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@Kay--it's not ironic to me at all because Rachel wasn't the one doing Spring Awakening, Lea Michele was.

@xandrew--I agree to a point. I'm trying to take the gay/straight crush disparity out of the equation (so I don't bash my head on a wall in frustration) and look at this for what it is: Blaine is completely aware that Sam is straight and his crush will go nowhere and is doing his best to deal with that fact and just be a friend. Tina, for reasons only the writers truly understand, has had a character regression and is hellbent on dating Blaine, a gay character who will not ever see her that way. All of this actually makes me love Blaine more.


Did anyone else feel like Jake sounded a lot like Kermit during all of Let Me Love You? Because he did. Way too high for him, I guess, but he was doing a weird "sing from the back of the throat" thing, especially in the chorus. Ugh. Ruined the whole song.


I honestly question the integrity of the people that review these shows. Have you never watched this show? If you had you would know that 3 teams complete at Sectionals. Two of them move ahead and the 3rd place isn't considered placing. Therefore with 1st place (warblers) out of the running it means New Directions placed and goes forward. They don't need to mention the Amish because they didn't beat them. The ND's were simply allowed to place. Matt might have been negative when he reviewed this show, but at least he knew what he was talking about.


realllllly annoyed that the Blam scene's were cut but the Blina scene's remain. Unless they're going to show up in a later episode, this reeks of double standard. It's especially concerning in light of the fact that it's only in the last decade that a gay crush can be portrayed unharshly on a television show.


ironic considering lea michele did exactly that in spring awakening

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