Castle Review: Wild Nights Result in Death

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Castle entertained again this week with "Death Gone Crazy," a fun and lighthearted episode with lots of girls and some even better Castle quotes. Let’s discuss...

College Girls & Murder. The weekly case dealt with the death of Beau Randolph, the guy behind “College Girls Gone Crazy.” Beau was found dead in a club bathroom strangled by a bra. Only Castle could pull off something like this.

Kelly Hu on Castle

The usual twists and turns took place from a hot - and I mean hot - bodyguard to a kindergarden teacher and a children’s programmer. 

The latest installment was typical Castle fun and should not be missed. Especially since....

Espo’s Got A Date! After the hot bodyguard was cleared, Handsome Javi asked her out on a date. The role was played by actress Kelly Hu, who’s been popping up on some great shows lately (i.e. ArrowThe Vampire Diaries). It’s about time he moved on from Lanie. Although, they did exchange some longing glances in the beginning of the hour. 

As much fun as the Javi/Lanie relationship was, we never got to see it develop. We’re not going to see one between him and Scarlet the bodyguard either. Over the past several episodes, this character has really found its footing and has taken on a leading type role. Give the man a love interest! Even if it’s just for a few episodes; us ladies want to see him with his shirt off again!

“It’s a vlog!” Castle and Alexis had their father/daughter time over an incredible looking sundae while discussing Alexis’ video blog. Although sometimes Rick can be a wacky dad, he was right about one thing tonight. The Internet can be a scary place and things never really go away. He was worried about his daughter being out there on the Web with personal information.

He understands how easy it is for predators to get to young girls and he worries for her. And rightfully so! We see too much of this type of stuff gone bad. It’s always good to see Castle being an awesome dad.

Side Notes

  • Nothing special between Castle and Beckett tonight. Doesn’t matter, though. They are solid and Kate continues to get hotter each episode, right?
  • No Gates again! Anyone notice?
  • Gotta love the few bromance moments... even if they were blink and you miss it.

Overall, another fun episode of Castle. Up to par with the show’s expectations and just as enjoyable as you expect. What did you think of “Death Gone Crazy?” Did you enjoy this week’s murder or did it fall a little short?

Sound off below and let us know your thoughts an don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later this week.


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The vast majority of the 28 previous comments agree on enough points to make the writers sit up and take notice. Kate and Castle don't have to be romantic all the time, but no smiles, no quips, no intimate glances? I couldn't even tell they were a couple. Javi should have waited before asking out the body guard, but his boyish enthusiasm is part of his charm (not unlike Castle.) Why is Ryan treated like a minor character? And we've only seen his wife once. I thought Castle was over-reacting to Alexis' blogging, since she didn't say anything really personal, but after reading your comments, I agree with the "rich man's daughter" problem. I've never considered Martha or her to be believable characters.


I agree with the other comments that this episode was a bit sloppy, from many points of view. The reason, Joyeful, that he didn't correct Beckett on her grammar is that I think he knows that she would be somewhat offended by that and he is doing his best to be diplomatic and keep things smooth between them. I agree, though, that a Vlog for the daughter of a wealthy, famous author does indeed set her up for a kidnapping attempt at the very least.But the show writers may be planning to do just that in an upcoming episode, who knows? Yes, Espo should have waited, but you could see how eager he was to go out with the "hot" bodyguard, so it could be that he wasn't thinking with the big head, capiche? Still, I enjoyed the episode and laughed at all of the quotes and general silliness that was everywhere. I love this show, and sometimes I just have to suspend disbelief a little harder, so no big deal.


I have to kind of agree with Genie. The cases are meh, and more and more seem to be a repeat of an old Bones storyline. They also had one a long time ago with a murdered guy with a website for college girls gone wild. And Becket and Castle are kind of blah in their relationship now that they are together. It's hard to keep romantic tension after a couple hooks up. I've been tuning off after just part of the episode lately. Enjoying it much less than before. You don't have to have them jumping in bed all the time, but they've lost some of the sparkling dialogue they used to have.


I think this show is boring. The crime plots aren't interesting and now that Castle and Beckett are together, they are not interesting either.


I thought it was funny, but is this truly a comedy? Don't miss Gates. Do miss SOME CASTLE/BECKETT MOMENTS.


They had better get the fun, feisty teasing B&C back soon or they are going to lose their audience! we don't need lovey dovey scenes all the time but the writers don't seem to be able to put together the fun and chemistry the two leads have always had.And once the audience's over!


I don't like Gates so I don't care if she is ever on. And Alexis is a boring child. No child is like that and I have had 5 of them all boys but 5.


Good show and I must say I am never disappointed in Castle. My biggest problem is I always seem to guess the bad guy. I am glad to see the writers giving the entire cast a chance to be the center of attention in the shows. Certainly keeps the show going.


Great show this week.
And please take the chemistry like a reward !. Too much of it, it not a good thing. Kelly Hu should have her own show. She's amazing and really can kicking ass!


Guys, Castle and Beckett can't be lovey dovey all of the time. This is a crime show, not a soap opera. The writers don't want their relationship to be the main focus, just an added part of the show. However, I would like to get some looks and flirting between them, doesn't have to be in every show, but a comment here or there like the "old days" would be nice. I didn't like Alexis and I kind of think her character has out grown her usefullness to the show. To top it off, for some odd reason I think Molly and Stana don't get along. They are never in any scenes together, other in passing and when Molly delivered her line while walking out the door, it just seemed like their was bitterness in her voice. I know she was suppose to be mad at Castle, but their also seems to be some underlining issue going on there between her and Beckett/Stana. I wish we could get more Martha. Maybe, when Castles dad shows up. That will be good.

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