Can you imagine? Not only was she in a plane crash, but she lost her leg and now she is feeling pain in something that is not even there?!? Luckily, she has Owen to help her.

Dr. Hunt in Action

It was seriously enjoyable to see Owen in an arc that wasn’t related to Yang. Although I am a fan of the Cristina/Owen ship, it’s still important that they have their own stories. Kevin McKidd was great in this one. Even better? Jessica Capshaw. She has been playing this character amazingly since the plane crash. Such emotion, such drama. Love it!

The Claws Are Out! Meet Dana Gordon Alana, the financial advisor who has come to keep Seattle Grace to help keep the doors open. The character, played by Constance Zimmer of Entourage fame, is not super nice and even kind of shady.

Her job is to find ways to cut costs, meaning she wants to close the ER. She also has a weird way of handling Webber, who was a former teacher of hers. Anyone else notice that?

The worst thing to come out of her visit was the remark from Bailey. The docs don’t want to shut down the ER, but Bailey realizes they need to listen so they can keep their jobs. Not all of them have a few million to fall back on. Burn!

Looks like things are about to get tense between our favorite surgeons.

Mer and Cristina Looking Concerned

No Shipping Tonight. There wasn’t too much going on between any of the couples, except for the ridiculous cuteness between Mer and Der. Sometimes this series goes overboard with the relationship drama, but without it, the show felt a little empty. 

The only bit of shipping to go on was Jackson shutting down with Stephanie after the mention of April. On the other side of the hospital, Kepner was getting asked out by the adorable paramedic. Seriously, that girl has some luck!

Side Notes:

  • Meredith got on a plane and flew! She deserves some credit for that.
  • How funny was Yang fighting for the Africa program?
  • My vote goes to Ross for favorite intern! Who’s yours?
  • Derek operated! McDreamy is back!

Overall, an okay episode. Not every hour can be great, I get that. But this one felt a little dull. I guess for a show that has bombs, plane crashes and shooters, a slow episode isn’t too bad.

What did you think of “Walking on a Dream?” Did it fall a little short or was it as good as you expect from the veteran series? Sound off below and let us know what you thought. Don’t forget to check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. For now, here's next week's promo.

Until next week, Grey’s fans!


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@DanyShepherd Thank you, you're very nice ;) My problem with Bailey's words is the tone she used towards him, showing animosity. Owen and Webber had been doing remarks to Dr. Cahill either and she didn't chided them. It's not that I don't recognize her right to be anxious and afraid but she shot the money back to the faces of people who were definitely needing support. Like she was saying: You lost your hand, your leg, your life,your friends and sister, your sanity over this plane crash? Bumming. Suck it up. Even if you'll need that money in the future because of your health problems, consequence of a crash occurred during a job trip, you shouldn't take it because 'me in the first place'. When they were flying to Boise to bring gain to the hospital she didn't oppose herself to profit from it. But when the all thing went wrong she wasn't in the mood to share it. IDK, I felt it a little insulting and out of touch.
Even if the hospital would close its doors everyone would find a new job, but the ones who died and lost limbs never will reclaim what they have lost. As for Owen I must say that he is the least culpable party in this debacle. He might not be at fault but unfortunately as Chief he has civil liability. It's the law. At least here in my country.
But the department or person who advised him was ultimately negligent and caused deaths. Deaths of people very useful to society.
But, the problem here is a question of fault versus liability. And in that line of thinking the airline with recurrent safety problems should be sued as well.
Of course, every one is entitled to her/his vision about the issue. And yes, the way the subject was dealt with by the show required us to suspend the disbelief.


I just dont understand, if they love their jobs why they dont just donate a couple of their millions back to hospital. Who really needs 15mill especially when you have a steady income.


(cut off) be hired elsewhere with a lawsuit on his unofficial record (word gets around). Bailey was spot on calling him out.


@DanyShepherd Agree with your comments about the flaws of the lawsuit. I'll add to your previous one "the hospital doesn't own the plane, they had just chartered it," the biggest flaw of this storyline is that a Chief of Surgery or any surgeon would never sign a contract for a plane or anything else in a hospital in the real world. Hospitals and other large institutions and companies have administrative staffs responsible for procurement. It's dumb to think that a doctor is required to endure years of medical training and then hours of training in contracting to learn contracting guidelines and laws. This is why I can't take this storyline seriously. And in the real world, I doubt Derek and the others claimants would still be working in the hospital after winning the lawsuit. The settlement would have included their resignations. Derek's acting high and mighty to Cahill and others in the last episode is a joke. He's lucky to still be working there and it would not be easy for him to be hired somewhere else as other hospitals probably know about the lawsuit. Bailey was spot on calling Derek out.


1. I think it was brave of Meredith but with her history of a difficult pregnancy I wouldn´t have done it that soon. She lost the first baby while being scared half to death, to sit on a plane with that same feeling all over again was gambling it high. Looks like next week she´s gonna pay for it. 2. Loved Yangs burst out. Excellent performance by Sandra! ;) 3. Agreed. Ross is the best intern thus far. Won´t mind if he stays around. I see a new bromance rising there and after the exit of Mark, it is sorely missed. 4. Was worried the first surgery would be a bust but the success was great. I missed McDreamy in surgical action. Glad he´s back in the game.


meanwhile, the crappy airlines continues to fly their faulty airlines. So much for stopping it. They probably threw a party when the settlement was turned down and no lawsuit was ever filed against them but their client instead. The hospital doesn´t own the plane, they had just chartered it.


... medical drama or get some law consults. At the very least, the hospital should sue the airline now for remedies, they could (and in reality would!) have contested the verdict and gotten it thrown out of court. If Owen´s signature put the hospital at fault then I guess no patient ever signing the permission/agreement form to have surgery shall ever have a right to sue their doctors if they screwed up through neglect! It doesn´t make sense.


@Ninna: forget what that troll Lucy said. It is common practice for dumb folks who don´t have an argument of their own to nitpick at other people´s spelling. That said, I disagree with you. Sure they were right to be compensated but no court in the world would have decided like it was on the show. Owen´s signature didn´t crash their plane, the neglect of the plane´s company or pilot did. Derek and co wanted an investigation and then never saw it through. They were only after money and now bankrupted their own employer, which puts hundreds of jobs at risk. Rather than shooting down any and all attempt to save their job, somebody should have come up with a better idea. Bailey was right. None of them had one except to shout at the presenter. If the docs had sued the actual culprits to their suffering (the airline!) then that airline would be facing money troubles (or their insurance would have covered it). As it was, it´s just dumb writing. I love GA but they should stick to medical dramas and leave law out of it or get some law consultants.


I want more Alex! He's such a great character, but he don't have enough storylines.


i think Bailey was right,she didnt know what happened on that plane but it happened,and just let it go,if dont cut the
er may be the hospital will lose all its doors and the other docs should know the situation of the hospital, just saying:)

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