Deception Review: Revelation

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"A Drop of Blood and a Microscope" isn’t just a witty line by the entertainment editor, but the reason Joanna is about to come under some serious scrutiny.

Joanna Gets Closer

Like any good wealthy family, the Bowers have plenty of their own public intrigue surrounding them, and some of that intrigue is now heading Joanna’s way due to Julian’s newest lady friend. This sets up the obvious pitfall for Joanna and her mission: the public eye.

Now it’s even harder for Joanna to stay under the radar when she’s under the microscope of the public. One suspect trying to gain vengeance on Joanna and - boom! - all of her undercover work could instantly come apart; the more dirt the press wants on the Bowers, the more willing it might be to feed information to people within the family about her.

Or the story could take a more Political Animals-style turn and withhold any possible information about Joanna in exchange for her giving information about the pitfalls of the new cancer drug or the family itself. Sofia’s act of aggression against Samantha is probably worth something, and Samantha’s continued quest of trying to get out from under the Bowers is making her an unlikely ally to Joanna.

Whatever the outcome might be this is the part of Deception I love most, the heightening tensions coming from all sides.

“Microscope” also shed some more light on Vivian and the relationship she had with Julian and Edward prior to her death. It looks like she went to Edward for help with the whistleblowing and Edward had some doubts about betraying his family.

Julian, meanwhile, was the man in Vivian’s car in the pilot. He became upset and slapped her with his ring hand, while Vivian later asked him “if he was going to beat her and throw her in the river.” While Edward was my suspect last week I’m beginning to wonder if he tries to keep the family together and the secrets hidden. He seemed to known all of the board members’ past indiscretions and it wouldn’t surprise me if he took the fall for Julian.

Julian and Joanna’s trip to The Bahamas felt like an episode of The Bachelor as Joanna became slightly star struck with Julian’s work and seeing him in a fantasy location. And, while their chemistry is still electric to watch, Julian is beginning to come across as less of a victim and more of a perpetrator. I’m glad Joanna isn’t the last person to see that, quickly becoming disillusioned when she witnessed the photograph of Julian with his ring.

A few more thoughts:

  • Mia’s moment man struck me as creepy right from the start.
  • I have a newfound desire to play cards in bed.
  • The burglar in the Bahamas fantasy suite looked familiar.

What did you think of tonight’s Deception TV Fanatics? Who's your prime suspect this week? 

A Drop of Blood and a Microscope Review

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