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Olivia already had awareness of multiple timelines, with and without Peter. No reason to believe that isn't true in this case, too.


@ Alex: Walter and Michael returned to the date February 20, 2167 to Oslo, Norway, to show the scientist that human emotions did not need to be sacrificed at the expense of increased intelligence. Since the invasion did not occur, it is clear that Walter was successful. Are there still Observers? I think there are beings like Michael, but hopefully who can also speak, since I would hate to see us lose our vocal capabilities: no singing? no laughing? Can they still travel between time? I would guess so, since Peter was clearly cured of his illness and brought to our side by Walter, and therefore saved by September.


I liked this episode and how the characters progressed through it. The ending, while satisfying the need for a happy ending, was so anti-climatic for me for a show as huge as Fringe.


RandomCommentor, I guess you would be just fine if it was Anna Torv heavy right? Hypocritical moron.


Bishop Boys fans everywhere claiming that Fringe is all about them, forget 1 very important thing:

Olivia is the one that searched for Walter and Peter, Olivia is the one that brought them together and was their go between.

Olivia should have been center in final season , after 5 seasons nothing done with her backstory,
but we got endless scenes of Donald and Michael backstory,

Scenes of Olivia and Altlivia cut, for boring long Walter and Peter scenes.

Wyman loves his boys and men and fathers.

I am angry at Wyman for how he treated Anna Torv season 5, she was brilliant in every moment on screen, but he clearly lied to her about her role, and as the main lead not getting lines half the time is insulting,

So Anna Torv did it all non-verbal, the most beautiful silent actor , but she has such a great voice as well.

To Wyman: Why cut important Olivia scenes?
Why was the last shot Peter? Should have been Olivia.
Why did Jackson get the last wrap? Should have been Anna.


512 had all what made Fringe great : Olivia central, Over There and cortexiphan.
Anna Torv awesome, and another AltLivia, in a few moments a real new version, that is great acting,
she does not get writing, and she shows Wyman she does not need it, he can keep writing for his Bishop Boys.

No Olivia with lettle Etta scene in the finale, but they did film Anna as Olivia carrying little Etta in the house,
no room for mothers with children on Fringe?


The unforgettable Bishop Boys :( I'm gutted I'll never see the most wonderful characters on television again. I lost it in every single scene of theirs, fearing the moment Walter would disappear from Peter's life. Amazing emotional scenes between those two and then Astrid, who really has a beautiful name.


lol, did you guys somehow forget about the season 2 episode "White Tulip"?


To be fair, the certain unnamed poster was right for the most part with their rant this time. This season especially, but for the past couple seasons, the show became way too John Noble-heavy. It's really part of the over-arching problem of the show bleeding the younger demographic in its later seasons.

Kind of sad that it happened in the finale too. Too many poorly done father/son scenes that should have been cut at the writing stage. I get that they wanted to do some emotional scenes, but the whole point of those is that they come naturally - and in this case they were heavily forced, sometimes painful to watch, without any real consequence to the plot.

Sidenote: Alt-Olivia was gorgeous. I thought it was another actress for a couple of minutes. Was glad to see Lincoln too.


The answer to the timeline thing is pretty easy. It doesn't say they were traveling to the date where the observers are meeting in the final episodes it just says they are moving forward in time to before they attacked. Even if they went to the time we saw to fix things, the observers could still travel back in time with the boy and Walter by touching them. I think my first answer is more likely because the time we saw they wanted to tear him apart. I expected more from the Finale but I guess I am satisfied with the results. Oh yeah. As far as I know the Cortexipham worked for travel between universes, not timelines. I doubt she new anything. Maybe, but probably not.

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