Archer Review: Bros Before Apparent Threats to National Security

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After taking nearly a year off from reviewing, I couldn't ask someone better than Doctor I'll Solve Your Ant Problem to welcome me back to Archer... even if Krieger never did get his Ant-Man proportional strength in "The Wind Cries Mary."

Really, there's no scarier place for FX's own Timothy Olyphant to guest star as this week's villain/Archer's singular same sex attraction friend than the Vermont wilderness. Okay, maybe a Vermont where they didn't sell liquor.

Surviving the Wilderness

Did the sheer number of Ray kind of innuendos and phrasing jokes not do it for you? Then clean the secretly gay-for-Lucas Troy out of your ears because there was still plenty of great Archer quotes and moments.

As always, a lot of the ISIS gang was able to get involved, as Lana and Cyril took this week's B plot of peer reviews along the for the ride to bed and breakfast heaven. When all of ISIS field agents converge on one mission, you're in for a damn funny adventure.

Cyril and Lana played excellently off each other, as Cyril was giving Lana her peer review while stripping down to escape those pumpkin hunters. I still never tire of Lana and her man hands saving the day.

Even if that did lead to poor Lucas Troy's death bed confession and a lifetime of scaring for Sterling.  

So did Olyphant's villain make for the best episode? Probably not. Troy's character didn't provide that many of the laughs, as much as he tried with the phrasing material; and there never really was much a serious threat for the adventure. Unless, of course, you were a former ODIN agent and quacked like a duck.

Luckily, he did lead to some great material from Sterling and the rest of the ISIS agents leading to a pretty solid episode. Some of our favorite moments and stray observations:

  • Man, I totally would have fought for the Russian Tea room if I worked for ISIS.
  • Think the penis with a mustache on two inch platform shoes gun librarian be working next week?
  • Phew. Predator only hunts in tropical jungles. 
  • Of course lemurs are the worst pets. That's why you gotta get an ocelot.
  • The only thing better than Archer's voicemails? His ringtone for Lana! Highway to the...

What did you all think of the episode? It's so good to have ISIS back in my life every week...

The Wind Cries Mary Review

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