Year in Review: Best Female Performance of 2012

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From Best Couple of the year to Best Villain, Best Feud and Best New Show, TV Fanatic staff members have been debating various year-end topics before we flip the calendar to 2013.

Up now? The Best Female Performance of the past 12 months. Read through our responses and then weigh in with your own...

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Carissa Pavlica: Claire Danes for Homeland. Right down to the last seconds of the finale, I was unsure where she would go with the role of Carrie Mathison. She is fabulous as a bipolar super agent.

Matt Richenthal: The only acceptable answer is Claire Danes.

Kate Brooks: Emily Vancamp in Revenge. I've always wondered how she doesn't win all of the awards. She's so crazy brilliant as Emily Thorne. She can cry at the drop of a pin… and that Emily Thorne stare will get you every time. So good.

Steve Marsi: Have to second Kate's nomination of Emily for all of the above reasons. Honorable mention: the unheralded Revenge costume designer who outfits Emily Thorne.

Carrie's Hunt
Olivia On the Hunt

Dan Forcella: Anna Torv. With her dual role of Olivia and Fauxlivia on Fringe Season 4, and the unbelievable emotion she has put forth in Fringe's final run, she deserves all the accolades available.

Miranda Wicker: I'll go with Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant on Scandal. She's so fantastic that I never know if I'm supposed to love her, hate her or love to hate her.

Nick McHatton: Amy Poehler on Parks and Recreation. Hilarious and always heart warming, Parks wouldn't be Parks without her.

Gabrielle Moss: Kristen Schaal's work on Bob's Burgers lights up my life. She is more than living up to the promise she showed on Flight of the Conchords, consistently putting in one of the best comedy performances on TV right now.

Leigh Raines: The first thing that popped into my head was Hayden Panettiere on Nashville. I was so pleasantly surprised by her and I think she plays off Connie Britton and her other costars perfectly. She is a firecracker on that show!

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: Which actress gave the best performance in 2012?


Claire Danes was the best.


Emily VanCamp since Leighton isn't nominated


Leighton Meester for being the heart and soul of Gossip Girl she's a damn good actress and deserves all the attention and acclaim that Blake Lively gets and shouldn't


Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant (Scandal) is an obvious choice.
@Miranda : I totally felt all those feelings, love her, hate her and love to hate her and plus hate to love her....


Jennifer Carpenter as Deb in Dexter. Especially her unscripted breakdown in the last episode, which was a result of a life changing action on Deb's part. Amazing.


Emily Mortimer in The Newsroom, the driven-bordeline crazy Mackenzie McHale should be on someone's list. The scene when she try to motivate everybody when the power turned down is forever in my mind and still makes me smile. Kerry Washington ? Nobody know what she knows, and somewhat most of the people believe she's right in spite of the crazy things that she does. Great acting. Lena Headey from Game of Thrones, I love to hate her and I'm hating the fact that I love her in every scene she's does.


Tied first with Caterina Scorsone and KaDee Strickland


The best female performance of 2012 was Dana Delany from Body of Proof. She did a seamless job of mixing comedy and drama. The only problem is that she's been off my TV for 8 months!
Out of the above, Emily VanCamp is the best.


I'm not sure whether it's the best performance, but I was most awestruck by Monica Potter's portrayal of Kristina Braverman (Parenthood)


I think Sarah Carter does an awesome job as Maggie in Falling Skies. She's a very underrated actor.

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