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I liked this episode but I like the episodes center around the original actors with the guest actors. There are just way too many of the sub characters that nobody cares about. It looks like Shonda just throws in as many as she can and the stories get lost in it. But really her objective is to make Scandal her #l show. I don't see it.


Such a great episode!
How cute are Christina and Owen, how long that will last I have no idea but they are sweet!
I liked April this episode, her and Derek working together to try and keep the ER open was great! Derek has some great negotiating skills. However it was all for not as we find out that Cahill is prepping to sell SGMW. I knew that was what was going to happen but it still was sad to hear. I really hope the others pool some of their settlement to save the hospital.
It is like Mer to think there is something wrong and it was sweet of Bailey to follow her and touch her tummy and say it was just the baby kicking.
The scene at the end with Mer and Der was cute.
It did not bother me when Izzie broke the rules but I was mad at Leah.
No mention of Jackson? He was super funny!


I missed intern Heather. Where is she at? Is it because the actress is filming a pilot that she hasn't been in it these past few episodes?
As for the episode itself, I must say that I really enjoyed the storyline between Cristina and Leah. Made for some good teaching and a twist seeing as Leah's actions were probably something Yang would have down when she was an Intern.


@a The name of the actor playing the hernia instructor is Andy Milder.
You can check where else he has appeared at IMDB

I loved this episode especially the wonderful quotes.


So the plane crash survivors are going to buy the hospital instead of the other buyer. Predictable.


I think Cahill needs to get the cahell out of dodge before the GA fan posse puts a cap in her scrubs. This episode, in my not-so-humble opinion, was a prime example of a storyline written by an overwhelmed writer. It was helter-skelter and quite honestly; a mess. I have never questioned Shonda's writing abilities...but too many unrelated meats mingling in the same pot? Something's going to get burned. I'm upset that "something" is Grey's.


@ a "Does anybody know who played "Daryl" or the Hernia Instructor? I know I've seen him before."

He played a brother on criminal minds with frontal lobe damage who used battery acid to burn womens body parts and then rape them because he loved his brothers wife or something. He had a lisp in the episode.

What is up with this reviewer? "Not a bad episode for a veteran show." I thought this epsiode was pretty good actually, and it's a nice season long plot. What else do you expect? We can't have emotional episodes every single one.


Where is Broox the intern? she was grea. but i like all of them


i loved the BAILEY SCENES. its all on youtube


Does anybody know who played "Daryl" or the Hernia Instructor? I know I've seen him before.

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