Grey's Anatomy Review: Moving Forward

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I'm curious why we jumped a whole month forward (via a subtle transition), but it looks as if the time since the events of "Things We Said Today" have allowed for some major announcements and attempts at moving forward for Grey's Anatomy.

And "The End is the Beginning is the End" served as a quiet set up for some loud and dramatic things to come.

Doctors Talk it Over

Richard was more recently hit the hardest with Adele's passing, but it was nice to see that even through his own self-appointed misgivings, he was able to meet with Catherine. Simply holding hands was a nice sentiment for them both, and while Richard will always love Adele, at least he will have a chance to heal and grow again.

Cristina and Owen are in this weird place of dating/not dating - hooking up, as those college kids call it - but all under the new pretense of divorce. I like Cristina in her happy state, making jokes and being her regular self. Even her ability to not get upset that Meredith hadn't told her about the pregnancy showed an understanding in their friendship.

And although I felt more comfortable with Jo and Alex being playful this episode, I don't buy them remaining friends. It's too obvious that soon enough that couch is going to get some action from the two not-lovers.

Am I on board with the relationship? Not so much before, and I'm even holding out that Dr. Lucy might return, but I wasn't rolling my eyes with their playful banter this go around. Really, it was nice that things were working out for both of them.

Even Jackson, who's moving forward in his relationship with the intern, also seems to be moving forward as a doctor. Taking a case that was formally Mark's was a huge step not only in remembering the past and the important things he'd done, but the new positive steps that would be taken in his wake.

Sure, he had some arguments with Arizona, but Jackson proved himself by completing the more risky procedure. He's been able to start taking those steps from Mark's protege to his own competent and successful physician.

Likewise, Derek is back on that road to recovery, playing in a great ping pong match. It was rather entertaining that the game became competitive and it was fun seeing Shane break out of his usual calm demeanor. Who knew ping pong could be such good therapy for Derek's hand?

Yang, Avery and Karev

But amongst all the progress moving forward, two major revelations promise to have major impact on everyone:

First came the generous settlement of $15 million each, and all I could think was "wow, what a payout." And good for them. Yes, Meredith mentioned blood money, but the cash could be used for good and Richard was right there to remind her.

Sure enough, the dinner was awkward, and certainly not a celebration, but eventually all of the group came around and began to enjoy the prospects of the outcome.

Meredith even revealed her big secret, which is promising in that she believes good things will happen. That was a nice change for her.

Except the entire episode I couldn't help but wonder the repercussions and why no one seemed to acknowledge them. Even if the insurance company would be handling the financial aspects, the hospital itself would have to have some sort of reprimand, right? You don't just have a major court case and nothing happen but handing out some money.

I'm still a little surprised no one seemed to really think about that.

Yet, the episode itself seemed to offer up the dramatic twist that answered the unfortunate consequence of the win. According to some loophole, the hospital now has to pay out the $15 million each and there's no way it can do that. It looks like bankruptcy and closing the doors will be the only option.

Man, and right after Derek had finally forgiven Owen!

I find it hard to believe that Seattle Grace would be shut down, but I'm trying to guess what will take place to prevent it? Will they use the money to buy it out? Will someone else?

A major conflict of interest was bound to rear its ugly head and, like Cristina said, "Mo money, mo problems."

This wasn't the most riveting of episodes, but I'm glad to see a transition and chance for the characters to move forward from the dramatic plane crash. Although, now this new predicament might make things a little harder. Hopefully, this major bump in the road can find a quick way to smooth itself out with all of the positive changes going on around it.


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@Cleo, Mark did get a settlement hence why Callie was there, his money would go to his daughter. I also think since Lexie like Mark was named during the meeting by lawyer to discuss the settlement, she got a settlement as normally if there is death, rather instant or not you have to pay the family of the the deceased.
Perry is a regular over at Scandal an Cyrus is very important so it would be hard for him to make an appearance considering Thatcher is important character for Grey's...scheduling conflicts is nothing new besides Scandal and Grey's film in different locations, they don't share a same lot like PP does.


