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Castle & Beckett - for Always!


Booth & Brennan Forever!!!!!


Emily and Aiden because of their history and the incredible chemistry, but they are still a relatively new couple, so I say Meredith and Derek - they are going so strong!


It's strange too cause a handful of these couples are new couples, some who have barely gotten their footing...

Damon and Elena? I would hardly say that one episode of being together makes them a great couple?
Emily and Aiden? Also very new, and she still obviously has complicated feelings for her exes.
Zoe and Wade... brand new so we dont even know if theyre going to be a good couple.
Jake and Addison? She's so wishy washy with all her men..it's so hard to get behind this couple...which lets face it ADDY will most likely cheat on him too.... shes cheated what...four times?

I guess i'm just confused to what makes a couple the "best couple"

you would think, good communication, perserverance, loyalty,support, unconditional love, encouragement, etc... And just...longstandingness
Ben and Leslie...yes. Definitely a great couple. Charming and Snow.. yes(except when he was david and she was mary Margaret..that was terrible), Booth and Brennan, sure. Castle and Beckett..sure. Adam and Cristina..yess!! But the others? They should get their chance when they've proven to have lasted... You could have all the chemistry in the world... but suck at being in a relationship...which is the actual hardwork..

Michael and Nikita, the couple from Up all Night, Callie and Arizona(Callie has stood by Arizona through SICKNESS and health), Will and Emma, Meredith and Derek(so supportive of one another), Lily and Bart(LOL JK),

And this is not being bias on my fave pairings or shows. I love the PLL couples but they all lie to each other...so I dont think they should qualify. I love chuck and Blair...but they aren't really together etc.

I just think being nominated for this category should be an honor, and characters should be worthy of it, and writers who work to create such awesome couples should be recognized.


I'm shocked no one mentioned Meredith and Derek... Especially since this has been their best relationship season...Derek finally became her person. Theyre having a baby. They havent fought. Hes fixing his hand because of her encouragement... theyre a team.. and better then ever.. and shes not dark and twisty anymore because of him


Shamey FTW.


Even though I like Chuck/Blair, I understand that the show is ending. Both Elena/Damon and Charming/Snow are both real life couples. Their chemistry on and off screen radiates.


Charlotte and Cooper from Private Practice!!!!!




For Ever, They're the Best

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