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Coming off of last week's riveting return of Pelant, I was expecting Bones to move a little more slowly. I was spot-on.

Like Bones Season 3, the Gormogon season, or the Gravedigger arc, not every week can focus on the season's Big Bad. But "The Twist in the Plot" was a strong episode, which provided an avenue for the Booth-Bones discussions so many of us love. Oh, and Daisy returned. 

Exuming Two Bodies

Bones and the team discovered two bodies in a grave, one of a cancer patient and the other that of her "death doula." As far as the procedural aspect of "The Twist in the Plot" goes, I called the whodunit about 30 minutes in. It was plain to me that the husband had killed the doula, though I didn't see the murder coming as a result of her breaking up with him due to her three month policy. 

It's actually been a while since I've been completely surprised by the murderer's reveal or confession on Bones. So it's a good thing that's not why I watch, right? 

I watch for Booth and Bones - and tonight was an episode that reminded me what I like about the two of them together. They balance each other out

For example, Booth's last will and testament fits on a sticky note. Bones' final wishes are 312 pages long. He's simple where she's complex. She's simple where he's complex. Her strengths are his weaknesses and vice versa. She's head. He's heart.

It's all part and parcel of what makes them work. It's what makes them seem like a real relationship. Real partnerships have that sort of balance where one person fills the other person's gaps.

Ultimately, discussing their wishes for after death brought these two closer together, as they were able to bond over their shared love for their daughter, Christine.

Over the seasons we've seen Bones become a more emotional character. Booth has brought that out of her and it's been a great development of her character. Watching her tear up while listening to Booth record his final message to Christine was moving. Booth's words to Christine were touching and so very Booth and made me wonder what words of wisdom I'd leave for my own children. (His final message, in its entirety, can be found on the Bones quotes page.)

Booth has this huge heart, but so does Bones. Her revamped will gave way for Booth and Christine to take a really nice vacation together. Sure, they'd be spreading her ashes on a volcano, but at least they'd be doing it together.

I really like where these two are right now, which is together.  And together is decidedly not where Sweets and Daisy are. 

I wasn't thrilled with Daisy's return, mostly because she's my second least favorite squint next to Fischer, but also because honestly, the show hasn't missed her. Her absence hasn't been noticeable since she brought very little to the show to begin with.

Her conversation with Sweets in the lab, and then later their meeting at the coffee shop, was so awkward and strange and one of those encounters many ex-couples have and it was well-played.

Breakups shake people up. Sweets was visibly insecure in the wake of the brave face Daisy wore to meet him. Daisy held it together by channeling her inner-Brennan and then melted down when she thought no one would see it.

And I felt sad for her when she was sitting in the lab alone at the end of the case, crying and wondering if they had made a mistake in breaking up. Maybe it stirred up some long lost memory of my first serious breakup. I don't know. But a part of me was sad for her. Cam's words to her were sweet, though. So motherly and appropriate.

Cam: Have you ever seen anything come back to life and be as good as it ever was?
Daisy: No.
Cam: So feel sad. Cry. You lost something wonderful, but keep moving forward. It'll get better. I promise. And, uh, stop copying Dr. Brennan. It's a little creepy. | permalink

Overall, tonight was solid. It was a relief from the intensity of the Pelant arc while also allowing Booth and Bones time in the spotlight and developing some of our secondary characters. It felt like old-school Bones from a few seasons ago, actually. Keep 'em coming, writers. You can do it.

What did you think of "The Twist in the Plot?" Did you feel sad for Daisy and Sweets? Whose final wishes most match yours: Booth, Bones, or Hodgins?


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I truly enjoyed this episode and the entire construction of it. It rang true on all counts. Bones was in true form as a scientist but as she said, Booth has given her added depth and she can adjust to new ways of looking at her life and plans. I loved the last 10 minutes of this episode. David Boreanaz has a way of making Booth so real and so deep. I agree with @MoxieGirl44 and Bones flinging herself into Booth. Totally loved that and the fact that they are so different yet they have such a solid, working living relationship. Daisy is portrayed by an actress that everyone does not like. She is doing a good job if no one likes her. Sweets can be annoying but it was nice to have them resolve this relationship for good. Hodgins Money!!! His personal finances were totally wiped out by Pelant. The Cantalever group money, Pelant can't touch. The Trust that is set up for the Jeffersonian is run by a Trust and not by Hodgins. They are poor in that they don't have tons of money in stocks, market money, IRA's, 401k etc. They do have jobs that pay and he already prepaid for his trip to the sun. TJ is funny and so good at representing his Character - Jack. Love Bones, and the creators, writers, and I love the fact that they can stay consistently in the top of their category. Castle is a good show and they are doing well, but lets see if they can last 8 seasons or 9 or 10....


