Grey's Anatomy Promo: Sex, All The Time

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After a one-month time jump, Grey's Anatomy delivered some major developments Thursday in terms of the lawsuit and its impact on the doctors receiving the settlement - and the hospital itself.

Our Grey's Anatomy review has the rundown on last night. What's to come next week?

Apparently some pregnancy hormone-fueled MerDer sex. No complaints, we imagine.

That may be the only lighter side of an otherwise heavy installment as the Seattle Grace doctors are on edge when a new medical professional enters the hospital (guest star Constance Zimmer).

Change is never easy. In fact, it can even be devastating ... particularly in the case of experiencing extreme pain in a part of you that no longer exists. One can't help but feel for Arizona there.

Check out the promo for "Walking on a Dream" and share your comments below:

UPDATE: Check out the Canadian promo for another early look at the episode ...

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Ppl need to get over it. Calzona is here to stay. They are one of the main couples on the show with a huge following. As soneone already stated no show focuses 90% of their show on one person nor one couple. And Callie is very much considered an original cast member. All those who were for Callie and Mark, that dream died aloooong time ago befire Arizona was on the show. Arizona is her wife so deal with it. I don't think their relationship is forced at all. Granted it cones second to Bette and Tina on the L Word. But they were on cable with much more leeway. Calzona for ever. So unless you plan on not watching Grey's anymore, Calzona will be gracing your screen. I thank God they are on the show :) And thank you Shonda!


I never like the love between callie and Ari,much agree that someone said their relationship is fake,
we'd like to see those Interns(old & new) are growing up, CA marriage is over of top


Napoleon youre sooo right! Whats everybodys problem? Do u wanna see derek and mer 24/7??? We saw enough of there drama - how stupid is this. u cant just show one couple in a show - NO SHOW does that.


ing the show is absurd. In my opinion, the best recent episode is the one in which Adele died and Bailey married because it focused on all the characters and continued to show character development. Yes, Derek was not a primary character on this episode but that is due to the actor wanting time for other commitments. Nobody has to like all the characters and this is a format in which people can express themselves and be critical of characters or writing. However, don't insult everyone's intelligence by implying that you know why the show doesn't have the same viewership it had 6,7 years ago. Please, NO DRAMA has the same viewership in season 9 that it did in season 2; times change, viewers change, technology changes. And don't make broad sweeping statements on screen time for characters because you just look bias and bitter and off-base. Oh, and the opinion of one man/woman does not constitute a majority no matter how vocal or negative he/she might be.


Ok. Here we go again. You know what gets old? When people come on this site and give reasons as to why Grey's isn't as popular as it once was. Because they are doing that only as an excuse to bitch about some characters and bemoan the fact that their favorite character(s) aren't on air 90% of each episode. My favorite comment might be...."it's called Grey's Anatomy not Calzona Anatomy." That is so clever and insightful oh and original too. Been seeing that one now for 3 years. If the creator and writers thought that every show should focus entirely on Meredith and Derek they wouldn't constantly add new characters. This show would not have lasted 9 seasons without focusing on a variety of characters from time to time. They would have long since run out of storylines had they only focused on 2-5 people. Callie and Arizona took a backseat all last year. In the last couple episodes (and the next apparently) they are getting a little more screen time but to imply they are dominating the show is completely absurd. In my opinion, the best episode recently was the one in which Adele died and Bailey married for the reason that it focused on all of the characters and continued to show character development. Yes, Derek was not a primary character but that is due to the actor wanting time for other commitments. You don't have to like all the characters and if you want to complain about them you have every right to do so on this format. But don't insult everyone's intelligence by claiming to have all the answers about what this show needs and how your ideas could get this show back up to the ratings in had in season 2. Please, times have changed, viewing habits have changed and NO DRAMA has the same viewership in season 9 as it did in season 2 or 3. man (or woman) does not constitute a majority no matter how negative or vocal he/she might be.


I am sick of Calzona now. With Mark, I tolerated Callie but not without Mark...Oh GOD! Someone please tell Shonda to focus on Mer, Yang and Karev. Remember? They are an original cast...Its "Grey's Anatomy" not.."Calzona's Anatomy:" LOL


I kind of agree with a few of the other commenters. I personally feel like Grey's is focusing too much on Callie and Arizona. The shows namesake is getting less screen time than the two of them. I am ready to move on and invest in some of the other characters but we can't because it has become the Calzona show and I am for one a little sick of it. I would rather see more of Mer & Christina.


Though I don't think @CharlesT is completely rational, I am sick of Arizona too. It's not the whiny fact of losing a leg, because that could happen to anyone, but I'm just over her character. I love Callie though, so as long as their characters are getting enough screen time and storylines to grow their characters, I am happy with it.
As for the promo though, doesn't really look interesting at all given this weeks ending about the hospital.


@charlest. your an a**e !


@CharlesT: Do you actually understand how ratings work? The only reason Grey's used to get 16+ views back in the day was because it was before practically everybody had DVRs, before onDemand and before Hulu and other online sources to watch Grey's. Comparatively speaking Grey's Anatomy is constantly one of the highest primetime shows on broadcast tv. And as a straight American female I absolutely love Callie and Arizona (I wish they were the stars of the show) who finds their relationship refreshing. The more Arizona the better.

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