This is the first time I completely disagree with tv fanatic Grey review.
I thought it was a smart episode, very mature and non-soapy in the best possible way.
Personally I'd hated Jo up until now, especially with Karev, but this episode showed something new from both of them, and I am cheering this will evolve, if nothing else, in a great friendship. I was surprised there was some really good acting done by Camilla, something I haven't seen from her before. I can not understand why you would wish for Dr Lucy to come back, I hated the actress, she was very artificial, but the character was just too straight forward for Karev. Karev is all about being honest and direct, but he's still a subtle guy, and he doesn't need someone who has to announce every feeling and flirt in such a self-important way.
Cristina is happy, she's having fun, and the fact she knew Mer was pregnant, and handled it that way shows that she and that friendship has evolved to a fantastic level - on which the two of them don't need to prove all the time that they are best friends - it is understood, and Cristina not being selfish about it said a lot. When she said Congratulations to Derek, that was wonderful.
The loop hole was a silly escape from the lawsuit being over quickly, they should have let the lawsuit go, and pursue new arcs.
And Derek playing ping pong was fun.


@Cleo Arizona might be higher ranked than Jackson but he doesn't report to her per se, it is primarily a plastic surgery case (w peds probably brought in as a consult) and Jackson did mention that his actual superior (& plastic attending) signed off on his more drastic than Sloan's plan. And Jackson has his shining moments in surgery too (most notably when he emerged as the Gunther a few seasons back)


Again, Jackson is not an attending, he's a fellow. In my opinion Callie has treated Jackson far worst than Arizona did. And Arizona is in a higher position than Jackson (she's the head of her department) therefore his superior. Jackson was working on a PEDs case.


Insurance companies only have a timeframe to argue that loophole and it is well before the case is heard by the judge. If they didn't argue it then, then they have to pay.


I loved that Jackson stood up to Arizona. She's one of the most irritating characters. Too condescending for words. I like Owen and Yang together. It works. Derek can be such a self righteous jackass. Out of nowhere he decides to blame Owen for everything which it was too many factors to put it all on him. Plus he was Chief before. He knows what type of decisions are made. Hell, the hospital got shot up and people died under his watch. No suits came from that, no responsibility for crappy security features. No blame. Bailey's story was hilarious. I don't mind Alex and princess as friends but unfortunately I doubt it'll Stay that way. The naivete of the settlement is shocking. Did they honestly think they'd still be working there after that? And that was before Owen found out the hospital could close. Insurance companies and their loopholes.


@CleoArizona is NOT Jackson's superior. He's an attendee now. And as per usual she interfered with stuff when it wasn't necessary. I'm sorry but she can be rude, condescending, and a royal pain in the ass. Why not respect the fact that he was Mark's progeny. The chosen one who kicked ass in plastics. Mark is gone now, and it was clear Arizona wasn't coming to grips with that and overstepping her bounds. She still treats them like residents or interns rather than peers. You can't instill in them all these teachings and then not trust your own work and their abilities. Also has always been inconsistently written, sure at one point he was klutzy and botching surgeries(as were most of them honestly) but when he first came he was the rockstar giving Yang a run for her money. Avery only lacked skill after that shooting in the hospital. I chalked it up as PTSD which he clearly had.


On to the settlement:
To my understanding, Mark & Lexie didn't get a settlement, it was for the SURVIVORS of the crash. No proxies necessary.


Ok I have to say this, fist off it's not Arizona's fault that the plan crash therefore causing the insurance not to pay the settlement. Secondly, when had Jackson every been known for his surgical skills? If anything he has been known has a clutz in the OR. He's botched more procedures than he has not. Third, Arizona is Jackson's superior, and he isn't even an attending he's a fellow. If he wants to do the procedure his way fine, but don't be a condescending a-hole about it, to his superior no less.


Another reason to dislike Arizona. I wish that crashed just ended her character. Alex took the words out my mouth. I wish he were on the plane too. Would have made for better scenes this season and given Callie a much better arc. However, my only problem is why Thatcher wasn't there or hasn't been in this season at all? The actor is on Scandal and must have a good relationship with Shonda, so I can't see how hard it would be to have his guest star for an episode or two? It would make for some good scenes with Meredith. I would also like to see Molly and Meredith's 4/5 year old niece come into it this season. Speaking of family, where did Derek's sister go? Wasn't it meant to be a multiple arc?

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