Blue Bloods Review: The Highway Hitman

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When do major crimes detectives investigate car accidents? When they're not accidents.

Which is why a vehicle taking a header through the guard rail of the BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway, for those of you not from NYC) led to the hunt for a serial killer. And a particularly green one at that. 

Not only was our environmentally conscious killer eating vegan black bean burritos and probably wearing hemp clothing, he took the time to track down environmentally friendly, lead free bullets. How thoughtful. It's nice to know he was trying to protect the Earth while blowing people's brains out while they drove.

Sean Is Injured

Is it wrong of me to admit that I'd gladly burn a few extra gallons to be able to drive that Porsche 911? 

But back to the case. I knew the ex-military man hadn't committed suicide because there were still 20 minutes left in the show. However, I did love the clerk who couldn't stop calling Danny "Dude." The word was so ingrained in his vocabulary that I doubt Danny could have beat it out of him…and it looked like he really wanted to.

And how fitting having the killer be hit by an SUV. Hopefully there was a hybrid ambulance available.

Once again, Detective Kate Lansing won me over as she made bets with Danny over grammar issues, although my dictionary says it can be pronounced both ways. Forte as fort or fortey, so perhaps she shouldn't have handed that twenty bucks over quite so quickly.

The "Fathers and Sons" theme of the show came when poor Sean got bumped off his bicycle and suffered a head injury. I was surprised that Nicky urged her mother to scoop the kid up and go. She's always seemed so smart that I was a bit shocked she didn't know not to move an accident victim, especially one with a possible head, neck or back injury.  Then again, it's nice to see that she's just a kid and prone to panic like everyone else.

Everyone but Erin that is who was calm and in control. No less than I expected.

Linda was stoic as Danny struggled to hold it together. There was nothing to do but wait and patience certainly is one of Danny's virtues. 

Back at One Police Plaza, Frank worried about his family, handled the PR about the city's latest serial killer and gave the mayor fits. I do wonder how long Frank and the mayor can do this dance. I hope indefinitely but every time Frank steps on the Mayor's toes I wonder what the end of the season will bring.

We didn't get a real Reagan family dinner, just Chinese takeout at the hospital and a heartfelt prayer. But Sean waking up to the rising sun with both Danny and Frank at his bedside almost made up for it.

Almost. Because as good as this episode was, I don't want to go another week with Sunday dinner with the Reagans.

Fathers and Sons Review

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I don't have much faith in the testimony of someone driving 50 miles an hour, running late for work.


Kate: Since when do detectives catch car accidents?
Danny: When they don't think they're accidents.