Chicago Fire Review: Admit and Aftermath

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When we last visited Chicago Fire, Shay and Dawson were left battered and bruised in their ambulance when a flatbed truck ran into them. In "God Has Spoken," viewers once again relied on the strength of the cast and the writing to propel the story forward.

In many ways, Chicago Fire actually reminds me of NBC’s other great drama, Parenthood. Both shows try to stay rooted in reality and the commonalities we all go through and share, rather than trying to shock and awe us with layers of soapy intrigue (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 

That general theme isn’t always followed perfectly in either show, it’s television after all, but “God Has Spoken” didn’t focus on much flash and bang in the aftermath. Instead, we were left with mostly quiet introspection for the men and women in the station.

What Will Severide Do?

As I was hoping for in “Merry Christmas etc,” the accident became the catalyst Kelly needed to wake up from his drug addiction, but his seeking out of help came from the unlikeliest of people: Dawson. Kelly just needed a third party like Dawson to acknowledge his spiral because that message just wasn’t going through with the people closest to him.

Most of all, I’m happy we can begin putting aside Kelly’s cover-up story. Kelly's small, tearful plea for help to Dawson was rather humbling for him. Here's a man who rescues people for a living, battles fires, and tries to keep everything together for as long as he can, yet he's been beaten by small, round painkillers. 

So far my wishers for Chicago Fire Season 1 are coming true.

Casey’s life, on the other hand, is growing increasingly complicated as he begins to deal with him mother’s parole hearing; he’s on a completely different page (and upcoming testimonial) from his sister. It’s a tough call to make and I don’t envy being on either side of this because they both make good points: Casey believes his mother was at least justified in killing their father after all the abuse he put her through, but his sister brings up the just as good “but it’s still murder” argument.

At least Casey’s mom wasn’t a fan of Hallie either.

And, since Casey’s week is going so smoothly already, he got to listen to Cruz’s increasingly guilty conscience. I was almost sure that Cruz was going to commit suicide with the party of one solo trips to bridges and train tracks leading up to his chat with Casey. 

Again, Cruz’s story just isn’t very compelling. Leon doesn’t seem to really care if he’s in a gang, and his discovery of Cruz letting Flacko burn to death rang false. Leon’s life seems full of questionable choices already, and there’s plenty of doubt to be had if he thinks this is a secret they’re going to the grave with.

Yet, even knowing about Cruz’s decision, Casey was still willing to look the other way by giving him a day to think it over before they shake hands and say hello or take a drive to the police station.

Casey’s patience seems near infinite, but it's beginning to make me wonder if his mother, pending on whether she gets parole or not, might run his patience dry.

Or maybe Casey’s patience will draw thin as he competes for Dawson’s heart? I’m fully committed to the Dawson and Casey ship, but even I’m willing to admit that the lifeboat looks a little tempting when Dawson and Mills have such great chemistry together. Plus, this development really opens up Dawson as well, as she's been mostly interacting with Shay and pining for Casey. It'll be fun to see someone else reciprocating her affection, and it further sets up Casey to fight for her. 

One final thought before turning it over. We need to talk about Hermann. I’m so mixed on his story and it has everything to do with the fact that he turned down the sleazy businessman. Don’t get me wrong, let’s throw out a disclaimer here, I’m fully supportive of how honest and committed Hermann is; no, I just wish Hermann took the businessman’s offer so I could come up with names for his limousine service every week.

Tonight would have been Hermann’s Booty Service.

What did you think of Chicago Fire’s first new episode of the year? Let us know in the comments, along with potential names for Hermann’s Limousine Service!

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I like that there's always a murder every episode.


I am so glad to see I'm not the only one that is team Dawsey - I just prefer their chemistry to the whole Mills thing the writers are trying to push [it feels to me like they're friends that are heading in the wrong direction]. I hope also that they don't do the cliched triangle bit with the three of them either.


Loved Hermann's sidestory and I really love her wife's immediate suggestion to drop the customer.
Same with Nick, I'm not really sold on Cruz's storyline and yes his brother doesn't really deserve saving.
But the most amazing thing in this episode is Shay on her every scene. She and Severide makes a great non-romantic couple.


all things considered. With family like Casey's got, who even needs enemies? Sheesh. Glad Kelly finally manned up and owned his problems, and that Dawson was there to catch him. I hope he stays true to his promises to seek help and gets clean and whole again. I honestly hope Cruz does the right thing and turns himself in. I like the guy a lot and I understand what he did, but wrong is wrong. And I gotta say that I just love Hermann and I'm so glad he decided not to lower himself to that scumbag's level and accept his offer.


