Blue Bloods Review: The Line We Walk

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The Reagans walked the line as they watched Danny get "Framed" for cocaine possession and tried to believe that the system they've dedicated their careers to would eventually find him innocent.

But it sure wasn't easy.

Danny's Bad Day

First off, I had to wonder how plausible it was for a uniformed officer to ask an off duty detective if he could search his vehicle. I would have guessed that once Danny showed his badge, he would have been waved on his way, but there's certainly the possibility that I'm wrong.

Unfortunately, that game of which bill should we pay bingo that Danny and Linda were involved in only made Danny look like more of a candidate for police corruption. At the same time I kept thinking that if he was selling drugs, wouldn't he have had the money to pay those bills? Doesn't it send up a red flag when a cop has too much money instead of not enough?

We all knew that Danny was being set up. The only question was, by whom?

My first guess was that it was Saul, the ADA, since he put Danny off until Monday to get the warrant only to have Danny arrested hours later. My theory was solid, but my suspect was wrong.

I thought it was great that Henry went to Erin's ex to have him represent Danny. As Henry said in this Blue Bloods quote

Henry: If you need to hire a shark, make sure you get the Great White. | permalink

In other words, he might not like Jack Boyle but he respects what he can do. 

My one big unanswered question in all of this was why did the bakery owner lie about seeing Danny that night? Was he being intimidated and if so, by whom? 

Also, I was worried they were going to drag Kate into this somehow and then Danny would lose her as a partner. Well, she wasn't guilty of anything and Danny still lost his partner.

I had just gotten to like Kate and now she's out the door, leaving us with yet another ride on the Danny Reagan partner merry-go-round. I think I'm already feeling dizzy.

This episode had lots of funny moments too that successfully offset the angst:

  • Danny wanting nothing more than to come home and hang out on the sofa in his underwear.
  • We've all had nosy neighbors but one that actually peers inside your windows is over the line.
  • Garrett touting Zombie dogs as the breakfast of champions. I knew there was a reason I liked that man.
  • Frank's mention of Danny's innocence being relegated to the back of the newspaper with the Poconos real estate ads. I think you have to be from the NYC area to really appreciate that one.

Finally we ended the evening with the traditional Reagan family dinner where everyone found out how each family member quietly stepped over that proverbial line in order to help Danny while sharing a chocolate cheesecake. I can't think of a better way to celebrate.

Framed Review

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