Year in Review: Saddest Character Death of 2012

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Before we pop the champagne in celebration of the new year, let's take a moment and pour one out for those we lost in 2012.

From plane crashes to lead pipe attacks, a number of beloved characters took their final breath over the past dozen months.

Lex Smiles
Alaric Saltzman Photo
Lori Grimes Picutre

Which death hit you the hardest? Which left an ever-lasting impression? Which made you create a doll of the showrunner in question to burn in effigy as you cried yourself to sleep every night very sad?


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Arthur Pendragon on Merlin and Bobby Singer on Supernatural!! Tearjerkers, both of them.


I don't understand why no one has memtioned Dawn Trager on "Sons of Anarchy". True, she was wasn't a main character, but unlike Opie (Sorry, but it's true) she was truly innocent


King Arthur on Merlin. That's some serious bromance brewing at the end. Might have expecting an "I love you".
Mrs. Lockwood on TVD is also sad. Because it's truly about how your acts will have effects on your family.


Lexie, Mark, Alaric, and Bobby of Supernatural. Losing Bobby was like losing a member of the family. After everything Dean & Sam have been thru and then to lose their only family! Just killed me! Lexi and Mark both senseless deaths. Couldn't they have just left town together! Seriously Shonda. Shame on you. They deserved some happiness. Alaric's ghostly presence is desperately needed on TVD ASAP!


I think the saddest deaths were Lexi hands down. Runners up of course Bobby from SOA and of course Sybil and Matthew from Downtown Abbey.


Year in Review: Saddest Character Death of 2012 Lori The Walking Dead I'm still in denial about Opie's death (SOA).


I'm with @Kamja on this one. No mention of Bobby? He didn't even make a reappearance in season 8 yet after his bow at Comic Con. Nooooooooooo. Now I'm a bit sad at Nina's death on Fringe. They're kickin em off on there. :-(


Lady Sybil, Downton Abbey and then Matthew, Downton Abbey


Bobby (Supernatural) twice.
You can kill anyone on that show, but you don't kill Bobby, you bastards!


Obviously we have no BBC watchers on here. Saddest Deaths
1) The Ponds from Doctor Who
2) King Arthur from Merlin