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Uh, Cora from Once Upon a Time. I love Evil Regina, but I think that should be just for flashbacks. Cora is definitely the best villain!


Best Villain of 2012

@ Dan Forcella . ✌('‿-)

Robert freakin Quarles - Justified!



A from pretty little liars they stole a body and sent a necklace of her teeth to the girls


Definitely Regina


What about the Nazi "doctor" on AHS???


Klaus is the best villain!


Emily Thorne is not a villain. She's an anti-villain.


I think JR is the best villian on TV because everyone loves to hate JR. JR Ewing is an amazing villian and I think Larry Hagman played him well despite the fact I only met JR and the other Ewings this summer. I also think A is a good villian because we don't know who else is A besides Toby and Mona. JR could totally out scheme Conrad and Victoria, Regina, Cora, Waltet White, King Joffrey, Clay, Robert Quarles, and any other TV villian even the A Team. None of them stand a chance against JR.


hmmmmm! There are a lot of people in this category!
1. Regina OUAT! #amazing #cruel but loveable! What do U want more.
2.The crazy Blond Bitch from Ringer! Uhhhh she was wrong Really really wrong!
3.John Blackwell TSC! He transformed that show so amazingly! He gave the show life! He is that type of Vilian that U know is the bad guy but U so extremly want him not to be it! He put TSC in a complete new dimension.
4.Emily Thorne *.*
5.The crazy Militia dude from Revolution.
6.Percy and Amanda -Nikita.

From the shows I watch that's it!
But my choice for worst is Klaus TVD! I love everything (almost) but he doesn't have the right dynamic.

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