i LOVED this episode. While I will always ask for more B&B screen time, this one did pretty well, in my opinion. As you've said ... a lot of what I love about them showed up tonight: the conversations where they reveal differing opinions and ideas, the positive influence they have on each other, the humor only they share, and the realistic affection. When she threw herself at him at the end it was so cute - and exactly the kind of thing that happens in real life. It demonstrates the ease between them. I applaud the handling of Daisy and Sweets. That was done with great aplomb. Wasn't sappy or immature - and no one had a tantrum or breakdown. You could see Sweets was a bit emotional and uncertain, but he handled himself. When Daisy cried, it was done quietly and forlornly rather than outrageously. They seem to be ready to move on. Good job, all those involved in bringing that to the screen. Now ... anxiously awaiting next week's episode!


If Daisy comes back and Sweets takes her back, I will stop watching the show.
She is so annoying and would ruin a good cast.


GREAT review! I couldn't agree more.


I was so relieved when Sweets broke up with Daisy and so disappointed to see her back in last nights episode. She is my least favorite character. I guess I'm alone with this, but I love that Sweets lives with Booth, I think it could be quite comical if the writers could do more with it. I'm hoping that Hodges gets his gagillion dollars back, it was fun to know that he was maga rich and still worked yet could do anything he wanted.


Sweets should leave Booth and Bones house. I wasn't glad to see Daisy back. She is annoying. The wills and differences between Booth and Bones was moving. I enjoyed the episode.


This is the first time I actually liked seeing Daisy in an episode. Her character actually felt more real, even though she was putting up a front to hide how upset she was, and I got a kick out of her imitating Bones. Absolutely loved the final bit! Booth's monologue made my eyes leak a bit. And the volcano was a pretty neat idea. Making sure your loved one does something they always wanted to do as a part of scattering your ashes.


I had no problem with the video only being left for Christine I believe Booth would leave one for each child. One for Parker and one for Christine. That's how my parents have things set up and we have seven siblings. Each one gets their own goodbye not shared.
I loved the ending David & Emily both made me cry, they have come so far. Acting well done, Booth & Bones make sense as a couple more and more.
I am hoping Swets gets lost and leaves Bones/Booth house he doesn't need to be there and Daisy isn't near my favorite so even though I felt bad for her I think they addressed it finally. Seeing that she left him end of 5th season he in turn left her they are even now so maybe down the line they get together again. I don't care for the actress they have playing the agent he likes so maybe he will fall for the other agent Shaw the one with the three year old child who works with Booth from time to time. I'd like to see less of Swets I'm here for everyone but him he's my least favorite besides Fischer.


@MickeyG -- I might be misremembering this, but I believe back in the first season Hodgins said the money for the Jeffersonian was from a charitable family trust fund, maybe setup by a previous generation, and that the managers had no clue the current heir worked for the Jeffersonian and he wanted to keep it that way. If I'm remembering correctly, the trust fund, not being in his hands (as a personal account), wasn't touched. I do admit I'd like to see them follow up on the Hodgins family finances.


I loved the ending. i didn'tfeel like he was forgetting Parker. i felt like this tape was for Christine and he would make a seperate one for Parker. When you leave a message to your kids you talk to them one on one. Totally got that. i really had no sympathy for either of the "victims'. I was glad Sweets and Daisy did not try to get back together. they have broken up twice. Thats enough. I wish they would have addressed Hodges and Angela's situation after they are broke. Like when Hodges says he's going to be shipped into outer space and fired into the sun. Great. But who is going to foot that Bill. You are living on you paychecks and thats expensive. BTW, he made sure last week to tell Cam that his foundation provides 50% of the Jeffersonians income, since all his money is gone Didn't jeffersonian lose half their funding? shouldn't there be some major cutbacks?

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