I'll be honest, I LOVE Dawson and Mills together. Their relationship seems so much more fun and flirty. Dawson and Casey have always seemed more like old souls and good friends/confidants to me. I'm also curious as to how much time has passed since Casey and Hallie broke up the last time. They were together for 8 years and engaged. Thats not something you just completely forget and are suddenly dating a friend just because you can't agree on kids. I understand it being a deal breaker, but not how quickly he seems to be moving on. I, too, feel bad for Casey though. Poor guy gets more than his fair share of beating up on. And his sister? What a bitch. Just because they can't see eye-to-eye on the situation with their mom doesn't mean every other aspect of their lives should be cut off from each other. My parents are strongly disapproving of my tattoo, my language, the fact that I drink, and that I like women, but they still love me unconditionally and we manage to get along just fine all things considered. With family like Casey's got, who even needs enemies? Sheesh. Glad Kelly finally manned up and owned his problems, and that Dawson was there to catch him. I hope he stays true to his promises to seek help and gets clean and whole again. I honestly hope Cruz does the right thing and turns himself in. I like the guy a lot and I understand what he did, but wrong is wrong. And I gotta say that I just love Hermann and I'm so glad he decided not to lower himself to that scumbag's level and accept his offer.


Just because someone is pining for someone else doesn't stop them from liking someone else. Dawson has clearly had something there will Mills since the beginning and I'm glad they're trying to make something happen there 'cause I feel like her whole 'thing' with Casey seemed a little forced. Just when we started getting over Kelly's drug story arc, we start with Cruz alcohol storyline. Can we move on from the addictions please? Quite interested to see where the Casey storyline will go.


Great show, Dawson and Mills is interesting, he could be good for her. Kelly needs to interact with Mills' sister again and really enjoy Cruz's storyline.


I liked it. I like that this show knows what it is and it isn't trying to be anything else. There is q simplicity to it and how real it tries to be. I fear at times, like Parenthood, it'll be one of those shows constantly on the bubble because it goes for heartwarming and realistic displays of everyday characters rather than breakneck pacing and convaluted storylines with twists and turns like most shows now. Part of me couldn't help but wish Cruz would just suck it up. His conscience and his brother will ruin him. I really felt for Casey and I'm glad that he's shaping up to be a complex character. He carries his burdens as well as others. I'm glad Kelley is seeking help and I liked that it was with the help of Dawson. I like seeing characters interact with other characters they don't typically interact with. Love that he and Shay made up. Sucked that no one seemed concerned about Dawson. A pattern. I'm not too invested in the triangle but I don't fault her for seeking out the guy who showed that he wanted her. I can see where Casey was confusing especially with her oblivious to all he's going through.Love Hermann.


Great episode!I agree with the comments about poor Casey. The guy just cant catch a break.Its not Gabi's fault,she thinks he still likes Hallie.I mean he kissed her on the cheek and then basically told her not right now.Of course she is going to go for Peter who is into her and not afraid to show it.I want Dawson and Casey to happen but I want to see Casey fight for and declare himself to Dawson.So far he hasn't admitted anything.But its coming...and I cant wait!!!Love team Dawsey. As for Cruz words.And love how sweet Kelly is with shay.Their friendship is beautiful.This show has me hooked.


So because Casey has so much "baggage" as you put it, Dawson should just forget about him? Wow, that's really cold. Casey really likes Dawson and I for one would like to see them end up together. I'm sick of seeing one truckload of horse manure after another get dumped on this guy. Not to mention that he carries a lot of of the other guys problems on his shoulders because of his position at the fire station. Dawson needs to at least know that Casey really does want a relationship with her and is not still hung up on his old girlfriend. The fact she was pining away for him so long when he wasn't available is not his fault. Bottomline, Casey deserves something decent to happen in his life for once. I'm tired of seeing him get emotionally beat up in every episode.

Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Dawson: Are you high?
Severide: What?
Dawson: You've got pinpoint pupils.

I 'm so damn proud of you Kelly, and if I were straight I'd throw the biggest hump into you right now.